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What Type of Service Should You Expect from Alcohol Rehab?

If you are heading to an alcohol rehab, it is important to know what to expect. You are entitled to a certain level of service even if you intend to choose one of the NHS-funded options. Knowing what to expect means you will be in a better position to choose something suitable, which also means that you are going to have realistic expectations. Below are just some of the things you can expect with this type of facility.

You Can Expect a Programme Based Around Your Needs

We now know that the one size fits all approach to addiction recovery is not the ideal way to go about things.  When you arrive at a facility, you should expect to have your needs assessed so you get something appropriate. Some of the better programmes offer individualised treatment plans, meaning the whole programme is based around the initial assessment – although it is updated to reflect your changing needs throughout the programme.

If the rehab you are considering does not seem interested in your needs, this is usually a sign that it will not be a very good option. The problem with a programme that is too general is that you could end up spending too much time doing things that are not appropriate for you and therefore missing out on resources that could greatly benefit you.

You Can Expect to Have Your Autonomy Respected

The whole point of alcohol rehab is to allow you to take charge of your life. It is vital that any facility you attend is willing to accept your autonomy and not to push the ‘we know best’ philosophy. Most rehabs will be careful about respecting your individuality, but some therapists may prefer a more paternal relationship. While you are staying in one of these programmes you should expect to be fully in charge; the professionals are not there to tell you what to do but to help you achieve your desires.

One of the reasons why you may feel reluctant about entering a rehab programme is you don’t like the idea of having your freedom curtailed in any way. During your time in this type of programme, you will be expected to follow certain rules; this is just the way it has to be for this type of facility to function. These rules should be kept to a minimum and should always be reasonable. If you feel that a facility is unreasonably strict, you may want to consider going somewhere else, although it is a good idea to speak with them first before deciding that a certain rule is unreasonable.

You Can Expect at Least a Reasonable Amount of Comfort

If you are going to be entering an NHS-funded rehab programme, you should expect at least a reasonable amount of comfort. The facility should be welcoming, clean, with decent décor and furnishings. If you choose a private rehab programme, you would expect a much higher level of comfort; it would include things like luxury furnishings, good amenities, and a high standard of service. If you are paying for treatment, you should be getting access to more and better resources than what would be found in a regular rehab.

If having a private room is important to you, this is an option that you should expect to be given with the paid facilities. The only exception to this is during the first few days of your recovery when you are going through withdrawals. Some rehabs work on the principle that it is safe for you to stay in shared accommodation when you are going through detox as it makes it easier to monitor you. Some very reputable private rehabs never provide private accommodation because they worry that this encourages clients to isolate, which would mean they would be unable to get the most out of the programme.

You Can Expect to Be Kept Comfortable When Dealing with Withdrawals

If you are attending a rehab with detox facilities, you can expect to be kept reasonably comfortable as you pass through the withdrawals process. There are treatments available that can lessen the effects of most symptoms, and you should be given access to these where appropriate. It is important that the staff in these facilities take your withdrawals seriously and that they are able to provide appropriate care should your symptoms become severe. A quality rehab with detox facilities is going to have doctors within easy reach; the better ones will have their own medical team.

Even with the best treatments available, you are likely to experience at least some discomfort. You will not be feeling on top of the world, but these symptoms should never become so bad that you are suffer a great deal.

You Can Expect an Aftercare Plan

A quality rehab facility will make your aftercare needs a priority. This is vital because if you do not have appropriate aftercare, the likelihood is that you are going to relapse. There is no point in putting all that effort into getting the most out of a rehab programme if there is not going to be sufficient support for you when you return home. The availability of a comprehensive aftercare plan is something that you should consider when choosing an inpatient programme; if the facility doesn’t seem to be too bothered about your aftercare needs, you need to choose somewhere that does.

You Can Expect Access to the Resources You Need to Recover

One of the problems with the NHS-funded rehabs is that there can be too many clients expected to share a limited number of resources. In order to get the most out of this type of programme, you will need to have plenty of time with a therapist as well as being able to access other treatment modalities as you need them. If a rehab is not able to provide what you need, it means that you will not be getting a solid foundation for your new life. One of the real benefits of choosing a private programme is it typically means more resources and fewer clients competing to access them.

You Can Expect to Have Some Privacy

Even if you are going to be sharing a room with other clients, you should still expect to have some privacy, even if it is just a room in the facility where you can go and be on your own for a few minutes. It can be a challenge to be around people all the time, especially if you are an introvert, so it is important that you have some private space. Most facilities do have a garden area, which can be a nice place for you to take some time by yourself. It is important to keep in mind though, that during the detox stage, you may need to be monitored closely, meaning there is likely to be some restriction on your movements.

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