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Drug Rehab

Who Needs Drug Rehab?

The reality is that most people who would benefit from some type of drug rehab will feel at least a bit resistant to the idea. This is because the individual can believe that this type of treatment is only for the serious cases, and they are unlikely to view themselves as belonging to this group. This view of rehab is mistaken and the type of people who will benefit from these programmes will include:

  • If people have tried to give up (or control) their substance abuse but failed, this can be a sign that they need help in order to break away from addiction. The treatment offered by drug or alcohol rehab can really make the difference and when combined with the person’s determination it can create an unstoppable force.
  • If people feel unable to imagine how they can cope without alcohol or drugs.
  • If the person lacks sufficient coping skills for dealing with life.
  • If the individual is concerned about their withdrawal symptoms. Most rehab programmes will have alcohol or drug detox packages, and this means that the individual will be medically supervised so that the process is much easier. It is particularly important that those people who are at risk of serious withdrawal symptoms (such as delirium tremens) are supervised at this stage, but even those who are likely to only have mild symptoms will find things easier by going to rehab.
  • Those people who are serious about ending their addiction problems will want to give themselves the best possible start in recovery. By entering rehab, the individual is likely to be doing just that.
  • Even if people have only recently developed addiction problems, they can still benefit greatly from this type of residential programme. They will have the opportunity to dig down to the roots of the problem, so that they can avoid similar mistakes in the future.

There is no real entry qualification for rehab other than the fact that the person is serious about ending addictive behaviours. It is not even necessary for the person to label themselves an “alcoholic” or “addict” in order to benefit from this type of help. If you are unsure about whether you need drug rehab, just call us here on 0808 163 9632 (+44 2031 313 416 from outside the United Kingdom).

Does Drug Rehab Guarantee Recovery from Addiction?

There is an old saying – you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. The fact that a person decides to enter drug rehab does not guarantee that their addiction problems are behind them. This is because all any addiction treatment option can do is provide the individual with a set of tools, and it is always going to be up to them to make the most of these tools. Even if the individual decides to go to the number one rehab in the world, they will still not be guaranteed success. The only way they can guarantee this is through their own determination.

If the individual is 100% committed to recovery, they will become an unstoppable force. This means that they will be able to get the most out of rehab, and they will take the tools they pick up during their stay and use them to build a successful life. The right attitude combined with rehab is a powerful thing – they feed into each other to lead the individual to victory over their addiction problems.

The reality is that going to rehab will not guarantee that a person becomes sober, but it is best option around for those who are ready to quit. The statistics about relapse rates for people who try to end addiction are depressing, but the individual does not have to worry about these statistics. So long as they are determined and make the use of the best resources, they will be able to ensure their own success in recovery.

How to Get the Most from Drug Rehab

We have already heard how the right motivation is the key to success in rehab but here are some other things that will help the individual get the most out of this experience:

  • It is vital that when people enter this type of programme that they are able to keep an open mind. This is because many of the ideas and beliefs that they picked up during their years of addiction will be faulty and unhelpful. The individual needs to develop beginner’s mind so that they can benefit from what is being offered to them by this type of treatment programme. The best attitude in rehab is probably one of “try and see.”
  • It does help if the person has a sense of urgency during their stay in this type of residential, but they should not take this to extremes. A sense of urgency means that the individual feels driven to get the most out of what is being offered. The individual knows that they only have a short period of time to pick up the information they need. This sense of urgency should not prevent the person from relaxing and having fun during their stay, and it should not mean that they take themselves too seriously.
  • The individual needs to be willing to take charge of his or her own recovery. The best way to look at the professionals working in these centres is as team members, but it is up to the person to take charge of this team. It is only the individual who can create the type of life that they want, so they will need to be proactive in this.

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