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Drugs A to Z


Acamprosate is a drug used for helping patients recover from alcohol addictions. It is a synthetic amino acid as well as a neurotransmitter analogue. It’s used as a deterrent from alcohol and helps to minimise dependency.

Whilst there have been some information linking the drug to liver injury in therapy, there have been no clinical studies to prove this link. As of this writing, clinics that use it in healthy doses experience no problems with acute liver injury. Clinical studies have also not linked it with serum enzyme elevations.

Hepatotoxicity Levels

Using standard serum, enzyme elevation rates encountered within safe placebo therapy, studies have been carried out on the hepatotoxicity levels when staff members use Acamprosate. The results revealed there have been no increases in enzyme elevations during use of this drug.

Currently, the drug is in wide use across alcohol addiction clinics and there have been no reported problems directly as a result of Acamprosate use.


The synthetic amino acid, when ingested, travels directly to the liver where it is metabolised. After completing the metabolising process the remains of the Acamprosate traverses the urinary tract until it disappears via urination. It helps to reduce alcohol dependency because of the impact it has on the liver. It follows very much the same process as alcohol except that it doesn’t cause any damage to the liver. This allows the patient to recover from their withdrawal symptoms and continue with their comprehensive alcohol programme.

Use in Clinics

Clinics normally use a dose of 666mg three times each day, if prescribed. It is manufactured for patients who have issues with avoiding alcohol and who need the help of Acamprosate to avoid relapsing. It is only prescribed when following a comprehensive alcohol treatment regime. It does have some minor side effects like flatulence, dizziness, and nausea, but it causes no long-term health effects.


Actiq is a highly controlled substance for dealing with pain. This opioid pain medicine contains fentanyl and is extremely addictive. They are commonly known as ‘lollypops’ because they come on a stick which the user holds in his or her mouth until it dissolves. It is relatively rare on the streets, but substance abusers who get hold of it can cause a lot of damage to themselves due to the serious side effects.

Side Effects

Breathing problems are the main issues associated with Actiq. They can cause laboured breathing, slow breathing, and it can soon lead to faintness and dizziness. If a doctor doesn’t treat these symptoms quickly, they can kill the person.

If the person experiences a drop in blood pressure due to a high dosage or taking an overdose, it can cause them to collapse and be unable to get up again. It doesn’t normally lead to death, but if combined with breathing problems it could prevent the individual from seeking the relevant help.

More importantly, it causes physical dependency. The withdrawal symptoms are severe and can lead to the addiction becoming worse. This is not necessarily an addiction to the drug itself; it is an addiction to the feelings caused by the drug.

Treatment for an Addiction

If someone becomes addicted to Actiq, it is essential that they seek treatment from a drug addiction clinic immediately. In these facilities, they can go cold turkey and gently push themselves away from their physical dependencies. Luckily, relapsing into actively seeking out this drug again is not the problem. However, since the issue stems from a physical dependency, a carefully controlled environment can keep them away from any substance that may replicate the sensation of Actiq, to some extent.

The serious side effects of breathing problems can kill. However, in a controlled facility experienced members of staff have the right treatments for countering these side effects.


Adderall is an extremely addictive drug. Drug bodies around the world list Adderall as a ‘high dependency’ drug and it does not take much for people to become addicted to this substance. Normally, it is used to stimulate the central nervous system. It’s an amphetamine commonly prescribed to children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Typical doses for an adult fall between 30-40mg each day.

Side Effects

Using amphetamines like Adderall for a long period of time can soon lead to addiction. It is not a particularly difficult drug to find and street dealers regularly sell these prescription drugs.

It is particularly dangerous for people with heart and breathing defects. Those who abuse Adderall also report issues with rapid weight loss, and in growing children, it can stunt their growth rates. Psychosis is an additional side effect that can afflict people who have pre-existing mental illnesses.

Adderall is also hazardous for newborn children. Any pregnant woman who ingests these chemicals risks allowing the harmful chemicals to transfer themselves into her breast milk, which in turn can transition to the child and cause a series of growth and development deficiencies.


Adderall is at its most dangerous when it is mixed with other medicines. The chemicals within this substance interact in negative ways with a number of other prescription drugs, which include anti-depressants, drugs used to treat urinary issues, and diuretics. Mixing prescription drugs potentially means amplifying side effects, and even causing life-threatening issues.

Clinical Treatment

Treating Adderall requires a specialised drug addiction treatment programme due to the range of side effects caused by the drug. Since it causes both mental and physical damage, staff members may prescribe physical therapy and counselling. Treatment centres use a delicate hand to attend to the matter due to how dependent many patients become when they take this drug.


Alprazolam is a substance used for treating anxiety and panic disorders. Sometimes it is also used as an addition to chemotherapy as studies have shown it is beneficial for treating nausea. The FDA advises doctors to review the effectiveness of this drug regularly due to how dangerous it is.

It has lost its status as the first line of treatment for panic disorders in recent years due to the introduction of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors that have greater effects on the body. However, it is still used in moderation in conjunction with first line treatment. It’s also used as a short-term treatment option for severe acute anxiety, mainly for the first two to four weeks.

Known Addictive

Alprazolam is known as something that causes severe addiction. It is a prescription drug commonly found on the streets due to the number of people being treated with it. The numbers of illicit drugs have decreased in recent years because of the development of new treatments, but it is still a significant problem.

Depression and constipation are just some of the most common side effects. Serious dependency can lead to reduced inhibitions and the inability to think logically. Some patients have been known to take incredible risks whilst under the influence of Alprazolam.


Alprazolam has different effects on different people. Generally, it is not something addiction treatment centres prefer to use. Since it is highly addictive, most centres believe it’s best to explore other options. In theory, it is effective at treating some of the anxiety caused by withdrawal from other drugs, but the risks are too high.

For patients seeking drug addiction treatment as a direct result of addiction to Alprazolam, the centre takes a very specific treatment path. They will first assess whether they started ingesting the substance to counter any existing problems with anxiety or panic attacks. This will dictate whether they simply replace the substance with something less addictive or opt for a complete cold turkey approach.


Ambien is actually the most common brand name of the drug called Zolpidem. It’s a drug used to treat insomnia and certain forms of a brain disorder. This is one of the most dangerous drugs around since it puts the person to sleep almost instantly. Unless the person has seven or eight hours to dedicate to rest, they should not take this substance.

Those who are addicted to Ambien are putting their lives at risk due to its strong sleeping agents. These sleeping agents can cause severe injuries if the person uses them at work or in any other public place. There have been some notable incidents whereby someone has fallen asleep and caused serious injuries with their machinery.

Side Effects

Ambien has a variety of side effects associated with it. It is normally only prescribed to people who have serious insomnia. It does not knock the taker out, so a loud noise or some gentle shaking can wake them, which is an issue in itself. If the individual wakes up before the seven or eight hours ends, they risk amnesia. This forgetfulness is not serious or permanent, but it’s not uncommon for patients to lose a few hours of memory.

It can also impair thinking and reactions. This is why it’s dangerous to take the substance in a public place. The main danger is the increased risk of injury, as opposed to anything directly from Ambien itself.

Addiction Treatment

Treating an Ambien addiction is difficult due to how addictive the substance is. Treatment centres will carefully evaluate a patient’s history to assess which tactics they will use. Ambien addictions all emanate from something deep in the patient’s psyche and it is up to trained counsellors to bring those things out into the open. Drug addiction treatment centres will also address whether the individual actually has any medicinal need for Ambien, however.


Amobarbital is a derivative of barbiturate and comes in the form of a white crystalline powder. It looks very much like cocaine from a distance, which is why it occasionally appears on the streets. It has no smell and a bitter taste, and was first created in 1923 in Germany. It can easily lead to physical and psychological dependence, which is why addiction is a very likely outcome when taking this drug.


Amobarbital has very few real clinical uses in the 21st century. It was originally used to help rid mental patients of their inhibitions, but safer options soon caused physicians to phase it out of use. For a time, Amobarbital saw use as a type of ‘truth serum.’ In theory, when fed to a prisoner it would force them to reveal their secrets. Unfortunately, it was found that the impact on the mind would often cause the taker to develop a false truth. In essence, they would admit to anything asked of them because in their minds they performed the action.

What it is occasionally used for, though, is for relaxing patients prior to surgery. It slows down the activity of the body and brain, so the person soon feels calm and collected.

Side Effects

This drug mainly affects the mind. Depression and confusion are two common mental conditions caused as a direct result of the substance. Sometimes it can even cause bone tenderness, though, so patients with an immediate need must be monitored continuously.

Addiction Treatment

Treating this sort of an addiction is relatively easy for drug addiction treatment clinics as there are very few medical reasons why the person needs to take the drug. By taking the drug away, it is a matter of getting to the route of their addiction and deciding what can best help them get over their urges to take Amobarbital.


This is one of the most popular drugs around. Commonly known as an ‘upper’ or ‘speed,’ this promotes a feeling of focus and wakefulness. It also reduces fatigue and appetite. For athletes or people looking to complete great feats of physical or mental strength it is the ideal drug. Unfortunately, even though this recreational drug is common, there are many side effects that can lead to addiction.

Side Effects

Younger people usually use amphetamines. This stunts their growth and can cause severe mental effects. For young people this is a dangerous time due to the number of hormones in their bodies. It means they could amplify these side effects; especially when it comes to mental effects like psychosis.

Although there is no stunted growth in older users, they still experience tremors, anxiety, and headaches. Long-term use can leave the person feeling constantly ‘on edge’ and unable to calm themselves down. Since users can inject themselves, they also risk tissue damage and the transmission of viruses such as AIDS.

Amphetamines Addiction Treatment

Amphetamine use is difficult to treat due to the withdrawal symptoms experienced. When someone leaves these drugs behind, they often experience sleeping problems, depression, a constant feeling of hunger, and extreme fatigue. Within treatment centres, it is also common to find patients who use amphetamines in addition to other drugs. This is the first thing physicians will seek to assess. If they are taking other drugs, the treatment becomes much more complicated.

Dealing with Amphetamine withdrawal alone is not particularly difficult. Whilst the withdrawal symptoms are crippling, they tend to disappear after only a few days. This leaves the patient ready and willing to discuss their issues with a qualified counsellor. They will still have urges to find amphetamines, but as far as drugs go, treating amphetamine use is relatively simple.


Amytal is actually a brand name used for the white crystalline substance Amobarbital. Scientists originally developed it in 1923 in Germany. It soon found its way into treatment centres where mental health patients had their inhibitions reduced by the substance. Amytal also has the dubious of honour of becoming one of the few ‘truth serums’. After a few years of use, it was soon discovered that it actually caused the development of false truths, so it was stopped.

Amytal does have some medical uses, however. For those with mild insomnia it is prescribed to relax the taker by reducing brain and body activity. In hospitals, it is occasionally prescribed to calm patients down before they enter major surgery; the use of the drug in this manner has reduced in recent years, though.

At one point, it was even used by the US military in World War 2 to treat soldiers with shellshock in order to get them back out on the frontlines.

Interactions and Overdose

Amytal interacts with drugs to decrease their effectiveness, most of the time. It became particularly infamous when it reduced the effects of hormonal birth control. With drugs like caffeine and alcohol, it raises their effects.

Overdosing is relatively easy with Amytal due to how strong it is. The side effects of experiencing an overdose are severe confusion, low body temperature, impaired judgement, fever, and significant loss of physical strength.

Amytal Addiction Treatment

Treating an Amytal addiction begins by checking to see where the patient initially encountered the drug. For example, some people begin their addictions when they take the drug before a major surgery. The feeling is so delightful for them they find more of it when they leave the hospital. This can help determine the direction therapists need to take during their sessions.


Anexsia, which is also known as hydrocodone, is a group of narcotic pain relievers. They typically treat minor aches and pains like headaches and muscle pain. It’s currently the most widespread drug in the United States with 136 million new prescriptions each year. This makes it easy to obtain and easy to get addicted to.

It is not the same as paracetamol; it is a combination of paracetamol and hydrocodone. In the United States and around the world it’s normally marketed under different names. Common brands include Lorcet, Vicodin, and Bancap HC.

Side Effects

The side effects are generally not severe unless the person experiences a serious overdose. Facial swelling, skin hives, and itching are the main physical side effects of Anexsia. It generally doesn’t cause any mental issues apart from light headedness. It is why people who are addicted to Anexsia can continue with their daily lives without anyone knowing about their issues.

In essence, this makes Anexsia more dangerous than most drugs due to how easily a person can fit their addictions into their daily lives. Most addictions cause them to lose their jobs and families, but this is something which people can do in relative secrecy.

Anexsia Addiction Treatment

Withdrawal symptoms associated with Anexsia include abdominal cramps, blurred vision, and agitation. These make staying away from the drug all the more difficult. However, by attending residential drug addiction treatment the person can cut himself or herself off from a world that has Anexsia readily available.

When entering a drug rehab centre qualified healthcare professionals assess the person’s needs and whether they truly need the drug or not. They’ll attempt to gradually take the drug away from them through counselling. To alleviate the withdrawal symptoms centres attempt to keep residents busy so it doesn’t become an issue. The various tactics used do differ between centres, however.


Antabuse is an off-white powder with no odour or taste. It is primarily used to treat alcohol abuse and as a combination drug for cancer and scabies. These days, it is mainly used in combination with more potent treatment options due to the negative take-up of the drug. It’s rare to find someone who becomes addicted to it, but it does happen.

The highly controlled nature of the drug means that it rarely hits the streets in its purest forms. Even today, however, patients can still receive Antabuse from their local doctor. This will mainly occur when someone has a problem with alcoholism. Antabuse makes the body even more sensitive to alcohol than before; it means that drinking alcohol can cause a severe hangover in as little as 30 minutes. In theory, this stops the person from drinking.

The Addiction

Antabuse could still promote addiction, though. The negative feelings felt by an alcoholic after ingesting their substance of choice can prompt them to continue drinking in an attempt to eliminate their bad feelings. Sometimes they might even seek out other drugs as a direct result of the Antabuse effect. Studies have shown how the drug has little impact on increased abstinence rates, so few clinics utilise it.

Treating an Antabuse Addiction

The drug is extremely dangerous and can cause complete circulatory collapse if used in the wrong doses. It seriously affects people who have pre-existing liver and kidney damage. Treating an addiction to Antabuse normally comes in the form of treating the underlying condition. If the patient started using it as part of an alcohol addiction, the clinic will respond by creating a treatment programme that targets the root of their alcohol addiction. They will seek to swap any medications to reduce the cravings for Antabuse. By carefully monitoring their progress within a controlled addiction treatment facility, professional physicians can step in if there are any complications with withdrawal symptoms.


Ativan is a highly potent drug with intrinsic benzodiazepine effects; these include sedation and muscle relaxation. It is used for a plethora of conditions, including anxiety and insomnia. It’s also commonly used in mental health facilities for the purposes of sedating aggressive residents.

Due to the wide use of the drug, it is something that people see regularly on the streets. Obtaining it from a street dealer is not particularly difficult, but, believe it or not, most Ativan addictions do not originate from actively going out and seeking the drug. It is estimated that about a third of patients in hospitals who are treated with Ativan go on to become addicted to the substance.

Side Effects

The side effects of Ativan are relatively mild when compared to some of the other drugs available through street dealers. Blurred vision and feeling tired is quite common. In situations that are more serious, takers can even begin to hallucinate or feel a permanent sense of hyperactivity. Some individuals who are chronically addicted to the drug have even been known to attempt suicide.

Ativan Addiction Treatment

This drug is sometimes used within addiction treatment facilities to help cure people who are addicted to other specific drugs. Most high quality facilities prefer to avoid using such substances due to the risk of further addiction; they prefer to use other techniques and safer substances to accomplish the same aim.

Treating an addiction to Ativan is not easy due to the withdrawal symptoms being so strong. Most patients who leave their addictions behind find it almost impossible to forget about their cravings completely unless they stop taking it gradually. Within rehab facilities, professionals look at the best ways to treat individual patients. Some respond better to gradual reductions in doses until they can stop taking it. Others can go cold turkey and receive conventional residential rehabilitation treatment.


Avinza is commonly known as morphine and is administered by injection in order to cure severe pain. The man who isolated it in 1817, Friedrich Serturner, first distributed it. It takes its name from Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. Since then it has found its way into nearly every hospital in the world.

As a result of the drug being so widespread, it is not difficult to find from a street dealer. It is also increasingly is found in tablet form. It’s quite easy to become addicted to it as it eliminates any pain and sends the person into a stupor. For those looking to forget about traumatic events in their lives, it is the perfect substance. This is why addiction to Avinza is such a widespread problem.

Side Effects of Avinza

Avinza does cause some unfortunate side effects, though. However, in comparison to most other drugs, they are relatively weak. The most serious side effect is seizures. These are quite rare and normally only occur if experiencing a serious overdose, or if there are any pre-existing medical issues. Shallow breathing, a reduced heart rate, and clammy skin are the more minor side effects.

Avinza Addiction Treatment

Avinza is one of the most addictive substances available. Due to the pleasurable feelings felt both physically and mentally, it only takes a matter of weeks to develop a serious addiction to the substance. It is rare for patients to become addicted to Avinza if they genuinely need it for dulling the pain of an injury, but it sometimes gives them a taste, which encourages them to pursue their desires in the future.

Treating an Avinza addiction is about finding the trigger. Most patients who regularly take this drug have underlying issues that cause them pain. To cure this pain they seek out Avinza. By getting to the root of the matter and helping them to deal with their issues in a safe and healthy manner the addiction steadily melts away.


Biocodone is a combination of two natural opiates. These opiates are thebaine and its more famous brother, codeine. It is available in syrup, capsule, and tablet forms, and is regularly found within hospitals and local doctor’s surgeries. Unsurprisingly, it is a fairly easy substance to find without a prescription.

On a medical basis, biocodone is a drug used to treat severe pain and coughs. It is commonly used in conjunction with other drugs; but this depends entirely on the person and their medical history.

Biocodone Abuse

Biocodone holds the dubious honour of being the most popular recreational drug in America. This why so many people soon become addicted to it. Like most opioids, it gives a feeling of euphoria and is a popular drug at parties and in clubs where the atmosphere reaches a climax. But at the same time it causes disturbing nightmares and it is not uncommon for people to experience stomach cramps and fever.

Unfortunately, one of the main side effects is extreme drug cravings. People who become addicted to drugs feel a pull towards their substance of choice. In the case of biocodone, the pull amplifies. This is why it doesn’t take much for someone to become addicted.


Buprenorphine is a common recreational drug found throughout society. Most street dealers sell this drug as standard, alongside many similar concoctions. Medically, these tablets are used to treat moderate pain. They are administered each hour in various doses according to the patient’s current condition.

As a recreational drug, it is common for users to crush the tablet and snort the powder. Drug users report how it creates a ‘euphoric’ effect. Whilst it isn’t as addictive as some opioids, it can still cause a lot of damage if used for prolonged periods of time.

Side Effects

Some people are allergic to buprenorphine. If someone is experiencing an allergic reaction his or her face, lips, and tongue are likely to swell. These individuals will need to be taken to a doctor immediately or it can kill them if left untreated.

Normal side effects are easily noticeable as they influence the appearance and actions of the person. Sometimes the fingernails and lips will turn blue. They will also feel extremely happy, whilst having absolutely no idea why. Fainting is also a potential issue, which is why anyone under the effects of buprenorphine should remain as still as possible.

Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment should ideally take place in a residential rehab setting. The availability of the drug in society and the endless temptations makes a walk-in centre problematic for those who are suffering from serious addictions. Once the individual is safely in rehab, qualified professionals will assess their specific situations and take the drug away from them.

The majority of withdrawal symptoms clear up within a few days. Drug addiction treatment centres attempt to keep their patients busy through activities and hobbies. Counselling can help uncover why they started taking buprenorphine in the first place and help change the person’s state of mind and views towards taking the drug.


Butalbital is a type of barbiturate. It is not an addictive substance on its own, but when combined with other ingredients to make common drugs like caffeine it becomes damaging. Butalbital is merely the main ingredient that causes the addiction. Perhaps the most common medical use for butalbital is in aspirin. This is prescribed all across the world to cure headaches and muscle pain.

Side Effects

The side effects are extremely wide ranging due to the amount of different uses this substance has. At best, users can experience minor symptoms like drowsiness, dizziness, and the feeling of intoxication. In situations that are more serious the person can experience amnesia, nausea, and the inability to judge situations properly (including dangerous ones).

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is also a rare condition caused in more extreme situations.

Addictive Nature

When combined to make other drugs it becomes psychologically and physically addictive. It has been known to kill people when mixed with alcohol due to respiratory depression. Sometimes it can poison the liver due to the high toxicity levels. It is also a frequent suicide method when it is in paracetamol form.

Butalbital in its pure form is not easily obtained on the streets. However, since there are traces of it in so many common substances, it is relatively easy to experience the sense of euphoria associated with butalbital use.

Butalbital Addiction Treatment

The presence of this drug in so many different products means that it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what the patient is using to get their fix. It is also tough to regulate their exposure to the drug since it appears in drinks like coffee and common pain relievers like aspirin. This is why the affected individuals need structure and support in their lives in the form of residential rehabilitation. By substituting some common products like aspirin with alternatives, and weaning them from their dependencies, patients can create a better life for themselves.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Treating someone with a biocodone addiction is more difficult than most drugs. The availability of the drug in society means residential treatment is nearly always the best option. Another obstacle is the strong pull towards this substance. It is necessary to break the views of the individual. Since it is such a popular recreational drug, many users do not feel as if there is anything wrong with using it.

Counsellors must take away the influence of the drug, treat the withdrawal symptoms, and attempt to change the way the person looks at the substance. Only by doing this can they prevent the person from seeking out biocodone again as soon as they leave rehab.


Butorphanol is a drug developed by Bristol-Myers. It normally goes by the name of Stadol, although the manufacturer recently discontinued the creation of this drug. It is only available through generic recipes created by companies like Apotex and Novex. Street dealers still sell the older version of Stadol, though, which is why people still become addicted to the drug.

Commercially, the substance of butorphanol only appears in the form of butorphanol tartrate. This is administered in the form of tablets, injections, and intranasal sprays. The mechanism of delivery for people addicted to butorphanol depends entirely on preference and availability.

Side Effects

The side effects of butorphanol are relatively mild compared to some of the mental issues experienced by certain other substances. These side effects are exclusively physical and include things like headaches, vomiting, sleeping problems, and dizziness. For most people, these are not an issue. The downside is those who desperately need addiction treatment will not get the help they need because it is rare for them to have to go directly to hospital to deal with their side effects.

Butorphanol Addiction Treatment

Treating a butorphanol addiction begins with learning which method the person is using to get their fix. By discovering whether they prefer injecting or inhaling it via nasal spray the addiction treatment centre can better understand how best to treat the person in question. The method of delivery is extremely important when it comes to treatment therefore they pay extra attention to it.

Experienced counsellors try to find out exactly why the person has turned towards drugs and what they can do in the future to help alleviate their cravings. To treat a butorphanol addiction residential treatment is strongly recommended as it allows physicians to contain any withdrawal symptoms and prevent them from causing the person to descend back into their old habits.


Campral is the brand name for something called acamprosate. This is a drug normally used for treating alcohol dependency, but if in the wrong hands, it can also cause addiction. To treat alcohol dependency it helps to stabilise the brain’s chemical balance. Conventionally, alcoholism disrupts the balance and causes the person to drink compulsively. It is something many clinics still use today.

Campral is manufactured and marketed by Forest Laboratories in the United States. Outside of the US, it is a company called Merck KGaA that markets the drug. Patients can find it in the form of odourless white tablets in 333mg doses. This is not actually pure campral, it is combined with calcium, but the dose is equivalent to 300mg of campral. Those who are addicted to this substance will simply take many tablets in a short space of time.

Side Effects

Side effects normally include headaches and insomnia. However, it is sometimes fatal to people with kidney problems and specific allergies. Some more serious side effects include elevated blood pressure, heart palpitations, and diarrhoea. This is why it is vital people who are addicted to campral find help immediately as it does not take long to develop a serious addiction that can kill.

Treating Campral Addictions

Campral addiction treatment is best done within a residential centre due to the seriousness of the side effects. Some long-term addictions have such serious side effects that it makes it impossible to stop without any outside help. Initially, clinics will take into account whether the person also has an alcohol addiction. Drugs like campral are sometimes used to treat people with these issues, so it is vital to know about it prior to starting an addiction treatment programme.

Qualified counsellors use tailored treatment regimens to best target each patient’s specific issue. Every addiction has a different root cause; therefore, this is what makes this approach so vital.


Carisprodol is a drug used as a muscle relaxant. In countries like the United Kingdom, it goes under the brand name of Soma or Sanoma. It is mixed in with aspirin, codeine, and caffeine. Even during someone’s daily life they can encounter this substance many times. Its main attribute is its incredible solubility in water. It is free of influence from most pH levels and can melt into alcohol and acetone, to name just a few things.

Prominent pharmaceutical manufacturer Meda Pharmaceuticals manufactures Carisprodol in the United Stated.

Drug Side Effects

The side effects of these substances vary dramatically depending on the individual. For most people who take these drugs, they will experience headaches, dizziness, and drowsiness. However, if they persist or grow in their severity then it sometimes indicates a serious issue. Normally, doctors only prescribe it in large doses if they believe the person will not have any serious side effects. There are no such protections in place for people who are addicted to it and purchase carisprodol directly from the streets.

Allergic reactions experienced from this drug are rare, but they kill when they do arise. Rashes, facial swelling, and breathing problems are a sign of a serious allergic reaction.

Carisoprodol Drug Addiction Treatment

Treating a carisoprodol drug addiction is difficult due to how prominent it is in common products like coffee and aspirin. This is why residential addiction treatment is the best option since it allows qualified physicians to separate patients from their vices. They can carefully control and regiment their lives so they know what to avoid when they go back out into the real world.

The immediate issue is helping them deal with their problems, however. Counsellors look to understand what drove them to addiction in the first place. Using this reasoning, they can manipulate it so patients can see themselves in a completely new light.


Chlorodiazepoxide is a hypnotic drug used as a sedative. It is known under a range of brand names, depending on the country they are used/sold in. Some of these names include Librium, Multum, Elenium, Libritabs, and Sonimen. It is a highly prized drug on the streets due to its potency.

The dependency level of this substance is highlighted by its history. When it initially appeared on the market, it was thought of as a major breakthrough for the medical world. Later on, when its addictive effects became apparent, restrictive medical guidelines were put in place, and this is why it is not as common as it once was.

Side Effects

When someone becomes addicted to chlorodiazepoxide, they are bound to experience some of the side effects at some point. The minor side effects include anything from nausea to headaches. Drowsiness is also a factor, which is why some people with sleeping problems will occasionally seek out this substance.

Side effects that are more serious are rare and normally arise only if the person takes more than they are supposed to. Bystanders can easily recognise a problem because of walking problems, changes in the person’s mental state, and slurred speech.

Chlorodiazepoxide Addiction Treatment

Treating the issue of a chlorodiazepoxide addiction is tricky due to the serious side effects that many long-term patients suffer with. Dealing with these withdrawal symptoms is extremely difficult; therefore, serious addictions should always be referred to a residential treatment centre. Attempting to deal with the withdrawal from this substance without supervision is not advised.

Qualified counsellors look to treat the addiction by learning the person’s history and finding out whether they have, or ever had, a genuine medical reason that brought them into contact with the drug. This knowledge allows them to create a customised treatment regime that can help to alleviate the obstacles presented by addiction treatment.


Clonazepam is something known as a benzodiazepine. It is a sedative and a muscle relaxant, which is why people will find this from street dealers for the purposes of relaxation. In the United States, the company Roche markets clonazepam under the name Klonopin. Elsewhere, including in South America and Europe, it is marketed under the name of Rivortril. It is one of the longest acting benzodiazepine drugs and is used fairly regularly within clinical environments.

It is known to treat a variety of disorders. Because of its muscle relaxant attributes, it is used prominently for treating panic and anxiety disorders. Some types of migraines are also curable because the substance can reduce the pressure on the head. It has also been known to help control and treat epilepsy in children.

Side Effects

Common side effects of clonazepam include dizziness, a decreased level of coordination, tiredness, and increased saliva production. For most users, this is as far as the side effects go. More serious problems usually occur amongst groups of people taking anticonvulsants. In this situation, they may experience suicidal thoughts, depression, and mood swings. Rarely, the taker may even attempt suicide.

These serious side effects are precisely why finding proper treatment as soon as possible is essential. Leaving it for a few weeks or days can mean the difference between life and death.

Clonazepam Addiction Treatment

Overcoming a clonazepam addiction takes time. Since it is not something most people can find on the streets easily, it is a matter of simply going cold turkey and attempting to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. By opting for residential rehab treatment the person can have the proper support they need to potentially deal with things like depression and mood swings.

Many patients need treatments for additional substance abuse, so qualified professionals are the best option. Attempting to deal with it away from an addiction rehab clinic can only lead to disaster.


Clonidine is a medication commonly used to treat widespread medical conditions like panic disorders, pain conditions, and high blood pressure. It is not fully understood how this substance works to treat these medical conditions and there are various theories to explain it. As of this writing, it is classified as an adrenergic agonist.

The history of clonidine dates back all the way to the 1950s when it was used as an antihypertensive drug. It wasn’t until decades later that scientists discovered it was useful in treating specific types of neuropathic pain, sleep hyperhidrosis, and opioid detoxification. It also found its way into the veterinary industry as an anaesthetic.

Clonidine is sometimes used in conjunction with other drugs to help conditions like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In this case, it is taken in the evening to help with sleep.

Side Effects

The minor side effects for clonidine match that of many other drugs, mainly in the sense of feeling lightheaded, dizziness, and constipation. Sometimes it can also cause hypotension, which is much more disconcerting. High blood pressure is a real danger if injected directly into the veins. It is most commonly seen when children accidentally given an overdose, but adults who take it to fuel their addictions can also experience it. If this occurs, they should see a doctor because it can lead to serious damage.

Clonidine Addiction Treatment

The only time where treatment approaches differ with clonidine is when the person suffers from a pre-existing medical condition like ADHD. In this situation, they would have to find an alternative medication to help them cope with their condition. If there were no issues, qualified physicians would remove clonidine and help them get over their withdrawal symptoms.

By incorporating enticing activities into their schedules, individuals can begin to get over their addictions and turn their lives around.


Cocaine is one of the most well known, and most dangerous, drugs on the planet. It is actually a crystalline tropane alkaloid that comes from the coca plant. The coca plant is partly where the name comes from, but the formal scientific name is actually benzoylmethylecgonine. It is primarily a stimulant, but it also suppresses appetite. This is why cocaine users often become unnaturally thin.

The addictive nature of this drug comes from something called the mesolimbic reward pathway. It takes advantage of the same ‘achievement’ path that people use when they do something like get a promotion or have a child. The taking of cocaine releases endorphins, which encourages the person to do it again in the future.

In nearly every country in the world, cocaine is an illegal drug that can land the user in prison.

Side Effects

Cocaine users tend to become dependent on the substance quickly due to its effects on the body. This is why side effects among cocaine users need treating immediately. Some of the most obvious side effects include paranoid delusions, itching, hallucinations, and tachycardia. If the person overdoses on the drug, they are putting their lives at risk. Hyperthermia and increased blood pressure are the two things to watch out for. Regular overdoses can lead to death.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Since cocaine is so addictive, residential treatment is a necessity. Cocaine dependence is more common than many people think. Whilst it is clearly a terrible addiction to have, treatment methods have advanced considerably in the past few years. It means qualified physicians now know more about how to treat it than ever.

In the beginning, the number one aim is simply to get over the withdrawal symptoms. Starting treatment before overcoming these serious side effects is not recommended, as the patient is not in the right state of mind. Only after that will counselling and other therapy sessions come into play.


Codeine is an opiate used throughout the hospitals and surgeries of the world to treat pain, sedate patients, and to fight against conditions like diarrhoea. Its formal scientific name is 3-methylmorphine and is a natural isomer of methylated morphine. Morphine, as most people know, is also a common pain relief substance. In pharmacies, codeine is semi-synthesised, which is a departure from codeine, which originates from natural sources.

Any long-term drug user can easily explain how codeine is found everywhere. There is a high demand for the drug and its widespread use means street dealers have few problems obtaining it via prescriptions and other means. Whilst there is a massive risk of becoming addicted to it, its regular use means addiction treatment clinics are well versed in the treatment of codeine addictions.

Side Effects of Codeine

Codeine’s side effects have varying severity levels. For someone who becomes afflicted by minor side effects, they might feel constipated or drowsy. On occasion, they could also feel dizzy. Sometimes, if the effects elevate in their severity, the person could feel nausea, miosis, euphoria, and orthostatic hypotension. On the mental side, depression is a possibility, which is why those already suffering from mental illness should be aware.

Rare side effects include respiratory depression and anaphylaxis seizure. Allergic reactions are also a possibility.

Codeine Addiction Treatment

Treating a codeine addiction, as described above, is easier than ever due to clinics possessing the latest knowledge on the way the drug works. By checking into a residential treatment clinic, patients can reap the benefits of being able to have their entire lives regimented around defeating their addictions. It also cuts them off from the rest of the world where temptations often become too strong to ignore.

Counselling, skills training, and the right medications are all available for the purposes of helping patients beat their demons and move on to a better life.


Concerta is the common brand name for the psychostimulant methylphenidate. The FDA initially licensed it for use in 1955, and it was prescribed in 1960 for treating various disorders for the first time. It is something commonly used to treat serious disorders like narcolepsy, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. In many countries, it goes by the name of Ritalin, but concerta is also a common street name.

Those with addictions to the drug can sometimes run into problems finding it on the streets since it has not been prescribed heavily since the 1990s. The lack of widespread use means that it is normally expensive and addicted individuals can find themselves getting into serious debt in order to pay for their fix.

The methylphenidate within the drug is very similar to the molecular structure of cocaine, and it is similar in the sense that it’s a weaker version of this deadly drug.

Side Effects

Concerta can have some quite serious side effects. Loss of appetite and regular vomiting can dehydrate and malnourish the body, which can lead to a whole host of additional issues. Weight loss is something it has in common with cocaine, and if side effects worsen, it can even lead to death.

People who overdose on this substance may experience irregular heartbeats and mental issues. These mental issues can vary from mood swings to full-blown depression.

Concerta Addiction Treatment

Treating a concerta addiction normally involves confronting the additional problems caused by long-term addiction. Malnourishment and issues with depression need separate treatment all together. This is why an addiction treatment clinic will look to create a programme tailored to the individual. It can help target their own personal problems and enable an escape in the way that suits them best.

Residential concerta drug addiction treatment is the most efficient way of dealing with one of these addictions as it dramatically reduces the chances of relapsing.

Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is another form of the drug cocaine. Whereas conventional cocaine is injected into the body via a syringe and needle, crack cocaine is smoked or snorted. It is actually the freebase form of the drug, which is the solid, non-ionic form. Crack rocks sometimes go by the name of hard, cavvy, base, or rock. These mainly appeared in the impoverished inner cities of Miami, New York, and Los Angeles where street gangs would fight over its supply.

When taken, crack cocaine causes a short yet intense high. It is far more potent than lighter drugs such as marijuana and carries a hefty jail sentence if caught possessing or distributing.

Side Effects

Crack cocaine, when taken in the user’s preferred manner, assaults the brain and changes its chemical makeup. These chemical imbalances promote the feelings drug users seek. What users look for is the feeling of increased energy, euphoria, and supreme confidence. It can help people do what they would never think capable of themselves whilst clean.

Unfortunately, these feelings will only last for about five to ten minutes. Once this time elapses the dopamine levels in the brain drop. This leaves the user feeling depressed and low. At the same time, they also crave more cocaine in order to get it back. The differences in side effects between injection and inhaling are marginal.

Long-term users commonly develop vertigo, paranoia, tremors, and constriction of the blood vessels.

Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The withdrawal symptoms are the main obstacles encountered by individuals attempting to clean themselves up. This is where the benefits of residential rehab treatment become apparent. The chances of relapse are high when attempting to deal with it without any outside help due to the temptation to call a dealer and get that next fix.

Doctors look to get to the heart of the matter and pinpoint what caused the addiction initially. By helping them to cope with these issues, it is hoped that the desire to obtain crack cocaine will disappear.

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is one of the scourges of Western society. This psychostimulant flourishes in the West and is a major headache for governments at both local and national level. Its formal name is methamphetamine, but it also goes under the street names of ice, glass, meth, and crystal.

Scientifically, crystal meth is split into two parts, or enantiomers. These are dextrorotary and levorotary. The dextrorotary side is where the psychostimulants come from, whereas the other part is actually inactive. Due to how widespread the problem of crystal meth addiction is doctors rarely prescribe it. However, it is FDA approved for use for sufferers of clinical obesity and serious ADHD.

If caught in possession of or distributing crystal meth the jail sentences in the United States and countries like the UK are extremely severe.

Side Effects

Crystal meth’s side effects vary depending on the dosage taken. Lower doses offer effects like concentration, heightened awareness, and more energy. Nevertheless, these effects go into overdrive if taken in higher doses. Former drug users have reported how it induces mania and a feeling of increased self-esteem. In many users, it also increases their libido levels.

It is a highly addictive substance and it does not take long for recreational drug use to turn into dependency. Chronic use can lead to neurotoxicity and post-withdrawal syndrome. Cardiovascular damage is also quite common if the person overdoses.

Crystal Meth Drug Addiction Rehab

Dealing with a crystal meth addiction must start with residential treatment. The withdrawal symptoms exist to some extent even a year after initially giving up the drug. This is why most patients find it so difficult to leave it behind for good. In the case of a residential drug rehab clinic, the focus must target the reasons why the person turned to drugs in the first place. Patients usually have some deep-rooted issue that causes them to want to turn to drugs. By changing their state of mind, they will possess all the tools they need to leave their bad habits behind successfully.


Damason-P is one of the many brand names for a substance called hydrocodone. This is an opioid semi-synthesised from two naturally occurring opiates. These opiates are normally thebaine and codeine. It is taken orally and is available in syrup, capsule, or tablet forms. It’s relatively easy to obtain as it is used widely throughout the world as a pain reliever. In America, this is the real identity of Vicodin, of which millions of prescriptions are written each year.

Recently, there have been concerns about using Damason-P in high doses. Mainly, this is to do with the paracetamol inside and its effects on the liver. Research has discovered how paracetamol can cause protracted liver damage.

Side Effects

The side effects of damason-P replicate those in many opioids. These include dizziness, a feeling of being drowsy, and nausea. Many people who are addicted to this drug look to experience the feeling of euphoria, though.

More serious side effects centre on things like vomiting. If taken with alcohol the person could vomit so much that they could require a visit to the hospital. Less common side effects include confusion, rashes, depressed respiration, and difficulty urinating. Seek out a doctor immediately if experiencing any of these side effects of damason-P because they can be life threatening.

Damason-P Addiction Treatment

Treating an addiction to Damason-P requires an urgent stay in residential rehab treatment. By taking the person away from their daily routine, experienced doctors can work with the person to discover why they turned towards drugs in the first place. Without targeting these issues, there is an extremely high chance of relapsing back into their old habits again.

However, initially physicians will work to help them over the worst of their withdrawal symptoms. This is where the chances of relapsing increase exponentially, so if they can get over these without incident then there is a high probability they can learn to cope with their issues.


Darvocet, otherwise known as dextropropoxyphene, is an opioid manufactured by the Eli Lilly and Company. It is designed to treat mild pain and act as a local anaesthetic. In the past, it was prescribed regularly to help deal with common aches and pains caused by various conditions. There are an estimated 10 million users of darvocet in the United States alone, and millions more in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Multiple studies recently revealed how darvocet causes a large number of problems. These studies pointed to the fact that its pain relieving capacity was minimal, it has been linked to the development of serious heart conditions, and it has been responsible for a startling number of drug-related deaths amongst its users.

Side Effects

Darvocet has a number of side effects, ranging from the minor to the serious. Those who sustain minor side effects can expect to experience a feeling of drowsiness, itching, and a sore throat. Side effects that are more serious can kill individuals, though, which is why it is essential to treat an addiction to darvocet as soon as possible. Confusion and impaired alertness place users at direct risk of injury, and irregular heart rhythms can restrict the transportation of vital nutrients and chemicals, like oxygen, around the body.

Darvocet Addiction Treatment

The urgency of addiction treatment cannot be underestimated. Those who are experiencing serious issues like heart palpitations are potentially putting their lives at risk. The difficulty of treating a condition like this without the help of a qualified physician is that the withdrawal symptoms can become worse than the side effects themselves.

Within residential rehab treatment, doctors can assess each patient and decide how best to treat them in the most efficient way, whilst reducing the effects of withdrawal symptoms. Successful treatment requires many months; therefore, only through complete commitment to a residential rehab facility can someone beat a darvocet addiction.


Darvon is the brand name for a substance called dextropropoxyphene. It is manufactured by the Eli Lilly and Company, and can be found under various names around the world. It is commonly combined with various paracetamol formulas in order to enhance the potency of the blend. For example, in Australia, it is known as capadex and in France, it is known as di-antalvic. Currently, around 10 million people in the United States use it; this number is falling due to the recent restrictions by the FDA, though.

The substance is very much like cocaine in that it is an opioid that is designed to dull pain, increase alertness, and make the user feel good. One of the reasons the FDA recently banned its use in America is due to the fact it has a high dependency level and relatively weak pain-killing capabilities. These days, codeine is usually considered far more efficient.

Side Effects

The main side effect of Darvon is its high addiction dependency levels. As soon as someone takes one of these pills, they suddenly believe that they need to take another, and this is where the cycle begins. It is one of the reasons why many countries are already looking to put restrictions in place.

Studies also revealed how it can cause heart products. In a recent study, they found it caused irregular heart rhythms, which, if left alone, could potentially kill the user. This is in addition to many of the more common drug side effects like constipation, drowsiness, and itching.

Darvon Drug Rehabilitation

Treating a Darvon addiction is about helping the person leaving behind their addictions. The serious side effects mean the programme must differ depending on the person. Healthcare professionals assess whether the person needs additional treatment to deal with the side effects. Getting over the withdrawal symptoms is the most important part of addiction treatment simply because they increase the chances of relapsing. Only then can the person begin to confront the issues causing the addiction in the first place.


Demerol is the American brand name for a substance called pethidine, or meperidine hydrochloride to give it its full name. It is an opioid that is designed to act quickly. It was first created in 1932 through synthetic methods. Later, its analgesic properties led it to cure pain. Hydrochloride salt tables and syrups acted as the delivery methods. It was the opioid of choice for doctors throughout most of the 20th century.

This substance is not as easy to get a hold of as it was in the past since countries like Australia have started to place strict limits on when and where doctors can prescribe it. Originally, it was thought of as a less addictive version of morphine. The truth is that it is more addictive and it offers less potent pain relief.

Demerol Side Effects

Becoming addicted to demerol displays many of the side effects associated with opioids in the same class. These include constipation, dizziness, nausea, and sedation. In higher doses, the taker can begin to experience some of the more serious side effects. These include respiratory depression, clammy skin, coma, and muscle flaccidity. There have unfortunately been many deaths from overdosing on this drug.

Addiction Treatment

Addictions to demerol are not as common as they once were due to doctors reducing the amount of prescriptions they write. It is often the case that obtaining something like codeine will have the same effects.

Residential treatment is always the best way to undergo drug rehab for demerol, simply because it is a controlled environment. The serious side effects like respiratory depression can kill if not dealt with immediately. Within rehabilitation treatment, a qualified professional can watch for the warning signs, including when the withdrawal symptoms begin to kick in. It truly is the ideal place for dealing with withdrawal symptoms and targeting the source of the addiction.


Depade is the trade name for the substance known as naltrexone. This is an opioid receptor antagonist used to help treat dependence on other opioids and alcohol. It comes in a hydrochloride salt form and is delivered via tablet or injection. It is a drug that is often confused with naloxone and nalorphine. This is how many patients succumb to their symptoms and revisit their old habits since these cause severe withdrawal symptoms, and it is easy to confuse them.

Rapid detoxification is the reason it is used these days. Selected rehabilitation clinics choose this substance because it blocks the opioid receptors. This reduces cravings massively and prevents any substances from reaching these receptors. It essentially ‘blocks’ the harmful molecules and protects the person from the side effects of opioids.

Side Effects

Depade can also cause some quite significant side effects on its own. If used incorrectly the taker can have serious problems. These follow many of the traditional opioid side effects, and include headaches, nausea, anxiety, and drowsiness. Sometimes the person may experience restlessness, a runny nose, and abdominal cramps.

If the individual overdoses on depade, they can experience severe mental mood swings. These effects manifest themselves within a few minutes. Seek medical help immediately if experiencing any of the above issues, in addition to muscle and joint pain.

Depade Drug Rehabilitation

Treating a depade addiction depends entirely on the person’s situation. It is not uncommon for patients to also have addictions to other things such as alcohol. If the rehab clinic in question uses this substance to help cure alcoholism, it is important they know the patients every addiction and each dependency so they do not mistakenly prescribe the wrong medication. Once the person can successfully manage their withdrawal symptoms, a rehab clinic will look to help their patients target and deal with the triggers causing them to do so much damage to their bodies.


Desoxyn is another name for methamphetamine. Users may encounter its street names of ice, crystal, and tik, to name just a few. This substance is a type of psychostimulant, which targets the mind to create a feeling of invincibility. The person gains an incredible self-confidence, and this is precisely why it is so addictive and sought-after.

Within the United States and Europe it is one of the easiest drugs to obtain due to how much of it has flooded the streets. Despite the best efforts of governments, gangs continue to smuggle it past border controls. Whilst it is a dangerous drug, it is also occasionally prescribed for medical reasons. Some individuals may receive it in nasal spray form for the treatment of ADHD, and sometimes even for chronic obesity.

Side Effects

At a low dosage, desoxyn offers benefits if prescribed by a medical professional. Side effects include a heightened awareness, increased alertness, and enhanced concentration. Unfortunately, whilst high, and when they are done being high, users experience intense cravings for more desoxyn.

Under high dosages, the feeling of euphoria and extra energy turn toward mania. Feelings of self-esteem and libido also both increase. Again, affected individuals experience a craving for more of the drug. Being under the influence of high dosages of this drug repeatedly can eventually lead to serious cardiovascular damage.

Desoxyn Addiction Treatment

Dealing with a desoxyn addiction should take place in a residential rehab facility due to how easy it is to find the substance on the streets. Cutting the person off from the real world enables them to concentrate on dealing with their withdrawal symptoms and reduces the temptation to relapse. Qualified professionals use tailored programs to aid patients in coming to terms with the issues that turn them towards drugs in the first place.


Dexedrine is a strong psychostimulant drug designed to help treat things like narcolepsy and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In science, its formal name is dextroamphetamine. Its name gives some indication as to its origin. It is one stereoisomer of the dangerous amphetamine molecule. By isolating this specific stereoisomer, scientists synthesised an entirely new drug.

Adderall, another addictive drug, is normally sold alongside this drug for ADHD patients. It is not particularly difficult to get hold of for people addicted to it, but it is definitely not widely available.

Side Effects

Dexedrine has some side effects that make people think twice about accepting it through both legal and illegal means. Studies have shown how it can stunt growth in young people quite significantly. It can also induce a psychosis that can cause further problems in all aspects of the user’s life. Like most drugs, higher doses increase the risk of having to deal with the side effects.

It is also something that can cause fatal side effects. Abnormal behaviour and a reduced ability to accurately and logically assess the risks of a certain action potentially place users at risk. Heavy dosages have also been known to increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart problems.

Dexedrine Drug Rehab Treatment

Treating a dexedrine problem requires a customised program in order to properly accommodate the vast differences in side effects. Someone who suffers from minor side effects needs a different treatment from someone having to deal with potential heart and blood pressure complications.

Once the individual has successfully managed to overcome their withdrawal symptoms, it is up to counsellors to step in and help patients deal with their triggers. Through aiding them in coping with their deep-rooted issues, they can target the source of their cravings and nullify them. This sort of treatment helps them step into a world free of addiction to dexedrine.


Dextroamphetamine is a type of psychostimulant drug used in the medical world. It is a drug with an extremely high dependency level, which is why many drug users become addicted to it. It’s a part of the amphetamine molecule, a stereoisomer to be exact. Unsurprisingly, it has many of the same characteristics and displays many of the same side effects of methamphetamines.

What many people do not know is that the US military uses these pills heavily to help keep their pilots alert and ready for action. There was also widespread abuse of this drug throughout the Vietnam War due to a lack of regulation. These events demonstrate how addictive it truly is.

Part of the reason why it is such a dangerous drug, even when used for treatment of things like narcolepsy, is the use of Adderall. This is another addictive substance used in the dextroamphetamine salts.

Side Effects

Dextroamphetamine has many similar side effects to methamphetamine. The severity of these side effects increases with the dosage, and the chance of experiencing side effects also increase. Common effects at a low dosage include diarrhoea, headaches, anxiety, nausea, and sweating.

At higher dosages, the taker can experience hallucinations, aggression, depression, a change in libido, and extreme fatigue. If the person experiences any of these side effects, they should attempt to find medical help immediately.

Dextroamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Overcoming a dextroamphetamine addiction is best done within a facility that offers residential rehab treatment. The benefit of this is any serious side effect problems, such as those experienced at a high dosage, will not overwhelm the individual. When the side effects and withdrawal symptoms begin to develop, the person will not relapse. It gives healthcare professionals time to identify the main issues and treat them. Through a cocktail of counselling and therapy, patients leave these facilities confident in their abilities to avoid relapsing.

Dextromethorphan (DXM)

DXM, or dextromethorphan as its known, is a cough suppressant. It is one of the prime ingredients used in many traditional cold and cough medicines like Vicks, TheraFlu, and Robitussin. It is also found in a variety of other pain relief medicines, and even a few medicines designed to act against mental health problems. The major disadvantage of DXM being available in syrup, tablet, spray, and lozenge forms is that it is easily found. Although the pure white powder is difficult to obtain, most of these medicines are sold over-the-counter.

Dextromethorphan is a common recreational drug and causes serious addictions if used in the long-term. In higher doses, it can even act as a hallucinogen. Some offshoots of DXM also act as local anaesthetics in animals.

Side Effects

The side effects of dextromethorphan are relatively mild compared to most drugs. A sign a person has taken too much is that they will feel slightly drowsy. In some cases, they could even start feeling nauseous. It is rare for the side effects to include anything more than this, although some people have been known to suffer from allergic reactions.

At higher doses, hallucinations can occur. This is precisely why it is such a common recreational drug. It is easy to find and the hallucinogenic effects mean that it’s a big hit amongst drug users young and old.

Long-term users can soon find themselves having issues with muscle spasms, though, or even extreme urinary retention.

Dextromethorphan (DXM) Addiction Treatment

Actually treating an addiction to dextromethorphan isn’t easy. The widespread availability of this drug makes resisting temptation extremely difficult. Within a residential rehab facility, this is not the case. By healthcare professionals having complete control over patients, they can learn the right way of doing things. They can teach them the techniques needed to resist temptation and remain drug-free for the rest of their lives.


Dextropropoxyphene is a type of analgesic in the opioid category. It carries many of the same characteristics as most other opioids, as well as the same side effects. It used to be a widely prescribed drug for its antitussive effects and mild pain relief. However, due to over 10 million patients using this product, there have been many stories about drug-related deaths because of overdoses.

It is a much harder drug to find now since it has already being taken off the market in the US and Europe. The numbers of fatal overdoses have rocketed and it is therefore imperative individuals suffering from a dextropropoxyphene addiction seek emergency help from their doctor, and subsequently a drug rehab centre.

Side Effects

As already mentioned, dextropropoxyphene shares most of the same side effects as traditional opioids. These include feeling drowsy, constipation, confusion, and itching. More serious side effects include irregular heart rhythms. These rhythms can cause death due to the heart literally malfunctioning.

Concerns have also been raised about its toxicity levels. Studies have shown how this substance can poison the liver due to the toxins overwhelming the organ’s capacity to filter them out.

Dextropropoxyphene Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment for dextropropoxyphene is essential due to the seriousness of its side effects and the toxicity levels. Residential rehab treatment is recommended as the best help in dealing with the side effects and withdrawal symptoms. However, the true value of rehab treatment comes in form of counselling and therapy.

Most people have some sort of issue that triggers the addiction. This is usually extremely traumatic and patients tend to use repression to help themselves cope. Counsellors can bring these issues out into the open and teach patients new ways of coping with them without turning to dangerous substances like dextropropoxyphene.


Dextrostat is another name for the substance dextroamphetamine. As can be deduced from the name, it is a type of amphetamine molecule. It is actually the right-handed stereoisomer of the amphetamine molecule, with the other being levoamphetamine. This is a generic drug available in the form of tablets, although its use is far more heavily regulated than it once was.

It is used by the US military to help their pilots and special personnel fight off the effects of fatigue. Experimentally, it has proved useful in treating certain forms of depression and reducing the onset of fatigue in cancer patients. Unfortunately, it still shares the addictive qualities found in methamphetamine.

Side Effects

The potential effects vary wildly. Just a few of the physical effects long-term users can expect to experience include dilated pupils, tremors, headaches, hyperactivity, and heart attacks. As for mental effects, these normally revolve around a feeling of euphoria and enhanced self-esteem. It is not uncommon for users to believe they are invincible.

Withdrawal symptoms normally do the exact opposite. When individuals stop taking the drug, they start to feel downhearted and depressed. This is why residential rehab is imperative since they can help prevent the onset of another medical condition.

Dextrostat Addiction Treatment

Dextrostat treatment within a rehab clinic utilises customised programmes taking into account the needs and concerns of the patient. The age of this drug means that clinics are well equipped for dealing with any withdrawal symptoms. A residential rehab clinic enables professionals to cut the person off from their normal lives and treat them in the way they see fit.

Through taking them into counselling and talking about their issues in an open and honest manner, clinic staff can target the affected person’s triggers and deal with them. Studies have shown how this is the most effective way of dealing with an addiction to dextrostat.


Di-antalvic is the main French brand name for the drug dextropropoxyphene. This is normally manufactured by the Eli Lilly and Company. The drug is normally used to treat mild pain and suppress coughs, but it is also used by people to get high and experience a feeling of euphoria. Due to the high number of drug-related deaths associated with this drug, it was recently taken off the market in the US and Europe. It is still available from street dealers as it is still legal in places like Asia, Africa, and South America. As of this writing, experts surmise over 10 million people have used di-antalvic at some point.

Medically, di-antalvic was found to be effective at treating Restless Leg Syndrome, which is a side effect of severe anxiety.

Side Effects

The main threat of di-antalvic is its impact on heart rhythms. If used regularly in high doses, the person’s heart can begin to experience irregular beats. This can sometimes prove to be fatal due to heart malfunction.

Most side effects fall into the minor category. It is rare for things like allergic reactions to occur. The majority of people experience incidents like a sore throat, constipation, itching, and confusion. If the person has an allergic reaction, though, they might experience swelling of the face and tongue.

Di-Antalvic Addiction Treatment

Di-antalvic is a drug with a high dependency level. It is also very similar to codeine in its effects and widespread use. This widespread use means that most drug rehab clinics will have extensive experience in treating the problem. When a patient enters an addiction rehab clinic, they will initially have to deal with their withdrawal symptoms before moving on to the life-changing treatment.

Entering a facility like this more-or-less guarantees a patient will find a way out of their misery. It means cutting themselves off from the outside world and being able to resist temptation in a safe and controlled environment.


Diazepam is one of the most well known drugs in the world today. It is commonly known as Valium and serves to treat anxiety, insomnia, alcohol withdrawal, and muscle spasms. It is a type of drug known as a benzodiazepine and it helps to reduce anxiety and tension in a person. Surgical procedures regularly incorporate doses of diazepam to help induce the required amnesia state.

It is the drug of choice for many people due to the feeling of euphoria they get whilst under the influence. Since it is used in so many situations, actually getting the drug via street dealers and other illicit means is not particularly difficult.

Side Effects

Diazepam is best understood by learning about why people take it. When someone takes a hit of diazepam, he or she becomes invigorated and encouraged to take action. It sends them into a state of exhilaration where the person is highly efficient for the duration of the ‘high.’

It does have many adverse effects, however. At higher doses, it is not uncommon for the person to go into a drug-induced coma. Short-term amnesia is also a possibility, and this can have a serious impact on the brain if used long-term. Benzodiazepines in general have also been known to cause a worsening of depression.

The potential explosion of symptoms from overdosing is not as serious as drug types like opioids. On the contrary, their low toxicity means the chances of taking a fatal overdose are pretty low.

Diazepam Drug Addiction Treatment

Treating diazepam addictions is not uncommon within most rehab clinics as it is such a common drug. The withdrawal symptoms are lessened due to the reduced toxicity of this drug type, but actually resolving the problems caused by the triggers is another issue completely. Qualified professionals assist patients to cope with their problems so they can stop themselves from turning to drugs as a comfort mechanism when times get tough.

Ecstasy and MDMA

Ecstasy and MDMA is actually the same drug. The real name of MDMA is 3 4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine. It is a type of empathogenic drug and is currently amongst the most common illicit substances in the world. Characterised by its pure white powder form, ecstasy has taken the world by storm after originally becoming popular alongside the rise of the ‘rave.’

It is a drug used for to banish fear and anxiety. It creates a feeling of intimacy amongst users and builds up to a pleasurable euphoric effect. It is used mainly in the fields of psychology, as many scientists believe that it is an extremely useful substance for helping certain individuals calm themselves down. Clinical trials have already proven how MDMA helps decrease anxiety levels in patients with terminal cancer.

Side Effects

Ecstasy use becomes apparent by extreme muscle tension. It is also common for users to wear baby pacifiers since people tend to have involuntary jaw clenching. In addition to these short-term effects, users can find themselves experiencing blurred vision, chills, nausea, sweating, and a feeling of faintness. Mentally, it can lead to anxiety and depression, which continues weeks after the person initially took the drug.

MDMA users in the long-term risk permanently damaging their bodies due to a rapid increase in body temperature. Dehydration, a breakdown of the muscle tissues, and heart failure are just some of the other effects found in long-term users.

Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

Drug rehabilitation clinics regularly take those with MDMA addictions into their care. It is amongst the most common drugs in the world; only topped by marijuana. Unsurprisingly, healthcare professionals have a lot of experience in dealing with addictions.

The type of treatment depends entirely on the person’s symptoms, experiences, and how long they have been using the drug. Using this information, professionals can craft a comprehensive treatment plan geared towards helping them target the source of addiction and getting over the difficulties associated with withdrawal symptoms.


Fentanyl is a type of narcotic analgesic. Going under such brand names as Actiq, Abstral, and Instanyl, this drug has had a history of severe addiction issues associated with it due to the rapid onset of pleasurable sensations. In medical rooms around the world, it is commonly used in conjunction with anaesthetics in order to help treat breakthrough pain and prepare patients for future treatment.

The reason why the drug is used on a regular basis is that it is many times more powerful than morphine. 100 micrograms of this drug is equivalent to roughly 10mg of morphine. This is significant and is why hospitals prefer to use it only in very specific circumstances.

The delivery method comes through transdermal patches, Actiq lollypops, and standard tablets.

Side Effects

Fentanyl’s minor side effects occur include constipation, confusion, sweating, and diarrhoea. It is no surprise, therefore, that healthcare professionals prefer to use for morphine for pain treatment. These side effects are common and tend to reduce patient quality of life.

In fewer than 10 percent of patients, fentanyl’s more serious side effects manifest themselves. These include anything from dyspepsia, inability to urinate, hallucinations, anorexia, and abdominal pains.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Fentanyl was recently the subject of major action around the world. The numbers of people dying from fentanyl-related deaths had reached alarming proportions. In response, drug rehabilitation clinics around the world trained to deal with these addictions, whilst the medical world reduced the frequency of the drug’s use.

This is good news for patients because it means that they can get the best treatment possible. Addiction treatment clinics have extensive experience in dealing with these issues and targeting the heart of the addiction. Patients who undergo this sort of treatment can expect to have the influence of their triggers reduced and the tools needed to help them step into a clean and drug-free lifestyle.


Fioricet is a drug commonly used to treat tension and muscle contraction headaches. The name ‘fioricet’ is actually just the brand name for a complex blend of caffeine, butalbital, and acetaminophen. Although the brand merely claims that the product is something used to treat headaches, it is also used to treat other types of muscle pain and migraines.

It works so well in treating these issues due to its impact on the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS is primarily responsible for headaches. If it is relaxed through the introduction of a substance like fioricet, the pain disappears. This is precisely what it does in combination with caffeine, which influences the dilated cerebral blood vessels.

Side Effects

Fioricet carries many of the same side effects associated with all types of butalbital. The main effect is what users look for. It is a feeling of euphoria and makes the person feel great. The intoxication effect associated with the substance also helps to create a feeling of confidence and a lack of anxiety.

Most of the time, people just damage themselves when they take the drug. The main side effects of the drug include dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, and sedation. It is possible to become dependent on the substance.

Fioricet Addiction Treatment

Addictions to this type of substance are not particularly common. Even so, drug rehabilitation clinics regularly encounter butalbital addictions. Using their extensive experience, they can ensure patients receive the best care.

A customised care programme for each patient is effective at giving patients the sort of treatment that takes into account their specific problems. No two addictions are the same. This information guides counselling sessions and helps to eliminate addiction at its source. Eliminating the triggers and giving people the techniques needed to replace them can have a major effect for when they return to their daily lives.


Fiorinal is a type of analgesic medication created in the US. It is impossible to reveal accurately what this drug consists of as different countries alter the formula slightly to accommodate local and national law. In the US, it contains butalbital, aspirin, and caffeine. In Australia, for example, it replaces butalbital with codeine phosphate.

This is an off-label drug mainly used for treating tension headaches and migraines. There is currently a minimal amount of information on its mechanism of action. Such a lack of knowledge is a prime reason why it is so difficult to treat addictions when they occasionally arise.

Side Effects

The presence of butalbital means that the side effects of taking this substance can be serious. Most will only experience minor side effects such as nausea, stomach problems, drowsiness, and tremors. If experiencing any other symptoms then it can be a sign that something has gone seriously wrong.

These more severe side effects include an irregular heartbeat, desire to urinate constantly, rapid changes in hearing, mood swings, and yellowing eyes. In the beginning, these do not cause serious damage to the body. Over time, they begin to influence the body in a negative way, which can eventually lead to heart failure.

Fiorinal Addiction Treatment

Treating a fiorinal addiction is difficult because of the differing formulae between countries. Street dealers have no problems obtaining a selection of different types of fiorinal from all four corners of the world. This is a reason why it is essential to opt for residential rehab treatment so healthcare professionals can carry out constant assessments.

These addictions are always caused by some deep and traumatic issue. It is up to friendly and dedicated addiction counsellors to aid patients in uncovering this trauma and learning to cope with it. Nobody is saying it isn’t difficult, but success can give patients a life free from the influence of drugs.


Flunitrazepam is classified as a skeletal muscle relaxant, hypnotic, anxiolytic, sedative, and anticonvulsant drug. Unsurprisingly, it is something that the medical world uses regularly. Amongst other things, it is used to treat those with severe insomnia and as a preanaesthetic drug. In some countries, most notably the US, its history as a high potency date rape drug has led to its complete ban.

The ban on flunitrazepam in some areas of the world has limited its flow to some extent. Unfortunately, this has not stopped street dealers from obtaining it nonetheless. It is a highly potent drug and has a history of causing severe dependency and addiction. Users might refer to it as rohypnol.

Side Effects

The side effects of this drug range from the pleasurable to the downright dangerous. Most people take this drug for its therapeutic benefits. Since it is used in medical situations to help with eliminating anxiety, it has made its way into the real world. It is common for some countries (like Sweden, for example) to have a high number of flunitrazepam users.

Taking too much of this drug or having an adverse reaction can potentially put the person’s life at risk. Side effects include impaired speech and a lack of balance, coma, respiratory depression, and even death. It is precisely why healthcare professionals warn against taking it with alcohol or CNS depressants.

Flunitrazepam Addiction Treatment

Dealing with an addiction to this substance is not as difficult as people think. It has a widely publicised reputation for its use in drug-related sexual assaults. The growing market demand means healthcare professionals now have all the knowledge needed to treat addictions effectively through tailor-made action plans.

Utilising a residential rehab programme can aid patients in overcoming their deep-rooted issues, which may have caused them to turn towards flunitrazepam in the first place.


GHB is something formally known as 4-hydroxybutanoic acid. It is a substance that forms naturally in the central nervous system (CNS). It is also possible to find traces of it in beef and wine. GHB is an illegal drug in most countries and is found mainly in the form of a sodium salt. Its brand name is Xyrem, and in medical environments it is used to treat sleepiness in patients, as well as cataplexy

Most countries have made this drug conform to heavy restrictions due to its role in an increasing number of date rape cases. The creation of new and improved drugs has also forced it to take a backseat role.

The most famous use of GHB comes from professional sports where it is thought to improve athletic performance.

Side Effects

The attraction of GHB amongst young people and drug takers is the fact that it mimics many of the same feelings as excessive alcohol consumption. The difference between alcohol and GHB, though, is the effects wear off after only a few hours. Unfortunately, it does include a number of side effects.

The main effects include drowsiness, slowed heartbeat, impaired breathing, forgetfulness, and a loss of muscle tone because of activity resembling a seizure. Unless someone takes care of the person, there is a risk of death, especially if he or she overdoses.

GHB Addiction Treatment

A GHB addiction can easily lead to death. Despite the heavy regulation in place, street dealers regularly have GHB in their range of products. It is why avoiding residential rehabilitation treatment is not a good idea. The temptations on the outside are too high. Do not risk invoking the horror of a relapse by entering a residential facility and handing control over to the professionals.

They can create a specialised programme targeted at a person’s specific issues. By doing this, patients give themselves the best chance of success.


Halcion is one of the marketing names for the benzodiazepine drug triazolam. It is very similar to other benzodiazepines, and demonstrates this through its effects on the human body as a type of hypnotic, sedative, and muscle relaxant drug. Such a vast range of properties means that it is used in a variety of medical scenarios.

Just one of the medical scenarios halcion sees frequent use in is the treatment of insomnia. Patients suffering from waking up too early or waking up on a regular basis benefit greatly from this sort of substance.

Side Effects

Halcion has a wide range of side effects. Some are rarer than others are, but even the most common ones are still dangerous. These common side effects can include coordination issues, dizziness, and somnolence. One of the reasons why healthcare professionals have regulated halcion use is that users have reported a greater than usual frequency of hip fractures.

Less common side effects involve a feeling of euphoria, visual disturbances, depression, a feeling of confusion, and memory loss. Congestion and tinnitus sometimes occur in rare cases.

The danger of side effects is not what they do in themselves. It is what users do to themselves if at home and without supervision. Falling over and causing injury is quite a regular occurrence.

Halcion Drug Rehabilitation

Drug addiction rehabilitation for halcion is about targeting the source of the addiction and helping the person to cope with it. Using specialised care programmes, healthcare professionals and dedicated counsellors can direct their treatments according to the needs of the specific patient.

Residential treatment is always the best option for dealing with an addiction to this substance. Halcion is not necessarily a widespread drug, but it is still relatively easy to find from a street dealer. By withdrawing from daily life, patients confront their withdrawal symptoms and prevent a relapse by overcoming them.


Hash is a product derived from cannabis. It consists of trichomes, or stalked resin glands, as they are known, from the buds of an unfertilised cannabis plant. These ingredients are compressed to create a variety of other products. It is a popular way off consuming cannabis and is relatively easy to become addicted to

Hash, or hashish as it is formally known, comes in a variety of forms. Sometimes it is solid, whereas other times it is compressed into a paste-like substance. It comes in a variety of forms and the user can smoke or inhale it through various means. People in Africa and Asia sometimes use it in cooked foods.

Side Effects

Hash is just another way of consuming the fruits of the cannabis plant. Unsurprisingly, it means the side effects remain relatively similar. Users can expect to see increases in heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. It is also common to feel hungrier than before; also known as the ‘having the munchies.’

Hash is a highly addictive substance and it normally does not take long to become dependent on it. Other effects in the immediate aftermath of a hash binge include paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations (usually in the form of dreams), and memory loss.

Hash Addiction Treatment

Hash is a widespread substance. On the one hand, this is terrible as it means more people have access to it and can therefore become addicted. From the perspective of a drug rehabilitation clinic, it means their staff members have extensive experience in treating the addiction. It means every patient gets a higher quality of treatment.

In the 21st century, it is possible for healthcare professionals to create plans that target each person’s specific addictions. They know which treatments tend to work and which just cause more problems. Addiction treatment is now a professional and methodical process.


Heroin is one of the most well known drugs in the world. Diamorphine is actually synthesised from the morphine drug, and originally arose as a cheaper alternative to opium in the 19th and 20th centuries. Also known as smack, black, and horse, this drug is an opioid analgesic and is extremely addictive.

Pure heroin is rarely found on the streets and is usually found within medical environments, where it is used in the treatment of acute pain and myocardial infarction. It tends to appear in its freebase form, which is a dull matte-based powder. Pure heroin is actually a white crystalline solid.

Side Effects

The person who takes heroin opens himself or herself up to a rush of intensity. It makes the person feel energetic and like they can do anything. Known as ‘chasing the dragon,’ heroin abuse can lead to itching, watery eyes, warm flushes, and vomiting. The trance-like state felt after taking heroin lasts between four and six hours. Users may feel drowsy after the trance ends.

Long-term use can lead to serious problems, including death. Injecting heroin eventually destroys the veins and forces the user to find other areas to inject themselves; this is why some people inject into their thighs.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin users normally find it quite easy to find their drug of choice. Afghanistan and Mexico serve as the main exporters of illegal opiates. Although governments have cracked down on it, it is still rampant. Residential rehabilitation treatment is the only way to escape from any temptations.

Within residential rehab, healthcare professionals spend time dealing with each patient on a one-to-one basis. Patients learn the techniques required to overcome the addictions and fight off the cravings. Furthermore, they gain the skills needed to find employment and turn their lives around for the better. This is the reason why most patients who gain the courage to enter treatment find themselves completely transforming their lives.


Hycodan or dihydrocodeinone as its known scientifically, is a type of opioid created from the semi-synthetic manufacture of thebaine and codeine. It is taken orally and acts as an analgesic and antitussive drug. The medical world uses it on almost every continent. It comes in capsule, tablet, and syrup forms.

The way pharmaceutical companies offer hycodan is changing. Due to concerns over severe liver damage, and a number of drug-related deaths, they are replacing their products with slow-release capsules.

Hycodan is actually quite an addictive drug. It is not as potent as some other opioids, but it is so easy to obtain. Street dealers heavily favour prescription drugs such as these.

Side Effects

This substance nearly always induces a feeling of nausea upon the first few uses. After these doses, the nausea tends to disappear as the body gradually becomes used to it.

Higher doses make the person feel euphoric and lightheaded. It is also common for these feelings to degenerate until the person begins to report notable changes in their vision. Compared to other drugs, the effects are largely physical and do not worsen significantly. It is extremely rare for someone to die as a direct result of using hycodan.

Hycodan Addiction Treatment

Although death from hycodan is rare, it does not stop the fact that the drug can ruin patients’ lives. Through comprehensive residential treatment, people can recover from their addictions, however. Professionals work with patients on a one-to-one basis to help them cope with the issues that turned them to prescription drug abuse in the first place.

Treatment methods take place within a controlled environment, so patients feel safe and able to talk about the issues influencing them. It also takes away the temptation to go back to those old vices and return to a life of addiction. The majority of patients report how the cocktail of therapy and coping mechanisms aid them in altering their lives for the better.


Hydrococet is the brand name for the substance dihydrocodeinone. This semi-synthetic opioid combines thebaine and codeine into one potent anti-pain medication. Doctors sometimes prescribe it as an antitussive medication. People can find this oral narcotic in syrup, tablet, and capsule forms.

Within hospitals, nurses and doctors combine this medication with things like paracetamol and ibuprofen. These substances differ from hydrococet in what they do, so through combining them they offer a double-fire medication defence.

Hydrococet is a potent prescription drug commonly abused by people. Manufacturers have taken positive steps in cutting the flow to street dealers, however, with a new slow-release capsule to replace their current range of products.

Side Effects

Like with most prescription drugs, this substance makes the person feel euphoric and excited after taking enough of it. It is not a favourite prescription drug because of its extreme feelings of nausea. After the first few doses, this steadily dissipates, but it takes hours before the feeling of nausea disappears.

Hydrococet is not potent enough to cause death or severe long-term effects, but it can do damage to people’s lives. Those who become addicted to prescription drugs like this tend to have mixed priorities, so the rest of their lives suffer.

Hydrococet Addiction Treatment

Most people who require treatment for this drug abuse normally have to deal with a cocktail of prescription drugs. Those who decide to find help should always look for residential drug rehabilitation so they can enter a controlled environment free from temptation. Patients nearly always find a controlled environment helpful.

Healthcare professionals can offer a far better quality of treatment within these facilities as they have complete control over the person’s schedule. They are always on hand should their withdrawal symptoms begin to overwhelm the patient. Overall, this treatment method offers enhanced results in beating an addiction.


Hydrocodone, or dihydrocodeinone to give it its formal name, is a drug manufactured using two major natural opiates: codeine and thebaine. It is a type of analgesic and antitussive drug available in syrup, capsule, and tablet forms.

Users mainly encounter this substance as part of a comprehensive treatment regime combining painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol. Many see this substance as a milder form of codeine and morphine.

Recreational use of this prescription drug is common due to the euphoric effect it creates. To help reduce the onset of addiction, the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drug have worked on replacing their products with a slow-release capsule.

Side Effects

The side effects of this drug include euphoria and feeling lightheaded, which are the reasons why people take it in the first place. More problematic side effects include a feeling of extreme nausea, anxiety, rashes, and itching. Some people who have taken this drug have also reported having disturbing nightmares.

Generally, people do not die from using hydrocodone. The only situation where someone has come close to severely injuring himself or herself because of using this substance is when they combine it with alcohol, or they suffer from a severe allergic reaction to a specific blend.

Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

Hydrocodone is the type of drug that requires urgent residential rehab treatment to prevent withdrawal symptoms turning into a relapse. The widespread availability of products containing this substance means a controlled environment can turn out to be the difference between success and failure.

Healthcare professionals within rehab clinics help patients by identifying their specific problems and offering the personal counselling needed to cope with these issues. Counselors never try to make people forget about their issues. It is about learning to cope with trauma and turning the pent-up frustration into something positive.


Hydromorphone is a hydrochloride known as dihydromorphinone. It is a type of analgesic that acts on the body to kill pain. This opioid is flexible and healthcare professionals can deliver it intranasally, orally, or rectally. It is used to treat different types of pain, and is therefore widespread within hospitals.

The availability of hydromorphone means users can easily find their next fix. Street dealers find it simple to obtain, which is why it is so easy to become addicted to. The taking of hydromorphone is normally only sanctioned in most countries with a prescription signed by a healthcare professional.

Side Effects

Recreationally, people take this drug in order to obtain the inner warmth and the euphoria felt in the immediate aftermath. Users define it as a sort of ‘head rush’ which boosts adrenaline and makes them feel good about themselves. Less desirable side effects also appear, however.

Sedation and dizziness are among the other feelings felt after taking this substance. The big danger of taking it is respiratory depression. It is rare to experience this side effect, but if drinking alcohol at the same time the chances of entering this critical state increase. Seek medical help straight away if this does happen.

Hydromorphone Addiction Treatment

Treating a hydromorphone addiction is about getting the patient away from temptation. The widespread availability of the substance means residential rehab is nearly always far more effective than a walk-in centre. The withdrawal symptoms are difficult to get over, as the most efficient way of dealing with them is to simply go cold turkey. This is when cravings reach their peak, and is also the time the person is more likely to relapse.

Therapists and counselors guide patients through these difficult times and aid them in coping with the triggers that force them towards prescription drug abuse.


Inhalant abuse is something that refers to a broad range of substances taken in through the nose and throat. These vapours come from inhalers and include things like toluene and amyl nitrite. It only refers to substances that people take exclusively through inhaling, however. It means marijuana and heroin are not inhalants, despite the fact users can inhale them if they so desire.

Inhalants in the medical world are either prescribed or administered under controlled conditions. Nitrous oxide is the most well known example of an inhalant as it is used as a form of anaesthetic for dental operations.

These substances are regularly used recreationally. People who spend time using inhalants often refer to the process as ‘huffin.’

Side Effects

The side effects of inhalant abuse depend entirely on the type of substance inhaled. The manner in which these drugs are administered means that some side effects appear regardless of the substance.

Most individuals experience some sort of wheezing, nausea, slurred speech, vomiting, and a lack of motor coordination. The biggest hazard comes from dangerous behaviour whilst under the influence. It is common for individuals to die as a direct result of crashing a car or getting into a situation from which they cannot extract themselves.

Inhalant Addiction Treatment

Inhalant abuse is a diverse field of drug treatment. Since there are so many ways in which a person can satisfy their cravings, the only real option is a residential rehabilitation facility. Doctors assess each patient and retain information on which substances they use and what they use to get high.

Using this information, they form a treatment plan geared towards the individual. Through regular therapy, the triggers causing the dependency become less prominent and less dominating. Patients report how entering drug rehab on a residential basis helps them to beat their addictions.


Kadian is the brand name for a substance called MS Contin. This is a formulation of morphine sulphate. It utilises a time-release mechanism in order to properly treat chronic pain over the course of 12 hours. It is an extremely potent drug and is normally only used for treating serious conditions.

MS Contin is actually a trademark of the Purdue Pharma Company, who created it. Although the Purdue Pharma Company takes control of the drug in the US, it enlists the help of other companies to market and distribute the drug on a worldwide scale.

It comes in strictly controlled doses. This makes it difficult to control on the streets, as dealers rarely know what the dosage is in each drug. As a result, it puts users at an enormous risk.

Side Effects

Most side effects are the same as a variety of other drugs. These include minor ailments like constipation and dizziness. They can worsen and require hospital treatment if taking the wrong dose, though.

The big danger is fatal breathing problems. Taking the wrong amount of morphine can cause severe respiratory issues. This is why takers are putting themselves at risk by buying this substance illegally. Street dealers do not control the dosage and each person would require a different dosage depending on their situations.

Kadian Addiction Treatment

Beating a Kadian addiction is about clearing any of the side effects associated with long-term usage. Clinics may send their patients to hospital in order to make sure they are not at risk of respiratory failure. This is normally just a precaution and most patients come back with a relatively clean bill of health, but there is always a risk.

To beat a Kadian addiction, it is necessary to go cold turkey and attempt to come to terms with the reasons why the addiction started in the first place. Qualified therapists and experienced counsellors take control of the process and administer these life-changing treatments.


Kapanol is a drug used to treat excruciating pain and force people to relax. Most know the drug by its more common name of morphine, but it also goes under the names of MSIR, MS Contin, and Avinza. It is easy to find through the illegal drugs trade due to the widespread availability of the drug amongst street dealers.

This opiate analgesic is harvested from naturally occurring opiates and is one of the oldest painkillers still used today. It is administered via a hypodermic needle, but traces of it are found in various tablets and capsules.

Kapanol is usually used in hospitals, but the ambulance services also use morphine in order to sustain their patients whilst transporting them from the scene of an accident to the hospital.

Side Effects

The side effects of morphine are too many to give a complete list here. Common side effects include things like low blood pressure, excessive sweating, nausea, feeling too relaxed, and experiencing light-headedness. Sometimes it is also possible to experience double vision and involuntary muscle movements.

Sometimes it is possible for patients to have a bad reaction to kapanol. In this case, the individual could experience things like problems with urinating, lung failure, and even coma.

Kapanol Addiction Treatment

Kapanol addictions are difficult to treat due to the sheer variety of different side effects. Beating an addiction requires a drug rehab clinic to assess and work with each patient individually. By properly treating their side effects and withdrawal symptoms, they can ensure that they are in a fit state to undergo therapy.

Therapy forces people to confront the issues that originally triggered their addictions. Only by successfully learning to cope with them will they be able to beat their addictions and leave them behind for good. Addiction treatment facilities report positive success in treating addictions from these personalized care programs.



Ketamine is a type of drug used in both human and veterinary branches of medicine. Mainly, it is used with a sedative to produce a general anaesthesia prior to treatments. Sometimes the drug is also used within intensive care facilities as an anti-pain medication, chiefly as a type of emergency medicine.

It is a widespread recreational drug and it can create a feeling of adrenaline as blood pressure becomes elevated. Users also report how it induces hallucinations, which is the major attraction, and what makes ketamine stand out from other drugs.

Ketamine is also considered as an ‘essential drug’ by the World Health Organisation (WHO) when setting up a basic national healthcare system.

Side Effects

As already mentioned above, taking ketamine can induce hallucinations and an adrenaline rush because of elevated blood pressure. Generally, when healthcare practitioners talk about the effects of this substance, they split them into short and long-term effects.

In the short-term, patients can feel delirious, dizzy, and nauseous. Reports have also revealed the onset of blurred vision and pain around the original injection site. Generally, none of these is thought to be life threatening.

Long-term recreational users tend to suffer impairments of both the short and long-term memory. Studies have also revealed how users can experience problems with their urinary tracts; including the inability to expel urine.

Ketamine Addiction Treatment

Ketamine addictions are serious and cause many problems in the long-term. It is quite an easy drug to become addicted to since it is easy to find. Residential rehab is nearly always recommended for those with more severe addictions, mainly so they do not get tempted to relapse back into their old lifestyles.

Within treatment centres, qualified therapists work with patients on a one-to-one basis to find the underlying cause of why they turned to drugs initially. Amongst other things, they impart their knowledge of coping techniques to help them overcome any cravings.


Klonopin is one of the brand names for the benzodiazepine called Clonazepam. It is a type of sedative, hypnotic, and muscle relaxant drug commonly used within medical environments around the world. It is also one of the longer-acting benzodiazepines, its effects lasting anywhere between 18 and 50 hours. Such long effectiveness also makes it a favourite amongst people who want to get high.

Over time, this substance has been reported effective at treating migraines, hyperekplexia, panic and anxiety disorders, as well as a treatment for the first stage of mania and acute psychosis.

Recreational users of this drug particularly favour it because it has a very low toxicity in the overdose stage.

Side Effects

The side effects of klonopin include drowsiness, slurred speech, and muscle weakness. It also affects the mind in long-term users. It is not uncommon for users to feel depressed and uncoordinated in the long-term.

Other more serious effects include disinhibition. Users have also reported some forms of sexual dysfunction. Long-term use of klonopin can worsen pre-existing medical conditions. Studies have highlighted how sufferers of depression find their symptoms worsen if they start using this substance.

Klonopin Addiction Treatment

Addictions to klonopin are generally easier to treat due to the low toxicity. It means patients are less at risk of doing serious damage to themselves in the short-term. Doctors can welcome them straight into residential rehab and begin treating them immediately. Getting over such an addiction is a matter of going cold turkey and coping with the withdrawal symptoms when they come.

In order to prevent the onset of any relapses, clinics work directly with patients to develop a care plan specific to them. Each treatment is slightly different and embraces each individual’s specific requirements and desires. By using counselling and a variety of other activities designed to boost confidence, residents become stronger and overcome their addictions.


Laudanum is an herbal preparation derived from opium and alcohol. Also referred to as Tincture of Opium, laudanum is brown-red in colour and tastes very bitter because of the naturally occurring opiates within. It is a potent narcotic with a high concentration of laudanum. This drug has a long history of treating a variety of ailments. Mainly, it is used as an antitussive and anti-pain medication.

Today, it’s a controlled drug rarely prescribed to patients outside of hospitals. Whilst this makes it more difficult to obtain from street dealers, its addictive qualities still present a credible threat in the war on drugs. It is also used for alleviating mild pain, and dealing with withdrawal symptoms in children afflicted by the opioid addictions of their mothers.

Side Effects

Laudanum is dominated by the opiate morphine, and therefore shares most of its side effects. As well as feeling euphoric and lightheaded, patients can suffer from sedation and constipation. Respiratory depression is also a risk, and this can kill, although this is rare.

Long-term use can help develop a number of non-terminal diseases. Scientists have also raised fears about the substance’s effect on the liver. Studies and tests conducted on long-term users have reported how liver function has been classified as abnormal.

Laudanum Addiction Treatment

Laudanum is a drug that can kill. Rehab clinics take roughly the same treatment line as morphine. It is generally safer to treat patients this way due to the vast similarities in terms of withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Although laudanum is harder to find than most drugs, residential rehab treatment is usually the best option since patients have been known to seek out other drugs containing morphine instead.

Within residential treatment, both therapists and patients can discover why the addiction started and what traumatic issues the individual is going through.

Levacetylmethadol (LAAM)

Levacetylmethadol (LAAM) is a synthetic opioid developed in the 1990s to help cure opioid dependence. It was widespread due to its active metabolites that directly attack the source of opioid dependence. Rehabilitation clinics regularly used it. It was quite addictive, however.

It is quite rare to find someone who is addicted to levacetylmethadol (LAAM) these days because of the difficulties in obtaining the drug. As of this writing, the only way to find this substance is to find some of the dwindling shipments that were not destroyed when it was declared an illicit substance.

Side Effects

Side effects of this drug vary from the incredibly mild to life threatening. The drug has a dangerous influence on ventricular rhythms. It can cause disorders to form and these can kill. More minor side effects include things like sedation, body aches, and headaches.

Levacetylmethadol (LAAM) can also affect the mind mentally. Users have reported how their dreams can turn violent and terrifying. There is also the possibility of depression. Sufferers of depression and other mental complications could find their symptoms worsening upon ingesting levacetylmethadol (LAAM).

Levacetylmethadol (LAAM) Addiction Treatment

Treating an addiction to this substance is about being able to defeat any dependencies. Through residential rehab treatment, healthcare practitioners can target the source of the problems and help individuals to overcome it. The biggest reward of attending any residential rehab centre is the coping techniques taught there. Utilising these techniques can mean the difference between beating the cravings and relapsing.

Doctors also review each patient’s medical history to make sure they are not suffering from any other ailments. If they are, it can change their treatment plans and the treatment centre must deal with these issues accordingly. By offering a comprehensive care programme tailored to each patient, it is possible for people to overcome their addictions and take back their lives.


Librium is the trade name for the hypnotic drug chlordiazepoxide. It is a benzodiazepine and also goes under the market names of Multum, Tropium, Angirex, and Risolid.

This was actually the first benzodiazepine to appear on the market and was discovered by pure chance. Initially, the drug was used in hospitals because of its pain treating abilities. Today the drug must abide by a number of restrictive medical guidelines, which is fantastic from an addiction point of view.

Medically, studies have discovered that librium was good for reducing many of the emotional side effects caused by alcoholism. Usually though, it is used for treating pain; today the drug is known as valium.

Side Effects

The side effects of librium are serious because they alter the body both physically and mentally. Physically, the damage is caused by extreme fluid retention, which leads to swelling. Regular abusers of librium are noticeable due to the jaundice in the eyes and skin. People might also feel nauseous and constipated.

Mentally, the person might feel confused. Librium has been noted for its impact on memory. Mice have even displayed impaired learning abilities during scientific studies. The affected person might also feel like they cannot control their bodily functions due to a lack of muscle coordination.

Librium Addiction Treatment

A librium addiction is something clinics know how to treat due to their experience in dealing with valium abuse. When patients initially enter a rehab facility, doctors attempt to find out as much about their residents as possible. The only way to defeat an addiction is by targeting the original cause, which differs depending on various life factors.

This information finds its way to counselors who direct their sessions to attack these triggers and defeat them. If patients can beat their triggers then there is nothing stopping them from defeating their addictions for good.


Lorazepam is a powerful drug due to its high potency and its six intrinsic effects; muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, sedative, amnesiac, and antiemetic. Commonly marketed as ativan, doctors use this drug in their treatment of insomnia, seizures, and anxiety. It is also used to sedate aggressive patients within mental health facilities.

Lorazepam a short-acting drug that does not take long to interact with the benzodiazepine binding sites in the central nervous system. The drug has a long use within the medical world due to its effectiveness in binding to these sites. Unfortunately, it also has a long history in recreational use. Many patients find themselves becoming dependent and using it even after their doctors have told them to stop.

Side Effects

Lorazepam, like most benzodiazepines, causes dependencies in people, which soon leads to addiction. Where it is most dangerous is in causing depression and amnesia. Its effects on the mind in long-term users have been widely studied. This is precisely why medical guidelines have attempted to restrict the use of this substance in recent years.

Studies have also demonstrated how the drug reduces body balance and coordination. This is a particularly dangerous prospect for elderly users as the utilisation of lorazepam has been associated with an increase in the number of hip fractures.

Lorazepam Addiction Treatment

Lorazepam addictions are difficult to treat due to the withdrawal symptoms they can cause. Long-term users can find themselves suffering from depression and seizures if they stop taking this drug. This is why residential treatment is necessary for defeating one of these addictions. Other substances used to counter the effects of lorazepam are often introduced.

Counselling and therapy stands as the centrepiece of drug addiction treatment because they target the main issues. Residential treatment can help distract patients from their withdrawal symptoms and confront their deepest problems at the same time.


Lorcet is an opioid created from the combination of thebaine and codeine. It combines both antitussive and anti-pain effects in one easily digested capsule or tablet. Some versions of lorcet also come in syrup form. Use of the drug is widespread around the world and is available both in hospitals and within local pharmacies. Many studies have revealed how it is the most common prescription drug in the world.

It is rare to find this drug in its pure form. Most commercial products combine it with ibuprofen or paracetamol in order to offer a synergy between opioid and non-opioid compounds. There have been some concerns over liver damage due to the high doses of paracetamol. In response, the companies that manufacture the drug have created a slow-release capsule. By replacing current drugs with this capsule, it should also help reduce the prominence of addiction.

Side Effects

The primary side effect is feeling nauseous. This only happens for the initial few doses, though. Once the body becomes tolerant to the drug this feeling dissipates. There are also a number of other short-term side effects, however. These include feeling dizzy, vision changes, and constipation.

As already mentioned above, there have been concerns over liver damage as the toxins simply overwhelm the liver and begin to injure it. Slow-release capsules are beginning to solve the problem, but it is an issue that remains a threat.

Lorcet Addiction Treatment

Lorcet addictions can arise quite easily. Over time, the symptoms begin to worsen and steadily cause more damage to the body. When patients decide to find help, they are able to see a qualified professional who can tailor a programme according to their needs. People soon gain the knowledge they need to cope with their cravings and fight off any withdrawal symptoms.

Patients nearly always report how residential treatment can give them the breathing space they need to try to deal with their addictions.


Lortab is a type of combination drug that brings together paracetamol and hydrocodone. It is currently the most popular prescription in the United States; 136 million separate prescriptions are given each year. This drug is popular due to its ability to relieve moderate pain, and the ease at which people can obtain it.

There has been a notable increase in addictions to this drug. Part of the reason is that this is one of the easiest prescription drugs to obtain. Another is the feeling of euphoria created each time individuals take a high dose. It’s common for this drug to appear under the names of vicodin HP, anolor DH5, and zydone.

Side Effects

The side effects of lortab are mainly feeling nauseous and experiencing an upset stomach. Occasionally, the person may feel their mental states altered. If this has occurred the taker might feel dizzy or drowsy.

Sometimes users of this substance experience more serious effects such as bruising, hot flushes, constipation, muscle twitches, and affected libido. If any of these problems arise then it is wise to see a doctor immediately as they can turn into serious illnesses if ignored. Ingesting massively high doses can lead to liver damage; this would normally in the region of 3000mg of paracetamol per day.

Lortab Addiction Treatment

Lortab has a variety of side effects associated with it. The way drug rehabilitation facilities approach treatment depends entirely on the severity of these side effects. In extreme cases, they might send patients to hospital before initiating the treatment programme. The majority of the time, the best option is to focus on going cold turkey and targeting the psychological issues.

Nearly every addiction arises as a result of deep-rooted trauma. Therapists attempt to bring this trauma out into the open as soon as possible to help people learn to cope with it. This approach has been found to be the most effective at treating such addiction troubles.


LSD, or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide as it is properly known, is a type of psychedelic drug from ergoline derivatives. It is a well-known drug for its psychological effects and influences on the thinking processes. Users have often reported an altered sense of time and a number of spiritual revelations experienced whilst under the influence.

LSD originally became popular in the 1960’s as opposition countercultures from around the world began to grow in popularity. It reached its height as the demonstrations over nuclear weapons and the Vietnam War sparked into life.

Unlike most drugs, LSD is not an addictive substance in itself. No person can feel as if he or she is dependent on LSD. However, this does not mean that a person can’t become addicted to using the drug. If it becomes a reflex action, it is time to seek medical help.

Side Effects

Some of the most common side effects include an elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, higher body temperature, sweating, dry mouth, and dilated pupils. Obviously, the biggest side effect is the hallucinations and the mind-altering effects. A loss of time and the confusion over colours and hearing are the trademarks of this drug.

‘Bad trips’ happen when the person has a terrifying hallucination. These occur fairly regularly and simply involve their enthralling experiences turning violent. Most users find they remember these trips when they sober up.

LSD Addiction Treatment

An LSD addiction focuses on the reflex action to obtain and take LSD. Rehab clinics do not need to focus on using other drugs to help people overcome their cravings due to the lack of any dependencies. What counselors focus on are the reasons for turning to LSD in the first place.

At the same time, they will attempt to learn about some of the patient’s bad trips in an attempt to understand what initially caused them. Each patient has a different reasoning for LSD abuse so the importance of a personalized care program cannot be underestimated.


Luminal is a type of barbiturate used as an anticonvulsant drug on a worldwide scale. It is actually the oldest anticonvulsant in the world. Known by its formal name of phenobarbital, this drug also possesses hypnotic and sedative properties, although it is rarely used in these situations these days.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it as an ‘essential drug’ for building a basic healthcare system within a country. In more advanced healthcare systems, it is rarely used for dealing with seizures due to the creation of more effective drugs with fewer side effects.

This drug comes in the form of low-dosage tablets and injections.

Side Effects

The main effects of the drug, as described above, are hypnotic and sedation. These are perfectly normal and come because of the drugs natural characteristics. It is this sedative feeling why many people abuse luminal.

When it begins to influence the central nervous system, it is not uncommon for users to experience dizziness and a loss of coordination. Sometimes the user may experience ataxia and nystagmus. Younger users could develop paradoxical hyperactivity because of the confusion and excitement the drug causes.

Luminal Addiction Treatment

Beating a luminal addiction relies entirely on residential treatment. It is a drug that is relatively easy to obtain due to less affluent healthcare systems using it regularly. Residential drug rehabilitation treatment takes patients away from temptation and enables them to concentrate on beating the addiction in a controlled environment.

Within treatment, doctors take patients aside and discuss their issues with them. Qualified counsellors use this information to plan their counselling sessions. These bouts of therapy help people come to terms with any issues that may have caused them to turn towards addiction in the first place. Once they can do this they can learn to cope with them in a mature and non-destructive manner.


Marijuana, or cannabis as its known, is a psychoactive drug that comes from the Cannabis plant. It is currently the most widespread illicit drug in the world; reportedly having a presence within every major nation. It is an extremely lucrative drug to trade in and is one of the easiest illegal substances to obtain from street dealers.

Whilst such a drug is mainly used for recreational purposes, certain situations call for its use in the medical trade. Those who are suffering from excruciating pain because of diseases like cancer sometimes use marijuana to help ease this pain and relax themselves; it is rare for a doctor to write a genuine prescription for medicinal marijuana, however.

Side Effects

Physicians split the side effects of marijuana into physical and psychological categories. Those who have taken marijuana may experience an increased appetite, red eyes, and a rapid heart rate. It is also common for them to have slower reaction times, which is why many long-term users hurt themselves as a result.

Psychologically, users can experience a distorted sense of time and a feeling of paranoia. As well as this, the mind races, so the person can hallucinate and have thought processes seemingly without structure. In the long-term, it is possible to also develop anxiety issues and depression.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Residential drug rehabilitation is the only real option when it comes to treating an addiction to marijuana. When in rehab, it is a matter of getting over the withdrawal symptoms and understanding what makes taking the drug so appealing. Sometimes these reasons could have had something to do with a highly stressful lifestyle. Counselors help to rebuild their patient’s lives by restructuring the way they do things and altering their thinking.

Through vital coping mechanisms, patients can treat their addictions and resist the pull of this substance.


Meperidine is one of the names for pethidine, which is chemically known as meperidine hydrochloride. Those who live in the US will know this drug by its brand name of Demerol. It’s a powerful analgesic drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. Doctors deliver it through tablets, syrup, and as an intravenous injection. It is the opioid of choice for many doctors, and has been for many years.

It isn’t as effective as morphine at dealing with pain, but it also has a lower chance of causing an addiction to develop. This is why meperidine is most commonly prescribed, whereas morphine only appears in emergency situations and hospital settings.

Side Effects

This substance causes a number of side effects, but most of the time they are not serious and merely act as inconveniences. They resemble many of the side effects from opioids such as morphine. These include low blood pressure, a feeling of faintness, vomiting, and incomplete bowel movements.

Sometimes, though, these side effects can take a turn for the worst. There have been cases of lung failure and the person struggling to breathe, the development of giant hives, and even the heart stopping due to the blood pressure dropping so low. If any of these cases occur, the individual will obviously require emergency medical intervention.

Meperidine Addiction Treatment

Treating this sort of addiction is ideally done within residential treatment. Meperidine a widespread drug and it isn’t difficult to find from a street dealer. Within residential treatment, patients can have their lives restructured in the most efficient way. Therapy sessions take into account each person’s specific requirements and adapt the following sessions according to these needs.

Through additional activities and regular counselling sessions, patients turn their lives around and discover why they turned to meperidine addiction in the first place.


Mescaline is a type of psychedelic alkaloid. Otherwise known as 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine, this drug is similar to LSD in that it alters the way the mind functions. Unsurprisingly, this drug is mainly used for recreational endeavours, but it has been recommended for various medical uses in the past.

The main area where scientists have suggested its use is in the treatment of alcoholism. Some small-scale experiments have demonstrated how it helps people defeat their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Currently, it has not been introduced into the medical world and doctors are yet to use it with patients.

It can induce addiction through a reflex action, but it is not widely available and is therefore not easy to find on the streets.

Side Effects

Mescaline is a psychedelic drug and therefore induces a state similar to psilocybin and LSD. The difference comes with its unique characteristics. Many of these are actually quite subjective, though. Patients have reported altered thinking processes and experiences with time and visual phenomena. From reports written by the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, the experiences of each person are quite different.

The side effects of mescaline in the long-term include things like severe vomiting, which can lead to severe dehydration.

Mescaline Addiction Treatment

A mescaline addiction is comparatively rare since it mainly arises as a result of an addiction to the actual reflex action. Treating an addiction to this drug is relatively simple process for drug rehabilitation centres since there are no withdrawal symptoms to deal with. It is a matter for counsellors to consider. They speak to patients to ascertain the truth to their feelings. They can then use this information to direct their therapy sessions and hopefully dig down to the root cause of the addiction.

During these sessions, qualified healthcare practitioners can teach coping mechanisms to help people overcome their reflex actions.


Methadone is the name for the synthetic analgesic opioid. It is sometimes marketed as amidone, physeptone, and symoron, among other things. It is manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company and is often used as a recreational drug due to the feeling of euphoria it creates amongst its users. Whilst it is not a drug that is widespread, it still isn’t something that is difficult to obtain.

Medically, methadone is used for treating moderate to severe chronic pain. This is because it is like morphine in that it’s potent and long lasting. Using it allows the methadone to connect with the opioid receptors in the body.

Side Effects

Since methadone is a type of opioid, it has many of the same side effects as codeine and morphine. These include reduced blood pressure, dizziness, a feeling of weakness and faintness, as well as vomiting. Of course, these are more minor side effects that do not cause any long-term issues.

Using it regularly can cause issues such as collapsed lungs and heart failure. In the US, the numbers of deaths between 1995 and 2005 as a direct result of methadone have quadrupled. This is why it is vital to have an addiction to this substance treated as soon as possible.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

Treating a methadone addiction requires the aid of a qualified healthcare practitioner. They have extensive experience in dealing with addictions of this nature and know how to deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Professionals work closely with patients to find out as much about their backgrounds as possible.

With this information, counselors can then help develop unique coping mechanisms to help deal with cravings. They can also discover the reasoning for the addiction in the first place. By getting to the heart of the matter, counselors can then try to neutralize any and all triggers, which inevitably leads patients to cleaner and healthier lifestyles.


Methadrine is what is otherwise known as methamphetamine. It’s a popular type of recreational drug found in a number of prescription substances. It is a psychostimulant and is used in the treatment of obesity and ADHD. It has also been to known to treat nasal congestion.

On the streets, it has a reputation for being one of the most highly lucrative drugs available. Street battles were fought between gangs in cities like Los Angeles and Miami for many years over this drug. Users often refer to it by the names of glass, meth, and crystal.

From an addiction point of view, the availability makes it difficult to kick such a habit. Furthermore, it causes dependency levels.

Side Effects

This substance has markedly different effects depending on the dosage. At lower doses, users feel alert, focused, and energetic. It can even defeat the feeling of extreme fatigue. Higher doses intensify these feelings and users begin to enter a type of mania. They also experience increased libido and self-esteem. On the face of it, these are all extremely positive things.

However, at the same time these doses can lead to dangerous illnesses such as anorexia, anxiety, and paranoia. Whilst most of these rarely kill, long-term abusers can develop feelings of invincibility, which impairs their judgement and sometimes leads to fatal situations.

Methadrine Addiction Treatment

A methadrine addiction has so many side effects that it is necessary for drug rehabilitation centres to properly assess each patient’s individual circumstances. The results of this assessment define how the centre treats each affected person. Specialized care programs target each person’s needs and the sort of approach needed to benefit them the most.

Counselors understand how every person is different. By paying attention and seeing each person as an individual, healthcare professionals can turn their lives around and guide them into a clean and healthy lifestyle.


Methamphetamine is a drug from the psychoactive class. It is a psychostimulant and can cause hallucinations if used in high doses. This is why this particular drug is so popular on the streets. Users tend to call this drug by its street names of ice, tik, and crystal, although different regions use alternative names.

The drug is rarely prescribed to patients on a medical basis. On the few occasions it is prescribed, doctors give it to those who are suffering from serious obesity and ADHD. Traces of it have also been found within non-prescription nasal decongestants.

Due to the widespread availability of this substance, those who have utilised it in the past can easily become addicted to it.

Side Effects

When taking this substance, the majority of regular users suffer from some of these side effects eventually: pain in the upper abdominal region, nerves, irritability, nausea, and a loss of appetite. None of these causes any life-threatening issues, but their impact on daily life is enormous.

Side effects that are more serious arise less than one percent of the time and normally become more problematic in the event of an allergic reaction, or if the taker uses it with alcohol. These side effects can include hives, breathing problems, fevers, and a chronic feeling of restlessness.

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Beating one of these addictions has more chance of working by entering a residential drug rehabilitation facility. These facilities are vital for treating these addictions because of how common this drug is, especially in relation to many non-prescription products.

Whilst in rehabilitation, trained healthcare practitioners work with patients in one-on-one situations to help them recover from their issues. They speak to them and learn about what drove them to substance abuse in the first place. Through knowing about these problems, affected individuals can confront them and learn to cope with them so they don’t return to methamphetamine addiction in the future.


Methaqualone is a type of hypnotic drug that resembles many common barbiturates. It works by directly attacking the central nervous system (CNS) where it acts as a depressant. It was originally created in the 1960s when the US market first started to advertise it. Usage peaked in the 1970s when it was used to treat insomnia and relax patients in hospitals. It is an addictive drug and is highly prized by those who would seek to use it recreationally.

Whilst it is currently marketed under the brand name of Quaalude, the drug is routinely produced underground and seized by government forces across the world. It remains a serious problem for both governments and users even today.

Side Effects

The reason why people take it is to feel the euphoria effect. It makes the person feel good for a short period of time. This feeling eventually makes them become dependent so they seek out more hits in the future. Other more serious side effects include hindered breathing, slurred speech, photophobia, and enhanced sexual arousal.

These do not threaten the taker’s health usually, but if the person takes too much of it over a long period of time then it is possible to experience things such as renal failure, coma, and even death.

Methaqualone Addiction Treatment

Treating an addiction to methaqualone is relatively easy for drug clinics around the country because it is such a common addiction to develop. It means that trained professionals already have plans in place should they encounter such an issue. When patients initially enter these facilities, they will discuss their issues and attempt to understand why they turned to addiction and what they want out of treatment.

These tactics work by forcing patients to look inside themselves. It allows them to gather their own motivation to change, and this helps when confronting cravings and participating in challenging counselling and therapy session


Methylphenidate is a type of psychostimulant primarily used for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. In the US, it is known by its trade name of Ritalin and has been regularly prescribed since the 1960s; hitting its peak in the 1990s when scientists began to understand where conditions like ADHD came from.

This is a drug used to reduce the dopamine levels within the brain. Dopamine levels are heavily linked to ADHD disorder, and this is why it is so effective in its treatment. Studies have also discovered how methylphenidate has many structural similarities to the cocaine drug. Similarities such as these go a long way to explaining why this is such an addictive substance, although the drug is not as potent.

Side Effects

The side effects of methylphenidate resemble some of those found in cocaine users. Most notable effects include high blood pressure, a rapid heartbeat, and a pleasant feeling crossing over into the realms of overexcitement. Long-term users have reported head pains, upper abdominal pains, and problems with sleeping.

It is not particularly uncommon for side effects to turn nasty. This substance has been known to cause brain haemorrhaging, heart attacks, and angina. If the individual survives these crippling conditions, there is a good chance they will suffer from problems for the rest of their lives unless something is done fast.

Methylphenidate Addiction Treatment

Being able to treat an addiction to this drug is about getting the person away from their conventional environment. Residential rehab treatment is the perfect way to do this as it puts them in a controlled facility where trained healthcare practitioners can oversee and monitor their progress.

Dealing with the cravings is especially important, and this is done through a variety of counterdrugs and regular therapy sessions. During therapy, patients find out why they turned to addiction in the first place and how to deal with their negative feelings.


Morphine is the most widely used clinical drug in the world. It is the gold standard for pain treatment and is used in every healthcare system in the world. The drug is administered via hypodermic needle where it instantly makes its way to the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve the pain.

It is true that this opiate analgesic is an extremely addictive drug, which is why hospitals are becoming more careful about how and when they employ its use. What is difficult about predicting a morphine addiction is that it takes months for it to fully develop. It could come completely at random and the person is left desperately wanting a hit of morphine, even if they only received it once as part of a standard medical treatment.

Side Effects

Someone who takes morphine should beware of the obvious signs of side effects taking over. These include feeling drowsy and faint, as well as low blood pressure. The taker may also feel like throwing up whilst sweating profusely. None of these can actually kill the person or seriously injure them, but they can soon become a cause for concern.

Long-term users of this drug can damage their veins beyond repair through excessive injecting. It can also lead to heart problems and issues with the liver as the toxins begin to overwhelm the body’s ability to cleanse itself of harmful substances.

Morphine Addiction Treatment

Whilst morphine is extremely potent and addictive, it is a good thing in the sense that drug rehabilitation centres have an extensive knowledge of how to deal with it. By talking to patients and dealing with them on a one-to-one basis, they can encourage them to reveal their issues and what they want out of treatment.

This information forms the basis of therapy sessions, as well as the sort of coping techniques that the professionals think will work best for them in defeating their cravings.

MS Contin

MS Contin is a type of morphine sulphate that is administered it in ‘pulses.’ These pulses make sure the medication is released over a prolonged period time. Such a formulation makes sure any side effects don’t cause any serious damage as this is an extremely potent drug.

Morphine sulphate is highly potent and has been known to reduce the feeling of chronic pain for up to 12 hours. Unsurprisingly, it is used regularly on intensive care wards. It isn’t prescribed lightly, however. These tablets can cause a lot of damage and therefore their use is governed by strict medical guidelines.

Another trade name for this formula is avinza.

Side Effects

MS Contin is a drug that shares many of its side effects with pure morphine. Just some of these common effects include dizziness, nausea, constipation, and drowsiness. But the main side effect is the reason why many drug users take it. It makes the person feel euphoric and happy for a prolonged period of time.

Taking a high dosage can lead to severe hallucinations and problems with urinating. Some patients have also reported stomach problems.

Allergic reactions to this substance are rare, but if it does happen then facial swelling and a sore throat are two major signs of this.

MS Contin Addiction Treatment

An addiction to MS Contin usually requires a stay in residential treatment due to how serious the side effects can become with long-term usage. Dealing with hallucinations and other such issues requires the help of a healthcare professional to prevent a relapse. It is also necessary to target the issues that caused the addiction in the first place. Through counselling and therapy people can turn their lives around for the better. Through counselling these people are able to get to the root cause of their problems.



MSIR is one of the brand names for morphine. This is a potent opiate designed to act as an anti-pain medication. It is one of the most powerful opiates in the world and as such is used widely in hospitals. No hospital can function properly without this level of pain medication.

This drug is so powerful that it can combat crippling pain. People with kidney stones have been known to receive doses of the drug regularly, for example. It does have an extremely high potential for addiction, though. Even people who have never used drugs before can find themselves becoming dependent after just a few months.

Side Effects

MSIR is simple to find as it is used in practically every area of the world. This drug is known for its euphoric effects and its ability to rid people of their ailments temporarily. When taken regularly, it can elicit some crippling side effects.

Dramatic blood pressure drop, drowsiness, and dizziness are just some of the side effects. Constipation is the main side effect of morphine and it can lead to quite painful bowel movements if not stopped quickly.

Long-term use eventually leads to lung failure and the inability to urinate. These issues can even lead to death and require urgent treatment if the user is to recover.

MSIR Addiction Treatment

Curing an MSIR addiction is about being able to overcome the dependency the user will have on the drug. This substance is known for its ability to hold people in its grasp for years. Residential treatment is just the start of beating one of these addictions. Drug rehabilitation teaches patients how to overcome their cravings using some powerful coping mechanisms.

Drug treatment centres seek to support patients throughout by offering counselling and various other points of support for rebuilding their lives free from the grip of addiction.


Mushrooms, or psilocybin mushrooms, to give them their full name, are psychoactive fungi. There are multiple terms for these naturally occurring drugs like magic mushrooms and shrooms. In total, there are 190 different types of mushroom, so it is difficult for governments to properly regulate and control them.

The use of mushrooms dates back to prehistoric times, as revealed by rock art, where shamans used them in religious ceremonies. Today, they are used at festivals and other gatherings. They are also used in medical environments where doctors use them to treat depression. Traces of the substances found within these drugs appear in many common medications.

Side Effects

It is difficult to dictate the various side effects related to these drugs accurately because there are so many different species. Overall, it mainly focuses on the mind where colours become confused and objects begin to warm and change. These hallucinations are why people continue to use them. Sometimes the experiences become terrifying and traumatic. This is known as a ‘bad trip.’

Mentally, mushrooms can cause paranoia and anxiety. Physically, any negative side effects are mainly confined to impaired judgement and the accidents that happen to people under the influence of these hallucinogens.

Mushrooms Addiction Treatment

An addiction to mushrooms is actually an addiction to the effects caused by it, rather than the substance itself. Dealing with it is tough due to the large numbers of species. The most important thing is to take people away from their environments through residential drug rehabilitation treatment. Doctors can successfully develop treatment programmes targeted towards the specific species of mushroom.

Over time, counsellors ascertain a patient’s visions and how it relates to their lives and their histories. This complex mix of treatment methods enables people to retake control of their lives and resist the pull from their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


Naltrexone is a type of opioid receptor antagonist. This means it is a drug that counters the effects of opioids, which makes it extremely effective at treating various substance abuse problems. In the medical world, it is marketed under the names of Depade and Revia where it helps to treat alcohol dependence. It is rare to discover the drug in its pure form. Instead, it comes in its hydrochloride salt form, or naltrexone hydrochloride to give it its proper name.

Whilst the drug is effective at treating withdrawal symptoms caused by opioid addiction, it is addictive in itself. Addictions are much rarer than most other drugs available, but they are still very serious and can lead to dependence and death if not treated quickly.

Side Effects

This substance tends to cause problems in the long-term, as opposed to any real short-term problems. Common side effects are quite severe with skin inflammation, muscle pain, and giant hives being amongst the issues caused. Getting medical help can see these being treated relatively simply.

Sometimes users experience side effects that are more dangerous. These involve confusion, hallucinations, and rapid mood changes. They do not cause any direct damage to the individual, but they impair judgement and can lead to the person getting hurt by doing something dangerous.

Naltrexone Addiction Treatment

An addiction to naltrexone is a problem to treat as it is nearly always used to manage alcohol dependence. Within drug rehabilitation centres, patients with these addictions warrant 24-hour monitoring to make sure they are safe and well. The withdrawal symptoms are severe and often cause people to relapse back into their addictive ways again.

Most addiction treatment centres focus on getting people to open up about the issues affecting them. By opening up, counselors can develop the coping mechanisms that can aid patients in conquering their addictions and reducing the chances of experiencing a relapse.


Nembutal is the name for the pentobarbital drug. Dr John Lundy originally coined the name in the 1930s when he started using it himself. It is a short-acting barbiturate and has been used in a variety of ways throughout its history. The drug is extremely toxic and can kill if used incorrectly. Its purest form is rarely used, or even seen, and its most commonly combined with sodium to create its salt form.

It has been used for a wide variety of things. Most notably, it was used in Texas as a method of capital punishment when it was injected into a death row prisoner. It has also seen use in the field of human euthanasia.

Side Effects

The drugs most common side effects are confined to two things; feeling drowsy and feeling dizzy. Unless the user is particularly fragile, nembutal will not cause any serious problems. If the individual uses too much of the drug or reacts badly then they could begin to experience sluggishness, confusion, nightmares, and even depression.

More serious side effects rarely arise, but when they do it usually leads to regular hospital visits to save the person’s life. These can include rickets, a lack of blood platelets, and megaloblastic anaemia. In this case, the effects could remain permanent even if the person stops using the substance. The chances of experiencing these severe side effects increase if mixing the drug with alcohol.

Nembutal Addiction Treatment

Beating a nembutal addiction starts with entering residential rehabilitation treatment. It’s by far the best option because it prevents patients from relapsing and retrieving their next hit if the withdrawal symptoms and cravings become too much. Successfully moving away from their dependencies centres on counselling offered by professional healthcare practitioners.

They create tailored treatment programmes designed to target their issues and deal with them on a one-to-one basis. Former patients have reported how this is extremely effective at helping them to get over their cravings.


Norco is the brand name for an anti-pain medication combining hydrocodone and paracetamol. This is just one of its many brand names. Other popular trade names include vicodin, Anexsia, and zydone. It is currently the most widespread prescription drug in the world. In the United States alone, there have been 136 million prescriptions filed annually.

Its use of paracetamol means overdosing on this substance is dangerous as the toxins directly affect the liver. Taking over 3000 mg per day can lead to liver damage as the toxins overwhelm it. Due to its widespread use, governments have been attempting to change the way the substance is both controlled and released.

Side Effects

As already mentioned, abusing this drug regularly can lead to liver damage. However, side effects that are more common involve things like feeling faint, relaxation, and low blood pressure. None of them causes any significant problems, but regular use of the drug has been known to lead to more serious side effects such as a slowed heartbeat.

If something has gone wrong and the person reacts badly to Norco, they could experience larynx spasms and swelling of the vocal cords. Occasionally, chronic abusers have been known to suffer from a partially collapsed lung, which requires immediate medical attention.

Norco Addiction Treatment

Norco addictions are serious because they can lead to coma and death. However, what makes them particularly deadly is the substances widespread availability. It is amongst the most easily obtainable prescription drugs. The only real way to do anything about it is to enter residential drug rehabilitation treatment.

These controlled environments help by offering 24-hour monitoring and the right tools to overcome cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Counselling sessions enable patients to air their grievances and receive advice on how they can move forward from this dark period in their lives.


Opium is an alkaloid extracted from the opium poppy. The substance itself is actually the dried latex extracted from the poppy. It’s a drug used throughout history in various forms. Stereotypically, it is associated with the old Chinese opium dens where patrons would go to relax and drift away. Today, it is an illegal substance rarely seen in its original form. Most dealers convert it into heroin to make it both easier to transport and to extract the most value for money out of every elicit batch.

These plants are legally cultivated in some countries in order to extract other substances like thebaine to make common prescription medications such as hydrocodone.

Side Effects

Addiction is the main side effect of opium. Other side effects include feeling sick and vomiting. Chronic users have also been known to feel the need to scratch continually, especially when it comes to the nose. Constipation is a side effect that is more prominent in older users.

This drug also supresses the respiratory system. This is how the drugs usage can lead to death as the brain is deprived its supply of oxygen. Unless the person is in close proximity to a medical centre, there is a high chance of seizures and the shutting down of the body, leading to death.

Opium Addiction Treatment

Opium is something that has to be treated on a case-by-case basis. Whilst the substance is addictive in itself, there are always other reasons as to why people acquire this drug in the first place. These are normally traumatic issues that they feel unable to cope with. Qualified counsellors speak to patients who reveal the inner workings of their minds so that they can better understand how to handle the situation, as well as which coping techniques will work best.

Counselling is the focus and normally comes alongside a treatment programme where the drug rehabilitation clinic in question administers various medications to supress cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


Oramorph is a brand name for the common analgesic drug morphine. It is a potent opiate and directly affects the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve any pain felt by the individual. It can supress the pain caused by excruciating conditions like kidney stones, as well as the discomfort caused by both major and minor surgeries. This drug is a staple of any basic healthcare system.

This is also an extremely addictive drug. Someone who takes oramorph as part of a standard medical programme can find himself or herself craving more of the drug months after taking it. This feeling seemingly appears at random and has no order. Most people do not succumb to these cravings, but those who do leave their lives open to the shadow of addiction.

Side Effects

Someone who takes oramorph will instantaneously feel as if he or she is on top of the world. This euphoric effect is what users crave. It can also make them feel drowsy and faint, which is where the attraction of opium and the traditional opium den comes from. Normally, this does not cause any issues other than a few lost hours.

Since it directly attacks the respiratory system, there have been cases where users have suddenly developed seizures. Other conditions include heart irregularities and liver poisoning. Any of these conditions can kill.

Oramorph Addiction Treatment

Oramorph addiction treatment centres primarily on targeting the trauma that pushed the person towards addiction initially. However, most drug rehabilitation centres help their patient’s by initially administering a variety of medications that tries to cure them of their addictions. Getting over the withdrawal symptoms is sometimes the hardest part, and this is why many people give up at this stage.

Therapy sessions address the main issues and help patients cope with whatever turned them towards addiction in the first place. Counsellors impart the knowledge of coping techniques so they can successfully defeat their cravings when they leave drug rehab treatment.


Orlaam is the trade name for the drug levacetylmethadol. It’s an opioid created exclusively through synthetic means. Its most closely associated with methadone, but it has a longer duration due to the sheer number of active metabolites within the formula. This is why it was used extensively within clinical environments in treating opioid dependence as a second-line treatment.

Roxane Laboratories, who manufactured the drug, pulled it from the European markets after many cases of ventricular rhythm disorders in the people who ingested the substance. In 2003, the US followed suit. It is difficult to find this drug now since nobody is manufacturing it these days. Shipments from before it was banned still exist, and this is why it is still a threat to people.

Side Effects

Most users experienced very uncomfortable side effects. Among these problems were infrequent bowel movements, pain in the joints, sweating, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. Often, it made users feel terrible, and this is what compromised its position as a drug for managing opioid dependence.

Dangerous ventricular rhythms were the original cause of its removal from the market. This essentially meant that the heart was not working properly, which affected all the major organs of the body. Shockingly, some patients even found themselves dealing with hepatitis because of using this drug.

Orlaam Addiction Treatment

As already mentioned, orlaam addictions are quite rare these days. However, when they do arise drug rehabilitation centres immediately check patients to make sure they are not suffering from any life-threatening side effects. If this is the case, they will look to check them into a hospital and counter them with other medications.

Stable patients move on to counselling where trained therapists work with them to move through the issues leading them on the path of addiction. This is the hardest part of rehabilitation, but it is also the most rewarding as it eventually leads to getting clean and living a life free of drugs.


Oxycodone is the formal name for this analgesic medicine. It is created using the naturally occurring opiate thebaine, which is harvested from the opium poppy. This medication dates back to 1916. With the view to supplanting morphine and codeine as the anti-pain opioids of choice, it soon became immensely popular.

Its high doses were extremely effective at treating moderate and severe pain. Concerns were raised over its potential for addiction, however. As the number of people becoming addicted to oxycodone increased, its high dosage pills were pulled from the market and it was then released with compounded products such as ibuprofen.

Side Effects

The side effects of oxycodone vary from minor to the life threatening. Most people will experience minor side effects like faintness and feeling ill. Other minor side effects include feeling dizzy and lowered blood pressure.

The feeling users search for is the euphoric effect. Many drug users have explained how the feeling of euphoria is similar to the feeling gained from taking heroin, codeine, and morphine.

Sometimes the side effects can become life threatening. Skin issues such as giant hives have been reported. The drug also afflicts the mind, and chronic abusers have been known to develop severe depression. The majority of significant problems tend to come from either allergic reactions or when users mix the substance with alcohol.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Oxycodone is a hazardous substance even in its lowest doses. The best way to treat an addiction to it is to enter a residential rehabilitation facility. By doing this an affected individual can be in a controlled environment that can help, among other things, the urge to relapse.

Accomplished healthcare practitioners place emphasis on counselling and therapy because this is about uncovering what triggered the addiction initially. By targeting this area, counselors have a better chance of curing an addiction to oxycodone in the long-term.


Oxycontin is one of the brand names for oxycodone. It was the most popular prescription drug in the US for a short time, but its high rate of addiction meant many of its pills were pulled from the market. Now it is only sold in low doses, or alongside other drugs like ibuprofen.

The drug was designed as an anti-pain medication because of its efficiency at targeting the central nervous system (CNS). The main ingredient is the baine harvested from the opium poppy. It was originally created in the hope of producing a better drug than morphine, codeine, and heroin at curing pain.

In clinical environments, it is prescribed with compounded products to treat moderate to severe pain.

Side Effects

Most side effects of oxycontin do not cause any long-term damage, which is why they were initially so popular. Minor side effects include lowered blood pressure, weakness and frailty, dizziness, and drowsiness. It only takes a few hours for these negative feelings to dissipate. If they last any longer, medical assistance will be required immediately.

Side effects that are more serious include permanent widening of the blood vessels, indigestion, infrequent bowel movements, and depression. Some users have been known to experience partially collapsed lungs and being unable to empty their bladders completely. It is rare for someone to die directly because of oxycontin, but the effects on quality of life are devastating.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Oxycontin is an extremely addictive drug. Drug rehabilitation clinics have extensive experience in dealing with these addictions due to the influx of patients a few years ago. Healthcare practitioners recommend residential drug rehab because it allows them to prevent patients from relapsing back into their old ways.

One-to-one treatment gives people the attention they deserve and the opportunity to discuss their issues in a confidential environment. This is sometimes all they need to open up about the problems affecting them. Progress such as this is the first step to becoming free of drugs.


Palladone is the common brand name for the drug known as hydromorphone. This type of hydrochloride is a form of analgesic that acts on the central nervous system (CNS) to nullify pain throughout the whole body. It is a potent opioid that is derived from morphine. Users who take this semi-sensitive drug do so for the pain benefits.

In medical environments, doctors can administer this substance orally, intranasally, and rectally. This wide variety of methods means it is a popular drug within hospitals across the world. The drug is relatively easy to find on the streets due to its regular use within clinical environments.

Side Effects

The side effects resemble those found in the majority of opiates. These include feeling faint, dizzy, and weak. The heart decreases the blood pressure in the body and causes everything to slow down. Users may also experience incomplete or infrequent bowel movements. Rapid mood swings are common amongst users of palladone.

Chronic users have been known to develop severe depression, and this occasionally leads to the person developing suicidal tendencies. Physically, the taker may develop hives or minor rashes. It can compel an affected person to scratch regularly, especially when it comes to the nose. None of the direct effects is a threat to life; it is what people do because of conditions like depression that is the problem.

Palladone Addiction Treatment

An addiction to palladone is serious and needs treating immediately. Residential treatment is always the best option due to how easy it is to obtain this drug on the streets. These controlled facilities make sure cravings and withdrawal symptoms do not become an insurmountable problem. Carefully created counselling sessions enable patients to speak about their issues and take control of their lives once again. Seeking treatment in this manner empowers them to do more with their lives and leave the harmful effects of palladone behind them.


Panacet is one of the many brand names for the substance hydrocodone. Otherwise known as dihydrocodeinone, this semi-synthetic opioid comes from a combination of thebaine and codeine. It is taken orally in either tablet or capsule form, but there have been some products incorporating it into syrup forms.

The drug is often combined with other compounds like ibuprofen and paracetamol in order to pool its analgesic benefits. It makes it far more potent and enables the drug to target the body’s central systems more effectively. It is a substance that has changed in recent years because of fears over its addictive qualities, and the effects on people who abuse it.

Side Effects

Those who take panacet do so in order to experience the euphoric effect that comes from abusing the drug. Using this drug regularly opens up people to a whole host of side effects. These include very low blood pressure, drowsiness, a feeling of weakness, and nausea. They normally dissipate after just a few hours and cause no further problems.

Regularly using these drugs or taking them in too high doses can cause serious effects such as larynx spasms, collapsed lungs, and a dangerously low heartbeat. In products combining paracetamol, it can also cause liver damage due to the number of toxins entering the body.

Panacet Addiction Treatment

An addiction to panacet arises from deep-rooted issues in the affected individual’s past. Rehabilitation facilities seek to bring these issues to light through counselling and therapy. Dealing with their issues in a controlled drug rehabilitation facility means people can confront their pasts and learn to cope with them.

Counsellors look to implement important coping mechanisms that deal with the issue by nullifying addiction triggers. This approach is extremely effective and has had great success in bringing people away from their drug habits and into a clean and sober lifestyle.


PCP is the common abbreviation of the drug phencyclidine. Its chemical name is 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine and is known on the streets as wet or angel dust. It is a type of dissociative drug and is used as a recreational drug across the world. At one time, it was used as a form of anaesthetic, but it was soon displaced as new drugs were discovered.

Its favour amongst chronic drug abusers stems from its hallucinogenic effects. It is incredibly dangerous as an addictive drug as the impact of PCP lasts for a few hours, whereas the actual drug remains in the body for over a week. It means regular use can easily lead to additional damage.

Recreational users take PCP through ingestion, inhalation, or smoking.

Side Effects

The main side effect is hallucinations. These are desired by lots of people because of their seemingly ‘insightful’ experiences. They are not as potent as the hallucinations caused by PCP, but the duration of action makes it a highly prized substance.

Physically, the user may experience things like sweating, hot flushes, decreased sensitivity, a lack of coordination, and nausea. These pale in comparison to the mental effects where users can feel as if they are permanently drunk, invincible, and disconnected all at the same time. None of them causes any long-term damage to the body, but the danger people can find themselves in is what makes it so dangerous.

PCP Addiction Treatment

PCP treatment is about finding out what makes the drug so appealing to each patient. By finding out about each person’s experience, it is possible to develop a tailored treatment programme geared towards each individual. This enables therapists to uncover what caused the addiction, as well as the coping mechanisms that work best for each patient. Through residential treatment over a number of weeks, people begin to feel less dependent on the drug.


Pentobarbital, or pentobarbitone as its known, is a barbiturate that lasts for a short period of time for the purposes of anaesthesia and treating certain types of brain injury. This is an extremely dangerous drug due to its toxicity and potential for addiction. There have been a significant number of deaths because of abusing this drug.

The drug itself comes in its salt form. Its free acid form is rare and is seldom used either in medicine or for recreational purposes. The brand name for this drug, Nembutal, is easily recognisable with street dealers.

This drug has been noted for its ability to kill; and this was proven through its use in capital punishment in the US state of Texas.

Side Effects

Most users soon feel drowsy and dizzy after taking this drug. These persist for the following few hours before the taker returns to normal. Pentobarbital can cause some quite serious issues, however. Those who ingest it in high doses can find themselves feeling sluggish and confused. Cases of amnesia have also been present as well.

Overdosing has been known to kill, but the biggest threat is the development of depression. This depression can turn quite serious and some users have been known to attempt suicide.

Pentobarbital Addiction Treatment

An addiction to pentobarbital requires residential rehabilitation treatment immediately. The potency of the drug and the high risk of addiction and death mean a controlled environment is imperative for treatment. The biggest problem is getting over the withdrawal symptoms as they are powerful and regularly lead to people relapsing.

Through a combination of willpower, encouragement, and medications, users can get over the withdrawal symptoms and learn to deal with their cravings. Counselling helps patients deal with their issues and it is this that leads them to progressing into a clean and sober lifestyle.


Percocet is the main trade name for the combination drug consisting of oxycodone and paracetamol. It is created and marketed by Endo Pharmaceuticals and is used for the purposes of dealing with strong acute pain. Its extreme potency means that whilst it is effective at treating severe pain in the short-term, it is a high potential for addiction.

The danger comes primarily from the paracetamol substance. Taking over 3000 mg a day can quickly overwhelm the liver with toxins. It is not uncommon for this to happen, by either accident or choice. There have recently been a significant number of deaths in Ontario, Canada, and 400 Americans die each year from percocet drug abuse.

Side Effects

Most of the side effects from this substance do not cause any long-term damage to the body. They follow many other drugs in that they cause the taker to feel weak, nauseous, and faint. These effects usually persist for a few hours before disappearing. People soon begin to feel completely normal again.

As already mentioned, there is a high potential for liver failure because of the toxins from the paracetamol. Other major side effects also include depression, spasms of the larynx, collapsed lungs, and blood clots in the veins. These can easily kill and can cause long-term damage even if takers visit a hospital immediately.

Percocet Addiction Treatment

Percocet is a potent drug that requires immediate treatment. Since the potential for addiction is so high, residential rehabilitation is a necessity. The chances of relapse are high in anything other than inpatient treatment centres. Patients have full access to healthcare professionals who can provide one-to-one therapy. The main point of such treatment is about uncovering the triggers causing the addiction and nullifying them. Through this way, patients can successfully defeat their demons and leave their addictions behind.


Percodan is the trade name for the combination drug consisting of oxycodone and aspirin. Standard tablets, as marketed by Endo Pharmaceuticals, consist of 325 mg of aspirin and 4.8 mg of oxycodone. These are used to treat moderate to severe pain and have been noted as being extremely effective at doing so. It is a drug that has been used in the United States since 1950 and is therefore one of the most common drugs available; at one time it was one of the most widespread painkillers around.

The popularity of percodan declined with concerns over its effects on pregnant women. As of this writing, no consensus has been reached on its safety. On a side note, the potential for addiction has also been called into question.

Side Effects

The type of effects caused by percodan has been attributed as similar to morphine. The most common side effects include feeling faint, heartburn, stomach cramps, weakness, and an excessively low blood pressure. If any of these symptoms persist, however, it could lead to more long-term bodily damage.

More serious side effects have included a tinnitus, haemorrhaging in the skull, and blood clots. Mental conditions have also been worsened by high dosages of the drug, especially depression and anxiety.

Percodan Addiction Treatment

An addiction to percodan ideally needs treating within a residential drug rehab facility. It is difficult to treat outside of a residential facility because of how easy this prescription drug is to find. Instead, a residential facility offers a controlled environment whereby users can get away from their cravings via a mixture of counselling and therapy.

Healthcare practitioners opt for one-to-one counselling for the purposes of giving patients the chance to discuss their issues in a non-judgemental environment. What has been said influences which coping techniques counsellors teach. Over the years, this approach has been seen as particularly effective at treating both short-term and long-term dependencies.


Peyote is a type of spineless cactus native to both Texas and Mexico. The plant is easily identified by the pink flowers that bloom from March to May. The main harvesting area is the Chihuahuan Desert, but it is also found in San Luis Potosi and Coahuila. This psychoactive alkaloid derived from the plant plays a role in the creation of drugs like mescaline. It is also a drug that has been used widely for recreational reasons.

In the past, natives of North America used to use peyote for ritualistic purposes. Today, when used, it creates a problem for many doctors as it interferes with surgeries by increasing the heart rate and blood pressure.

Side Effects

This drug is categorically unsafe for use as the hallucinations it causes are extremely serious. Unlike LSD and other such hallucinogenic substances, these hallucinations often encourage users to participate in psychotic, homicidal, and suicidal behaviours. Unfortunately, this is where the main attraction lies for the majority of its users.

Other side effects include vomiting, paranoia, inability to keep emotions in check, and changes in vision.

It is rare for peyote to cause any direct long-term damage. The problems arise from the hallucinogenic behaviour as it often leads to people getting into difficult and dangerous substances.

Peyote Addiction Treatment

An addiction to peyote is relatively difficult to treat as traces of the substance tend to remain in the bloodstream for long periods of time. Many of the hallucinations experienced also cause significant trauma, which counsellors must work through with patients on a one-to-one basis.

Doctors allocate each new patient with a personalised care programme. This takes into account any special needs and ignores the fact the symptoms of the addiction could seem exactly the same. It is a more direct line of treatment and prevents anybody from being left behind. This methodology has yielded significant success over the years.



Phenobarbital is a type of barbiturate and is currently one of the most popular anticonvulsants in the world. It is the oldest barbiturate still used; the effects range from hypnosis to sedation. The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers this drug enormously important, and has listed it as an essential medicine for building a basic national healthcare system.

In the medical world, the drug is used to deal with tonic-clonic seizures. In more advanced countries, it has been largely supplanted by more advanced medicines, but it is still widely used in the treatment of neonatal seizures.

The potential for addiction is strong due to the euphoric feeling it offers and the relaxing benefits of the drug. Many chronic users do suffer from long-term damage, however.

Side Effects

The main side effects users feel is drowsiness and dizziness. The severity of these side effects varies depending on the type of user and the dosage. Some infrequent effects of this substance include the development of depression and confusion. If the individual is already suffering from mental health problems, they can become more severe.

Sometimes things can take a turn for the worst. Medical studies have revealed how chronic users have experienced amnesia, hepatitis because of allergic reactions, and extreme incoordination.

Phenobarbital Addiction Treatment

An addiction to phenobarbital requires urgent treatment due to the potential for long-term damage and further addiction. Many users often mix various prescription drugs together; therefore, drug rehabilitation begins by getting a clearer view of the patient’s issues. This also extends to their mental state and attempting to understand why they feel like they need to abuse their bodies in such a way.

The results from this one-to-one style have been very positive as patients feel like they can speak out about their issues without feeling silly or like they are being judged. Being able to do this encourages them to ignore their cravings and move forward with the treatment program.


Quaaludes is one of the brand names for the sedative and hypnotic drug methaqualone. It resembles barbiturates in a variety of ways, including the effects on the body. It depresses the central nervous system (CNS), and this is where it finds its use as a treatment for insomnia as well as for sedating aggressive or uncooperative patients in hospitals and mental health facilities.

In the 1970s, it was the sixth most popular sedative in the US, but it quickly declined in use when more effective sedatives hit the market. It is still produced underground for recreational use, and governments are still fighting a war to stop these underground manufacturers from smuggling their product around the world.

Side Effects

Euphoria is the main effect gained from taking quaaludes recreationally. The taker may also feel their heart rate drop, slower breathing, and increased sexual arousal. Many of these side effects also cause sweating and a feeling of dehydration as the body struggles to cool itself down.

Where this substance becomes particularly dangerous is when it is taken in large doses. In this case, the person could develop temporary photophobia, numbness in the fingers and toes, as well as complete respiratory depression. A small number of people have died from taking large amounts of this drug.

Quaaludes Addiction Treatment

Quaaludes is an extremely dangerous drug and requires immediate treatment. Many patients find themselves taking increasingly higher doses of the drug in an attempt to amplify the feeling of euphoria.

In order to help deal with the effects caused by an addiction to this drug, rehabilitation facilities give each person the attention they need and deserve. Private counselling means they can speak about their issues and receive knowledge of the coping techniques that can help them defeat their cravings and turn their lives around.


Revia is one of the trade names for the opioid receptor antagonist naltrexone. This is a drug primarily used to treat dependencies on opioids and alcohol. It is marketed in its hydrochloride salt form naltrexone hydrochloride. It is rare for people to find the pure form of naltrexone. Whilst the drug is normally taken orally, some blends allow it to be injected into the body.

This substance is addictive and has been known to cause problems for governments, which have been having issues with illegal production and smuggling. Addiction treatment centres also experience difficulties as this drug is often used to treat addictions, and therefore they have to segregate patients from their supplies carefully.

Side Effects

The side effects of this drug are nearly always severe. If taken alongside certain other opioid receptor antagonists it can cause severe acute pain, regardless of the dosage level. Most people tend to experience giant hives, joint pain, and muscle pain when they take this drug. The side effects are also caused in part by allergies. More severe side effects are nearly always the sign of an allergic reaction.

If users develop depression or notice any changes in their vision, they should seek immediate medical help.

Revia Addiction Treatment

As already mentioned, many clinics use Revia for the purposes of treating alcohol and opioid dependence. Residential rehab facilities allow professionals to regularly monitor patients to make sure they are not having any issues dealing with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The focus is on sweeping away the triggers that compels them to indulge in these drugs in the first place. Through private counselling and therapy sessions, they learn to cope with their issues and prevent them from becoming a major force in their lives. Over a course of a few weeks, patients gradually become more able to deal with their addictions.


Ritalin is a well-known psychostimulant drug primarily used for treating postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Sometimes known by its scientific name of methylphenidate, this drug has been heavily prescribed during its history; reaching a peak in the 1990s.

It works by helping to regulate the uptake of dopamine in the brain. This is how the person becomes relaxed and less excited. Many of its effects are similar in manner to cocaine, although ritalin remains in the body for longer. Just like cocaine, it is also addictive and the ease involved with obtaining ritalin makes it one of the most problematic prescription drugs for governments around the world.

Side Effects

Elevated blood pressure is one side effect of taking this drug. Increased heartbeat causes the person to feel paranoid and anxious for a few hours. Other side effects include upper abdominal pain, dry mouth, and insomnia. Many of these side effects require a visit to a doctor.

Chronic users have been known to develop dangerous conditions like angina. Sinus congestion and irritation are also common symptoms felt by chronic users. Allergic reactions can lead to the development of joint pain and fever.

Ritalin Addiction Treatment

An addiction to this substance needs treating in the controlled environment of a residential drug addiction treatment facility. By being treated in one of these facilities, patients have a much better chance of recovery as they will effectively be cut off from the plentiful supply of this drug. By reducing temptation in this manner, the chances of successfully curing the addiction increase.

Healthcare professionals use therapy as part of their treatment programmes. Patients usually respond much better when openly discussing their issues. Methods like these also target the source of the problem and ensure counsellors deal with the triggers causing the addiction impulse.


Rohypnol is perhaps the most well known date rape drug in the world. Scientifically known as flunitrazepam, this drug is a hypnotic and sedative substance that causes a person who has ingested it to pass out. Unsurprisingly, this is how it gained its infamy for date rape and as a recreational drug.

In the medical world, it is used as a short-term option for those suffering from extreme insomnia. It is also used to deal with chronic insomnia on an occasional basis. Most of the time, rohypnol is used in combination with a number of other drugs. Rarely is it used on its own in treatment.

Rohypnol an addictive substance but the symptoms of this addiction are generally not severe. The impact on the taker’s life is significant, though.

Side Effects

The side effects of rohypnol include feeling weak, confusion, drowsiness, and slurred speech. Generally, they all lead to the familiar effect of passing out and failing to remember what happened. The main danger of the drug is with what can happen afterwards. Many illicit raves in warehouses and abandoned industrial facilities have turned nasty because of this drug being slipped into people’s drinks.

The depth of sleep in long-term users has also been influenced by the consumption of this substance.

Rohypnol Addiction Treatment

Beating an addiction to rohypnol requires treatment in a certified treatment facility. As soon as the person is admitted to treatment, they are exposed to a comprehensive programme that takes into account their specific needs. This programme remains in force for the duration of their stay and changes according to the progress made by the individual.

This style of treatment has had spectacular effects on addictions as patients have reported how they have found it much easier to deal with their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The rate of relapse in people treated in this manner has also decreased since its inception.


Roxanol is one of the many trade names for the analgesic drug morphine. It is a potent opiate and has been used since the middle of the 19th century for alleviating pain. The drug is delivered via hypodermic needle and works to kill extreme acute pain. Even those with excruciating medical conditions can feel fine regardless of their current medical situation.

Morphine itself has been known for its addictive qualities, however. People who take morphine, whether it is recreational or not, can find themselves becoming physically and psychologically dependent over the next few months. It can appear in the following few days or pop up seemingly at random months later.

Side Effects

The side effects of the drug are, obviously, euphoria as this is the reason why people take it in the first place. Users have been known to experience lowered blood pressure and, leading on from this, a feeling of drowsiness. The euphoric feeling mixes with a drug-induced relaxed state and the taker can easily drift away if they let themselves go.

If someone takes a higher dosage, he or she could slip into a coma, experience hallucinations, or have with seizures. Chronic use has been known to lead to a loss of bone density because of decreased calcification.

Roxanol Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment for roxanol tends to take place within residential drug rehabilitation facilities because it is easier for people to find help for their cravings and impulse actions. Most drug rehabilitation facilities prefer not to use additional medications to treat cravings. Instead, they opt for private therapy where patients can discuss exactly what is wrong with them and why they feel the need to turn to drug abuse.

Often, by just offering a friendly ear, patients feel better equipped to defeat their addictions. Addiction facilities develop a personalized care plan in order to target each area of difficulty.


Roxicodone is one of the brand names for the oxycodone drug. This analgesic medication is derived from thebaine, which is harvested from the opium poppy. It was originally created in 1916 and soon became a medical opioid competing with the likes of codeine and morphine as a painkiller.

In the modern day, the roxicodone drug is used for moderate to severe pain relief. It is used primarily as a first-line treatment choice before morphine and codeine become viable options. Roxicodone is also an addictive drug used for recreational reasons. The ensuing euphoria often causes the person to use more of the drug, and this is where the problems start.

Side Effects

Low blood pressure and a seemingly permanent feeling of drowsiness is a common side effect associated with this substance. Sometimes the individual might also vomit or complain of generally not feeling well.

More serious side effects can develop if the person takes this drug regularly, and in high doses. Users have reported a decrease in their lung functions, bronchospasms, and blocked bowels. Sometimes hallucinations have also been known to develop. These issues usually require a visit to a medical professional in order to remedy.

Roxicodone Addiction Treatment

Roxicodone is a drug that requires treatment in an addiction treatment facility. Attempting to deal with these issues as an outpatient is not recommended, as roxicodone is relatively easy to find and causes extreme cravings. Within a controlled environment, the patient is free to cast off the shackles of their normal life and concentrate on getting better.

Healthcare practitioners always look to speak to patients on a one-to-one basis so they can better understand their issues. With this information, they create tailored healthcare treatment programs so residents have a clear direction in their recovery. The majority of people utilizing this style of treatment report positive results.


Ryzolt is one of the trademarks of the drug known by its scientific name of tramadol hydrochloride. It is an analgesic that acts centrally on the body to eliminate moderate pain. The drug is also used widely in the medical industry as a treatment option for motor neurone disease, restless legs syndrome, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis.

This is an addictive drug and its widespread availability means that it is not a difficult drug to find on the streets. The US has a particularly problematic illicit supply of this drug. Whilst it is a relatively weak analgesic, the euphoric effect combined with its availability translates to a high potential for addiction.

Side Effects

Ryzolt obviously has the euphoric effect that drives people towards addiction in the first place. Most side effects revolve around a feeling of dizziness. This feeling can become quite severe as it makes the person feel as if they are perpetually spinning and whirling around. Users might also experience issues with bowel movements and lung function. In the event of these side effects, it is vital to see a doctor.

More serious side effects include hives, excessive skin redness, bronchospasm, and high blood pressure whilst standing up. An adverse drug reaction may also contribute to the development of serotonin syndrome.

Ryzolt Addiction Treatment

It is strongly recommended that patients check in to residential drug rehabilitation treatment to help deal with any ryzolt addiction. Studies have shown how this is a far more effective method of treating an addiction than an outpatient programme. Within addiction treatment, healthcare practitioners work directly with patients on their issues. This form of tailored treatment has far greater success than other methods.

Therapists impart knowledge of coping techniques to patients, according to their specific needs. They use these techniques to suppress their cravings and reduce the chances of experiencing a drug relapse in the future.


Secobarbital is a drug marketed by the Eli Lilly and Company. It is an anaesthetic, sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant drug used around the world. It is derived from barbiturates and is used in calming patients down by directly attacking the central nervous system.

In clinical facilities this drug is used for the treatment of insomnia (on a temporary basis), epilepsy, and as an anaesthetic prior to surgery. In the case of its surgical uses, it is used in conjunction with other drugs.

The fact that it is a barbiturate means it is also something that has a high potential for addiction. Many users of prescription drugs for recreational purposes find that secobarbital gives a feeling of euphoria.

Side Effects

Users of this drug can expect to suffer from a form of somnolence as well as from impaired motor functions. These impaired motor functions include a lack of balance, coordination, and a perpetual feeling of dizziness. Mentally, the user can feel anxious and confused. The person may also exhibit signs of agitation and excitability.

More serious side effects involve vomiting and regular nightmares. The person may also abstain from touching people due to an increased sensitivity to pain. The confusion can occasionally lead to memory loss, although it is rare for this to happen. Any life-threatening dangers come in the form of the hazardous situations in which takers can find themselves.

Secobarbital Addiction Treatment

An addiction to secobarbital is best resolved within a residential rehabilitation facility. Patients have access to doctors on a 24-hour basis, which obviously helps in case of potential relapse. Healthcare practitioners make sure they are always available for the benefit of residents. Regular sessions of formal counselling also help with dealing with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. By uncovering the triggers and the reasons for these negative feelings, people can steadily overcome their demons.


Seconal is the brand name for the drug secobarbital. It’s a drug derived from barbiturates, which makes it effective at depressing the central nervous system. It was once a widely used drug, but after concerns were raised about its potency, the dosage saw a dramatic reduction. The reduction eventually led to other drugs succeeding it.

Seconal possesses four of the six characteristics found in medical drugs, namely hypnotic, anaesthetic, sedative, and anticonvulsant. The drug is mainly used for the treatment of insomnia and epilepsy as it calms the body down. Sometimes it is used as an anaesthetic for minor surgeries, in conjunction with other such drugs.

Side Effects

The side effects of this substance mainly focus on the physical state of the body. Most users feel drowsy and the effect of somnolence. Chronic users tend to suffer from a severe loss of motor skills, however. These motor skills include balance, coordination, and dizziness. In these cases, takers can find themselves in hospital because of getting into dangerous situations.

Other side effects alter the person’s mental state by causing anxiety, confusion, and even paranoia. These feelings tend to appear worse if the individual already suffers from certain mental problems, or if the dosage increases rapidly.

Seconal Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment for seconal mainly takes place within certified residential drug facilities. These centres have personnel who can monitor patients on a 24-hour basis. It allows those who are suffering to talk about their issues without being judged. It also means affected individuals do not have to fear relapse issues because there are medications and friendly ears whenever the withdrawal symptoms and cravings become too much.

Doctors treat each resident as an individual by offering a tailor-made care programme. They make sure each person has a program to meet their specific needs and requirements.


Soma is the trade name for a drug called carisoprodol. It is a drug that people should not confuse with the ritual drink brewed by certain sects of Hinduism, although this is quite addictive too. The drug acts centrally on the body as a muscle relaxant and therefore finds much use in the medical world as a way to treat temporary back pain.

It has been identified as a potential source of addiction, and many European countries have already suspended its use, or at least heavily restricted it. The European Union has released official directives and recommendations for how member states should approach the withdrawal of soma from the general marketplace.

Side Effects

The side effects of this substance are not particularly potent. Most people who take this drug begin to feel dizzy and somnolent. Sometimes people can experience headaches. Mainly, the side effect that people crave is the feeling of relaxation. People with insomnia or chronic pain sometimes seek out soma if they cannot find a legal alternative through their doctors.

The main danger comes in the form of allergic reactions. If someone has an allergic reaction, he or she will have to seek help from a qualified healthcare professional immediately. An individual suffering from an allergic reaction will display the relevant signs through worsening side effects, as well as problems with breathing.

Soma Addiction Treatment

An addiction to soma needs treating within a residential rehabilitation facility. Dealing with such challenging situations as an outpatient is not recommended due to the high probability of relapsing. Trained healthcare practitioners within these drug rehabilitation facilities know when to step in and how best to approach each person’s situation.

These facilities also offer additional life skills that help individuals through teaching specialist skills and offering life lessons relevant to their situations and their way of living. This helps for the future and increases the chances of long-term success.


Speed is a category of drug that can encompass both amphetamines and methamphetamines. It has gained the street name of ‘speed’ because of the feeling of euphoria and excitement acquired through taking the substance in heavy doses. Users tend to rush around and do multiple things at once.

These are psychostimulants and are often used as a performance enhancement drug within sports. There have been many issues with getting rid of it from sports and the streets. It is currently one of the most popular recreational drugs in the world. Some forms of speed can resemble prescription drugs, which makes it easy for contaminated batches to make it into the hands of unsuspecting people.

Side Effects

Speed has been known to increase focus for a short period of time. It also decreases the feeling of fatigue and supresses the appetite. This does not last long, however, and the person soon crashes. It tends to hit them hard and they begin to feel a multitude of negative feelings all at once.

Young users of the substance have been known to suffer from stunted growth. Psychosis is also a side effect found in people of all ages. Many criminals have committed crimes whilst under the influence of speed, and a lot of them fail to remember what they did during their period of intoxication.

Speed Addiction Treatment

An addiction to speed often arises because of deep-rooted psychological issues. A residential rehab facility can bring these issues to the surface and teach patients how to cope with their problems. Qualified therapists with a long track record of addiction treatment success impart the knowledge of crucial coping techniques to patients who use them to suppress cravings and avoid succumbing to the horror of withdrawal symptoms.

This approach has reported significant long-term success within rehabilitation facilities.


Steroids, or anabolic-androgenic steroids to give them their full names, are drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone in the body. When taken, the amount of protein within muscle cells increase. This is why users can appear so big and bulky, often to a point that is considered wholly unnatural.

Steroids were first created in the 1930s and originally saw use in the stimulation of bone growth and the inducement male puberty. These days they are used in the treatment of cancer and AIDS. Often they are used within the sports and bodybuilding arenas. They are extremely controversial and have been banned in most competitive circles.

Many people end up becoming addicted to the effects steroids bring.

Side Effects

The side effects suffered through excessive use of steroids can lead to a number of chronic issues. These also include death if the person overdoses or pushes the body well beyond its natural limits.

Side effects can also include high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, acne, liver damage as the body becomes unable to remove the toxins at a fast enough rate, and changes to the structure of the heart’s left ventricle. Anabolic steroids have also caused sexual problems within men because of hormone imbalances.

Steroids Addiction Treatment

Use of these drugs can soon spiral out of control and cause serious issues. It is not just an addiction to the drug itself people must watch for. It is an addiction to the effects of the drug. Many become obsessed with fitness and success, so it is hard for them to give it up. A residential addiction treatment facility can solve these issues through a comprehensive drug treatment programme.

Personalized care programs and healthcare professionals offering monitoring services enable patients to take control of their lives and avoid the horror of withdrawal symptoms and the effects of endless cravings.


Stilnox is one of the brand names for the zolpidem drug. It’s a prescription medication mainly used for treating certain brain disorders and insomnia. It is generally a short-acting drug as it kicks in within 15 minutes and dissipates from the body within a few hours. Whilst it can act as a muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant, the doses are too high for it to be considered effective. These high doses (10-20 times higher than sedation levels) are more likely to induce harmful side effects.

It has been known to cause addiction, but it is not an easy drug to find as it is only prescribed for a small number of disorders.

Side Effects

The main reason people take the drug is to experience the hallucinations caused by ingesting excessive doses of the substance. These hallucinations also cause a mild feeling of euphoria, which enhances the feeling of taking a dose of zolpidem. Side effects that are more serious include amnesia, and this amnesia only gets worse with higher doses.

Some people have reported feeling extremely restless and the inability to control their own behaviour. These compulsive effects make stilnox an extremely dangerous drug to take illicitly.

Stilnox Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment for stilnox always targets the triggers of the addiction. These triggers often result from traumatic experiences in the affected person’s past. Professional counsellors and therapists work to bring these issues to the surface through regular counselling sessions where patients are encouraged to speak about the issues affecting them.

Doctors work alongside patients to develop a personalised care programme that dictates exactly how they are treated. Using this programme allows each person to have his or her needs met in the best possible manner. It ensures the highest chance of success because it gives them a release from their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


Sublimaze is a brand name for the drug fentanyl. This is a potent analgesic that provides rapid pain relief for a short period of time. It is mainly used in the medical world to treat breakthrough pain, whilst also acting as a pain reliever during pre-procedures. Doctors have also used the drug as an anaesthetic alongside benzodiazepine.

The substance is more than one hundred times more potent than morphine. In total, 100 micrograms of the drug equals a total of 10mg of morphine. It is rarely used for general pain relief due to the problems caused by its side effects, as well as the risk of accidental overdose.

Recreational drug use has led to a number of fatalities over the years.

Side Effects

Immediate side effects include drowsiness and light-headedness. Higher doses can lead to a feeling of weakness and fatigue. At the same time, the drug can make the person feel elated and excited, which nearly always encourages them to continue taking the drug.

More serious side effects commonly arise when users take sublimaze with alcohol, or they suffer from an allergic reaction. Severe effects can include anything from dry mouth to problems urinating. If the taker has issues with breathing, they should seek medical help immediately as this can ultimately lead to death.

Sublimaze Addiction Treatment

Sublimaze is a drug often taken alongside other prescription drugs. The first thing involved in treatment is tailoring a treatment programme to the individual based on their specific vices. This programme is then used during counselling sessions where patients discuss their issues and what caused them initially to turn towards illicit drug use.

During counselling, therapists impart the knowledge of the various coping mechanisms needed to successfully overcome any cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Patients report significant results from this method of approaching a sublimaze addiction.


Suboxone is the brand name for the semi-synthetic opioid buprenorphine. It is used in a wide variety of medical fields and is one of the most essential drugs within national healthcare systems. At higher doses, it is used within drug rehabilitation facilities as an opioid addiction treatment. Of course, in this situation the use of such a drug is heavily controlled and only used in very specific circumstances.

Most of the time, suboxone is used as an analgesic drug. Moderate chronic pain is treated through administering the drug over the course of a number of hours.

The drug can also be used recreationally and this can lead to addiction. Users can take it orally, transdermally, or via hypodermic needle.

Side Effects

The side effects of the drug are significant and can lead to death if not treated quickly. Quite common effects include backache, depression, infections, and general pain. These often become more intense as the dosage increases.

Since it is a highly toxic substance, suboxone has been known to cause liver problems, noticeable by jaundice of the eyes and skin. If left untreated it can lead to complete liver failure. Liver disease can also lead to acute renal failure and abscesses. Individuals with these symptoms should visit a hospital immediately.

Suboxone Addiction Treatment

The treatment of an addiction to this drug is tricky because of its use within drug rehabilitation environments. Doctors monitor patients with an addiction to suboxone and keep any supplies of this drug well away from them. They know how serious an addiction to this substance can get, therefore a tailored treatment programme and regular counselling sessions serve as a distraction from cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Occasionally, doctors may use counterdrugs to help chronic users and those who are struggling to turn their minds away from the desire to use drugs.


Subutex is a brand name for the buprenorphine drug. This semi-synthetic opioid primarily sees use in the field of opioid addiction treatment. Moderate pain also sees treatment in regular doses within hospital environments. The drug is mainly used in conjunction with comprehensive care plans encompassing other drugs. It is available in tablet, transdermic, and injection forms.

There have been a number of fatalities in recent years due to recreational use of this substance. Additional controls have been implemented for the purposes of reducing the number of people becoming addicted to it. Unfortunately, much of it has not worked and drug rehabilitation facilities regularly admit people struggling to deal with these addictions.

Side Effects

Users of this drug have reported significant issues with the side effects. The most notable effect is obviously the euphoria. This is the reason why people take the drug in the first place. The most common negative side effect is depression. Those who already have depression have reported how the effects tend to worsen.

People have a tendency to to display symptoms of sweating, nausea, and infrequent bowel movements at lower doses.

Heavier doses can lead to death. Problems with breathing and the liver becoming unable to successfully filter out the toxins can lead to a complete breakdown of the human body.

Subutex Addiction Treatment

Drug rehabilitation facilities take a more diplomatic approach to matters. Rather than simply administering a drug to clear up the problem, they speak to patients. Residents within drug addiction treatment centres are free to speak openly and honestly about the problems they are facing. Counsellors encourage them to mix with other residents and draw support from their new surroundings.

Healthcare professionals do everything they can to uncover the addiction triggers and to teach the coping mechanisms necessary to avoid succumbing to the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with subutex addiction.


Symtan is a brand name for the drug dihydrocodeinone. This semi-synthetic opioid is taken orally and acts as an antitussive and analgesic narcotic. It is regularly used within clinical environments and pharmaceutical manufacturers frequently combine it with drugs such as ibuprofen and paracetamol. The drug itself is derived from the opium poppy from where thebaine and codeine are harvested. These are combined together to create symtan, which comes in syrup, capsule, and tablet forms.

Concerns over the role of paracetamol within the blend and other such drugs have prompted changes in the way pharmaceutical companies market the drug. The implementation of time-released formulas has helped immensely in the battle against addiction.

Side Effects

The side effects of this substance mainly include a feeling of drowsiness and light-headedness. The feeling of elation common with many drugs is the desired result for takers. Other less desired side effects include nausea, sweating, vomiting, and nightmares.

At higher doses, symtan can cause takers to feel anxious and lethargic. Allergic reactions can also lead to blood disorders and an elevated heartbeat. Sometimes it can cause death through respiratory depression. In the event of any of these serious side effects, it is wise to seek medical help.

Symtan Addiction Treatment

An addiction to symtan warrants an immediate stay within residential drug addiction treatment. These facilities house experienced healthcare professionals who regularly help people with curing their addictions. The main order of business is to create a tailored and flexible healthcare programme. This sees use in determining schedules and how best to deal with a person’s specific issues.

Patients regularly undergo therapy to help bring many difficult issues to the surface. By uncovering the triggers causing compulsive drug abuse, individuals feel less of a need to continue partaking in such a dangerous and life-changing habit.


Temesta is the brand name for the high-potency drug lorazepam. It possesses all six effects possible in a benzodiazepine substance and works in the medical world to treat many conditions. It is a short-acting drug and works by targeting the central nervous system.

In the short-term, doctors use the drug for the treatment of acute seizures, anxiety, status epilepticus, and insomnia. It is also used within mental health facilities to sedate patients who become angry of aggressive.

Most of the drug’s notoriety comes from its recreational use. It causes the development of a number of chronic issues at higher doses, and these have been known to ruin people’s lives.

Side Effects

Regular use of temesta leads to the development of cognitive impairments, benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, and addiction. For the majority of people, the cognitive impairment is not significant, but sometimes it can lead to anxiety, seizures, and psychosis. This is why doctors only use it on very rare occasions.

More serious side effects caused by addiction include paradoxical effects such as regular seizures and overexcitement. Patients have also reported how they have developed a form of amnesia called anterograde amnesia where they also begin to forget their sense of time and space.

Temesta Addiction Treatment

Temesta is a drug that has caused its fair share of fatalities. Checking into a rehab clinic is essential for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms. Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome requires very specific treatments. 24-hour monitoring works well in both administering the necessary treatments and ensuring patients do not relapse. Rehab clinics have achieved remarkable things and the rate of relapse in facilities that work to do this is much lower.

Doctors also work to make sure patients can mix with other residents and draw support from their counselling sessions. Added support is the key to treating an addiction to temesta.


Tramadol, or tramadol hydrochloride to give it its full name, is an analgesic that acts on the central nervous system. It has a wide range of applications within the medical world and has been used heavily since it was first created in Germany back in 1977. The drug works by binding to opioid receptors in the body and encouraging the release of large amounts of serotonin.

The drug is used in treating serious diseases such as restless legs syndrome, fibromyalgia, motor neurone disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Commercially, it is found in many painkillers due to its effectiveness at curing moderate and severe pain.

Side Effects

The side effects of this substance are severe and can lead to life-changing complications. One of the most common side effects is actually a decrease in lung function. This is why doctors never prescribe this drug to those who have had breathing problems in the past. Other common side effects include rare bowel movements and a perpetual feeling of the world is spinning or whirling.

Whilst allergic reactions cause significant effects, simply taking the drug in high doses can cause serious problems. These include suffering from hallucinations, seizures, involuntary quivers, fainting spells, and giant hives. Fatalities have also been noted because of breathing problems.

Tramadol Addiction Treatment

The side effects of tramadol mean that it is vital patients check-in to a residential drug rehab clinic immediately. Doctors monitor patients to make sure nothing goes wrong, as well as knowing when to check them into a hospital if required. These controlled environments provide a welcome relief from the outside world.

They also develop personalised care programmes so that each patient can have their specific needs and requirements taken care of in the most efficient and effective way. Results have been extremely positive from this standpoint.



Tramal is the original brand name for what is now known as tramadol. Tramadol hydrochloride, to give it its full name, is an analgesic that acts centrally on the body to treat moderate pain. The drug is widespread and hospitals use it constantly to treat conditions such as restless legs syndrome, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis.

The widespread availability of this drug means that it isn’t difficult for people to get a hold of it illicitly. It is a regular occurrence for drug rehabilitation facilities to admit people who have used tramal as part of their cocktail of prescription drug addiction.

Side Effects

Tramal is a highly toxic drug that causes all manner of side effects. This is why doctors prefer using other drugs unless they have no other option. The main side effect of using this drug is a significant decrease in lung function. In other words, this can lead to respiratory problems that eventually lead to death. The individual also tends to feel as if their world is spinning uncontrollably. The loss of coordination skills is serious and has led to many older patients suffering from hip fractures due to falls.

When used in high doses, the user can feel euphoria. This lasts for a relatively short period of time and nearly always leads to yearnings for a higher dosage.

Tramal Addiction Treatment

Someone who is addicted to tramal should seek help from a residential drug rehabilitation facility immediately. The nature of these side effects means takers are putting themselves in significant danger. In the facilities, doctors can take control and give residents the personal attention they need in order to beat their devastating cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

This personal attention can encourage people to open up about their issues, and this ultimately brings them closer to defeating their addictions for good.


Triazolam is a benzodiazepine drug possessing most of the pharmacological properties of other prominent benzodiazepines. Due to these properties, the drug is used for treating a range of conditions, from insomnia to jetlag. The main properties of the drug include anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, amnesic, and muscle relaxants. This is the reason why some doctors use it as a sedative prior to surgery, although it is nearly always used alongside other medications.

There has been some concern over the side effects of triazolam in recent years. Clinical studies have revealed how the drug exacerbates certain mental problems, such as psychosis. This has led to governments imposing stricter guidelines on its use.

Side Effects

The side effects of this drug are a serious cause for concern. The most common side effects include coordination problems, dizziness and somnolence, and a constant feeling of light-headedness. These do not directly affect the body in a negative way. The danger comes from what people can do if they are out in public. It is not uncommon for people under the influence to damage themselves because of inappropriate actions.

Less common side effects causes long-term problems like depression. Users have also been known to suffer from memory impairment, visual changes, and pain.

Triazolam Addiction Treatment

Patients might think that there is no way out of an addiction, but drug rehabilitation centre can help immensely. These centres have all the tools needed to beat an addiction successfully through a range of therapy and counselling. Therapy sessions consist of trying to learn the root cause of the triggers causing the addiction. Revealing these issues is vital to curing the problem and removing the triggers for drug abuse in the first place.

Over the course of weeks and months in treatment, patients learn about the coping techniques needed to turn their lives around and abstain from using drugs.



Tussionex is a brand name for the drug hydrocodone. It is a semi-synthetic opioid, the effects of which come from its two natural active ingredients of thebaine and codeine. It is an orally active analgesic and antitussive drug. It is also regularly used as a prescription drug, including being one of the most popular drugs in America at one point. The drug is available in syrup, capsule, and tablet forms.

Most of the time, tussionex is combined with other drugs such as ibuprofen and paracetamol in order to make it more potent. Concerns have been raised about the amount of paracetamol within these drugs and the potential for addiction.

Side Effects

The main concern has been liver damage because of ingesting too much paracetamol. Luckily, this side effect is rare and only occurs if the person overdoses. The main issues associated with use of tussionex are low blood pressure, drowsiness, thick lung secretions, and a constant feeling of weakness. These side effects can obviously cause severe disruption to users’ lives.

Clinical studies have revealed how some users have experienced hallucinations. Users who reach this stage tend to also have issues with elevated heart rate and blood pressure, as well as notable increases in spinal fluid pressure. Chronic users have been known to suffer from depression.

Tussionex Addiction Treatment

Tussionex is a drug that causes serious damage if patients do not target their addictions within a short period of time. Drug rehabilitation centres help by trying to limit cravings through a cocktail of counterdrugs and therapy. Counselling also helps to bring out the major issues influencing the addiction.

These approaches have demonstrated extremely positive outcomes and have succeeded in helping people completely transform their lives for the better. Doctors have noted that it can take months and even years to defeat a tussionex addiction successfully.


Tylox is a brand name for the combination drug consisting of paracetamol and oxycodone. This is a prescription drug used to relieve moderate-to-severe acute pain. Endo Pharmaceuticals produce and market the drug worldwide.

The potential for addiction is high primarily due to the presence of paracetamol within the drug combination. Concerns have been raised about the amount of paracetamol in each dosage, as well as the increasing number of fatalities as a direct result of liver disease caused by the paracetamol. This drug is widespread and is therefore easy to find on the streets.

Side Effects

Tylox shares many of the same side effects as high doses of paracetamol. Most notably, these side effects include lowered blood pressure, feeling of faintness, a loss of coordination, and nausea. If any of these side effects worsen, it can be a sign of serious problems and people should seek out medical help immediately. Most of the time, this occurs because of an allergic reaction.

Liver damage is the main threat of taking large doses of this drug. If someone ingests over 3000mg of paracetamol each day, the liver will struggle to filter out and deal with the toxins. Once it becomes overwhelmed, it is prone to long-term damage and total failure. This is where most of the fatalities associated with this drug emanate from.

Tylox Addiction Treatment

An addiction to tylox can completely ruin a person’s life. This is why a drug rehabilitation centre is the correct option for tackling this addiction. Rehab enables people to speak confidently about some of the deep personal issues affecting them in a controlled environment. By speaking to therapists, it helps to reveal and uncover the triggers that originally led to the addiction.

Furthermore, these centres provide many opportunities to mix with people who are going through the same problems. Such a community is vital in offering the support needed to overcome addiction demons.


Ultram is a brand name in the United States for tramadol hydrochloride. This analgesic acts on the body by directly attacking the receptors in the central nervous system. Within the medical world, the drug is used to treat both moderate and severe pain, which has meant that it has found use in a variety of fields. Healthcare practitioners have used it as part of motor neurone disease and rheumatoid arthritis treatments.

The potential for addiction is high and tramadol ingestion has been found to be a contributing factor in a significant number of fatal cases. It is not necessarily life threatening on its own, but when combined with other drugs it can be deadly.

Side Effects

Most of the side effects of tramadol centre on a lack of coordination skills. Users tend to feel dizzy when standing up. At higher doses, patients have even been known to feel as if they are whirling or spinning. Takers also report feelings of nausea and feel the need to vomit, even though they physically cannot.

Side effects from higher doses include blurred vision, itching, and an inability to empty the bladder. If the latter occurs, it could cause the body to break down unless a medical professional steps in as fast as possible. Mentally, chronic users may develop depression and a form of mild amnesia.

Ultram Addiction Treatment

Ultram is a drug with a high potential for addiction. It has also played its role in a number of drug-related fatalities. Going into a residential rehabilitation facility offers a new environment free of temptation.

Rehab centres offer a place to delve into any issues in an honest and open way, which is precisely why the large majority of patients come out of them with a new sense of hope. The lessons learned in these centres play a big part in curing an addiction in the long-term.


Valium is the most common brand name for the benzodiazepine drug diazepam. Created by Hoffman-La Roche, it possesses all six of the common properties of benzodiazepines. Unsurprisingly, it has risen to become one of the most common prescription drugs in the world, which has also led, unsurprisingly, to a high rate of addiction.

In the medical world, the drug is used for treating conditions such as restless leg syndrome as well as issues such as panic attacks, seizures, muscle spasms, and anxiety. Because valium possesses all six benzodiazepine properties, it is an essential drug within the medical world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has it listed as one of the essential drugs needed to create a basic national healthcare system.

Side Effects

Valium causes significant side effects at all doses. It can cause anterograde amnesia at lower and higher doses. This is a serious form of amnesia where the person loses track of time and forgets where they are. Other effects include a feeling of constant excitement, rage, and seizures. Those with pre-existing medical conditions should not take valium because it can worsens the symptoms of these conditions.

In the long-term, complete addiction and dependence to the drug is a very real possibility. It is particularly difficult to get over an addiction to this drug because the cognitive effects do not dissipate for at least six months.

Valium Addiction Treatment

Valium addictions may require medical intervention for extended period due to the substance’s longevity in the body. Rehab treatment centres are also a crucial factor for beating a valium addiction. In these centres, therapists can communicate with patients on a one-to-one basis in order to try to understand the triggers that caused the prescription drug addiction. Therapy helps patients by bringing many difficult issues to the surface.

It is also encouraging because the coping techniques taught to patients give them hope and a way out of their current lifestyles. Thousands of patients who enter these centres with valium addictions leave with a new life each year.


Vicodin is a brand name for the combination drug consisting of paracetamol and hydrocodone. It is one of the most widely used drugs in the world, with 136 million prescriptions filed each year in the United States alone. The drug is used to treat moderate to severe pain and is nearly always available in tablet form.

Unfortunately, the drug is directly accredited to around 400 deaths and 42,000 hospitalisations each year due to overdosing. Changes to the vicodin formula after being briefly taken off the shelves have changed the potency levels of the drug, but it is still addictive and thousands of people enter drug rehab to rid themselves of this crippling addiction each year.

Side Effects

The side effects of vicodin vary wildly. The most common signs of an overdose are an upset stomach and a perpetual feeling of nausea. Changes in mental state and a loss of coordination are common, but none of these is directly life threatening.

Major issues stem from allergic reactions and when mixing the drug with alcohol. Some side effects include jaundice, seizures, hot flushes, a change in sex drive, and hearing loss. If any of these occur then it is vital the affected individual seeks help from a medical professional immediately.

Paracetamol has also been known to cause irreversible liver damage if the dosage is over 3000mg.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Treating vicodin addiction immediately is vital. Entering a drug rehab facility helps because therapists can offer 24-hour monitoring for patients. Defeating the cravings is the hardest part of dealing with a vicodin addiction, but rehab staff can use a combination of counterdrugs and counselling to help people.

Professional counsellors can try to look for the triggers that caused the original addiction. The lessons learned here can completely transform people’s lives.


Vicoprofen is a combination drug consisting of ibuprofen and hydrocodone. This analgesic acts on a short-term medication during therapy to reduce and remove pain. These days it is mainly used as an alternative to Vicodin, which has been experiencing problems with the regulators because of a high number of drug-related deaths.

This drug is considered much safer due to the fact it that does not contain paracetamol, and it is becoming more widespread in its use. Although the popularity of the substance continues to increase, it is still a dangerous drug with a high risk of addiction. The widespread availability of it makes it a regular cause of prescription drug addictions.

Side Effects

The side effects are similar to most hydrocodone-based drugs. The majority of people report suffering from an upset stomach, nausea, constipation, and drowsiness. These rarely worsen and appear in the majority of patients.

Affected individuals take vicoprofen for its feeling of elation when taken at higher doses. Dependence and tolerance nearly always leads to complete and total addiction.

At higher doses, this drug can cause serious liver disease; a small number of deaths have occurred as a direct result of vicoprofen-related liver disease. Other symptoms at higher doses include darkened urine, consistent vomiting, jaundice, and abdominal pain. Consult a doctor as soon as possible if any of these problems appear.

Vicoprofen Addiction Treatment

Addiction to this drug requires urgent medical treatment before it begins to spiral out of control. What a residential rehabilitation facility can offer is a complete healthcare programme that takes into account the specific needs and requirements of patients. Regular monitoring from healthcare professionals ensures patients are never in danger. If there is a problem, they can transfer them to a hospital at a moment’s notice.

These addiction treatment programs keep patients safe whilst working to cure the issues and triggers affecting their lives and causing the addiction.


Vivitrol is a brand name for the naltrexone drug. It’s a widely used drug used for the treatment of alcohol and opioid dependencies. Many addiction treatment facilities use this drug to help their patients who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms and violent cravings.

Commercially, it is marketed in its hydrochloride salt form, known as naltrexone hydrochloride. Despite the fact that it is marketed as a drug used to cure addiction, it has caused addiction itself as well. Some people do not respond well to this substance and use it instead for its effects of elation and euphoria as a response to this.

Side Effects

People who take vivitrol do not have to deal with major side effects at lower doses. These minor effects include things like itching, nausea, and a feeling of weakness. The lasting feeling of euphoria is why people take it. The body soon becomes tolerant to the dosage, though, so users need to keep taking higher doses to maintain the feeling of elation.

More severe side effects change the way the body works. One way in which it does this is by increasing the metabolic compound found within muscles. Users have also developed diseases such as cellulitis and hepatitis.

Vivitrol Addiction Treatment

Treating an addiction to vivitrol requires a stay in a residential addiction treatment centre, the main reason being because of the easy availability of the drug on the streets. The temptation is nearly always too much to handle in the real world. Furthermore, these facilities bring the issues that triggered the addiction in the beginning to the surface. By learning to cope with these issues, the cravings lessen.

Doctors work on a one-to-one basis with patients in rehab to ensure that these patients are being listened to and that they have the time they need to respond to counselling.


Xanax is a trade name for the drug alprazolam. It is one of the most prescribed drugs in the United States due to its short-acting anxiolytic effects. The drug is used alongside a variety of other psychoactive drugs when used for treating social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and generalised anxiety disorder. Xanax also possesses all six common benzodiazepine properties.

This short-acting drug is heavily used by chronic abusers due to the quick hit it offers. In the medical world, it is normally used alongside a variety of other drugs as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to treat the above-mentioned conditions. As it is so widespread in the medical world, it can also be found in large quantities on the streets.

Side Effects

Side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, loss of coordination skills, lowered energy levels, and affected libido. These effects do not cause too many issues, but it is easy to become dependent on the feeling of elation and the buzz gained from taking gradually higher doses.

Someone who decides to take xanax in exceedingly high doses can expect to be at risk from seizures, giant hives, liver problems, and suffering from extreme emotions. Many of these problems are long-term issues that can cause permanent damage to the body.

Xanax Addiction Treatment

It is tricky to treat an addiction to xanax as many people initially come into contact with it after being prescribed the drug for a genuine medical condition. If patients still suffer from this medical condition, it is up to the addiction treatment facility to find alternative substances and to manage the effects of both withdrawal and the existing mental conditions at the same time.

Healthcare practitioners might also decide to combine therapy for both mental health and addiction issues. These often interconnect and can help patients overcome both of these crippling conditions at the same time.


Xodol is another name for dihydrocodeinone. This semi-synthetic opioid is an orally active analgesic used in combination with a variety of other compounds like ibuprofen and paracetamol. It is derived from two opiates, codeine, and thebaine. This is a highly potent drug and concerns have been raised in recent years over its connection with liver problems.

For pain control, xodol targets the central nervous system and binds to pain receptors. Unfortunately, if the dosage is too high a great many side effects occur. The liver damage is serious and the drug has been involved in a number of high-profile fatalities. It has led to the development of a time-release capsule in order to control the dosage exposed to the body.

Side Effects

Most of the side effects related to use of xodol resemble those of paracetamol and other such opioids. These include constipation, dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness. This lack of coordination skills make it vital for users to avoid being out and about when under the influence.

Some serious side effects develop at higher doses. Those who take these drugs risk fainting, seizures, and shallow breathing. The symptoms of drowsiness can also spiral out of control to leave the taker having problems with waking up. Find medical attention immediately if this is the case because it could indicate serious damage.

Xodol Addiction Treatment

A xodol addiction can cause severe damage to the body. A few weeks in residential drug rehabilitation is the best answer due to the 24-hour presence of healthcare professionals. Trained counsellors work directly with patients and speak with them about the issues concerning them. Over time, they bring these problems to the surface and help them to live and cope with the trauma. This is the key step in treating an addiction because it eliminates the trigger causing the compulsive drug taking.


Zolpidem is a prescription medication given by doctors to help deal with brain disorders and insomnia. The drug possesses hypnotic properties that cause it to bind to specific receptors in the body. It is a short-acting drug, but its effects have been known to last for up to 12 hours.

The dangers of the drug have been highlighted by a recent decision to cut the recommended dosage as the number of car accidents caused by morning drowsiness had increased. The hypnotic effects, as well as the associated hallucinations, are the sort of thing that has been sought after by drug users since the substance first appeared on the market.

Side Effects

The main side effects of this substance have been hallucinations and amnesia. The hallucinations resemble those experienced from common hallucinogens like LSD. Nevertheless, the amnesia is an unfortunate side effect of these high dosages. The amnesia is not permanent, but it has been known to cause serious issues in the short-term.

Other common side effects include nausea, dizziness, delusions, and headaches. Some people have also reported strange thought patterns, where their minds appear to work in an entirely different way. The danger of zolpidem comes from the potential for external injury whilst under the influence.

Zolpidem Addiction Treatment

Treating an addiction to zolpidem will always require a brief stint at residential drug rehabilitation. Therapists help by uncovering the issues that initially led to the addiction. No patient has to reveal anything he or she does not want to, but counsellors encourage them to speak. The value of being able to reside in one of these facilities comes from the various support options available. As well as this, mixing with people who are going through the same problems is vital for patients looking to rebuild their lives.

This sort of lifestyle has yielded dramatic results in long-term abstention from zolpidem.


Zydone is the name of a semi-synthetic opioid crafted by combining the naturally occurring opiates thebaine and codeine. The name is actually a brand name for the chemical compound known as dihydrocodeinone. It is administered to patients orally through tablet, syrup, and capsule forms. This is a common prescription drug found throughout most of the world.

Zydone is also a drug vital to the building of an efficient healthcare system, as it acts as both an antitussive and analgesic. The potency of the drug varies depending on whether the blend uses ibuprofen or paracetamol as its combination ingredient.

Side Effects

Clinical studies have raised concern over the power of zydone. There have been a number of drug-related deaths because of the high levels of paracetamol within the blend. This causes liver damage by overwhelming the organ’s ability to successfully filter out the toxins.

Most of its conventional side effects fall in line with the majority of opioids. The most obvious sign of zydone addiction is abnormally low blood pressure. Users also tend to feel nauseous and dizzy. This lack of coordination often leads to people getting into accidents.

Some of the more severe side effects include an increase in spinal fluid pressure, depression, and a perpetual ringing in the ears. If any of these symptoms appear, find medical attention immediately.

Zydone Addiction Treatment

A zydone addiction causes serious issues with people’s lives. Attempting to deal with it personally is not recommended due to the temptations around the affected person. As such, a residential drug rehabilitation facility would be the best option for affected individuals.

Therapists create personalised care programmes geared towards the individual’s needs. This approach helps patients recover as it focuses on them and their needs, and tries to find the triggers that actually caused the addiction initially. Through this style of treatment, the numbers of people successfully recovering from their addictions have increased.

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