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The Pros of Going to Rehab Outweigh the Cons

The decision to go to rehab is usually not one that is taken lightly. This is a significant commitment of time and energy, and unless you are entitled to state-funded treatment, it will be a financial commitment as well. There is also the reality that it just doesn’t sound that appealing to spend a long time living with strangers in a place where your movements will be governed by many rules. The truth is though, that the pros of going to rehab far outweigh the cons, so this is definitely an option you will want to consider.

Do You Need to Go to Rehab?

Before we move onto the pros and cons of rehab, it is probably worthwhile considering if this is an option you actually need to consider. If you find it easy to quit alcohol or drugs, and you have no problems staying stopped, it may be the case that you do not actually need this type of treatment. If you meet any of the following criteria though, it may be the best option for you:

  • you are able to stop drinking or taking drugs but you find it hard to stay stopped
  • you find it hard to imagine how you will be able to cope without alcohol or drugs
  • you have been involved in substance abuse for many years, and you can’t remember what it was like to survive without these substances
  • you find it hard to deal with stress, and this is a trigger that encourages you to turn to alcohol or drugs
  • you use these substances to help you deal with some hidden trauma
  • when you try to quit your drug of choice, you almost automatically turn to new maladaptive behaviours
  • you struggle with withdrawal symptoms, and you are at high risk of relapsing before you make it through this period
  • you feel that you are lacking support, and this will get in the way of your escaping addiction.

The Cons of Going to Rehab

Now that we have established your need to go to rehab, it will be helpful to consider the disadvantages of taking this step. It is important to consider both the pros and cons before you commit to this path. The main disadvantages with this choice include:

  • it is probably going to cost you money to go to rehab
  • you may have to take time off work in order to enter this programme
  • if you have children, you will need to be away from them for the duration of the treatment – if you are their main caregiver, you will need to arrange for somebody else to take care of them
  • you may be worried about the social stigma of going to rehab – although there is no real reason why you can’t go anonymously
  • when you enter rehab, you will be expected to live by the rules of the facility
  • you may be expected to stay within the grounds of the rehab for the full course of your treatment
  • you will not be free to come and go as you please
  • you may have to share a room with a complete stranger – although you will likely get your own room if you go private
  • you will be expected to participate fully in the programme.

The Pros of Going to Rehab

The cons of going to rehab might have you thinking that this isn’t such a great treatment option at all. The pros of making this choice though are:

  • the money you spend on rehab is like an investment, and by breaking away from addiction you easily get back any money spent (e.g. the savings you make from no longer buying alcohol or drugs)
  • rehab will provide you with a solid foundation for your recovery
  • it will greatly increase your chances of achieving long term sobriety
  • you will be supported through the detox stage of your recovery
  • you will be surrounded by other people who will be on a common path – you will be able to support and encourage one another
  • therapists will help you dig down to the root causes of your behaviour
  • during your stay in this facility, you will be protected from temptation
  • you will have a chance to develop effective coping strategies to help you deal with the challenges that are likely to come your way in recovery
  • you will learn about things like relapse triggers and the relapse process
  • you will be given a programme that will allow you to find success in your new life
  • you will have the chance to pick up many life skills that you may have missed out on because of your years caught up in substance abuse
  • there is plenty of fun in rehab
  • you will feel like part of a community that shares a common goal
  • you will have access to all the resources you need to find success in recovery.

Pros of Rehab Outweigh the Cons

When you look at the pros of rehab, you can easily see that these outweigh the cons. This path can provide you with the best chance of breaking free from addiction forever. There may be some discomforts associated with staying in this type of community, but the benefits of the programme make it more than worthwhile. By choosing a private rehab facility, you can also eliminate many of these discomforts.

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