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Recent Suicide Attempt by Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is fifteen years of age, and the daughter of one of the most famous US celebrities of all time. There are probably many people who would envy her situation, but the reality is that she is a very troubled young woman. Her father, Michael Jackson, died of a drug overdose in 2009, and this seems to be something that she continues to struggle with. Recently she was rushed to the same facility where her father died after she tried to take her own life.

What Drove Paris Jackson to Attempt Suicide?

When the paramedics arrived at the home of Paris Jackson, she was unconscious but still breathing. She had made a serious attempt to end her life by cutting her arm with a kitchen knife and taking a drug overdose. Paris lives with her grandmother and brothers, but it is believed that she called the emergency services herself before losing consciousness. Luckily, she was able to receive appropriate medical attention, and it is not believed that she has suffered any lasting physical health issues because of this suicide attempt.

Questions are being asked about what might have driven Paris Jackson to try to take her own life. Reports say that she has been dealing with depression recently, and that she had been receiving treatment for this. It is coming up to the fourth anniversary of her father’s death, and this may have been playing on her mind. Lawyers representing her grandmother put out a statement saying that Paris is a very sensitive young woman who is still getting over the loss of her father.

Following this suicide attempt, Paris Jackson was put on 72-hour psychiatric hold in a children’s psychiatric hospital in Los Angeles. She has since been released and apparently, she is going to spend the summer with her mum on a ranch. Hopefully by getting away from her usual environment will allow here to get a different perspective on her life.

How to Deal with Suicidal Feelings

Paris Jackson could have easily lost her life because of this overdose. It is understandable that she would feel overwhelmed by all the negative stuff going on in her life, but usually suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Paris Jackson can have a wonderful future, and there already seems to be plenty of positive things in her life. The problem is that when we are caught up in depression, it can be hard to see the reality of the situation.

Here is some advice for anyone who is dealing with suicidal feelings.

  • Do not do anything impulsive.
  • Keep away from alcohol and drugs as these will make the situation much worse and increase impulsive behaviour.
  • If you have been abusing alcohol or drugs recently, it may be this that is causing your suicidal thoughts. As soon as you break away from these substances, the situation could improve.
  • It is vital that you tell other people about how you are feeling – be completely open about your current thoughts.
  • Get in touch with one of the suicide help lines – you will also be able to find help online.
  • Get treatment so that you can get to the root cause of these suicidal feelings.

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