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Proof That Sex Addiction Therapy Works

Katie-Price-WeddingFans of Katie Price will know all about her recent troubles with husband Kieran Hayler and his affair with Price’s ‘best friend’ Jane Pountney and another close friend Chrissy Thomas. Their marriage troubles were played out in the spotlight with a sex addiction blamed for Hayler’s betrayal.

Since the affairs came to light, Price has worked hard to save her marriage but struggled to trust her husband, monitoring his calls, demanding the passwords to email accounts, and banning him from spending nights away from the home. However, her entry into the Celebrity Big Brother house last week showed that things have improved, with her husband being left to fend for himself at home.

Renewed Trust

Friends of Price have said that the star is beginning to trust her husband again and the fact that she could be in the Big Brother house for up to three weeks while he is at home alone proves it. One friend added, “After a year of punishment, Katie is taking a major leap of faith and is giving Kieran back his freedom.” The friend also added that if she did not trust him, she would not have entered the house.

Second Chance

The couple have been married for two years; Price was pregnant with Hayler’s child when she found out about the affairs. She swore that she would divorce him but he begged her to forgive him and she agreed after he promised to attend therapy for his sex addiction. Price now believes that the treatment for sex addiction was a success and is ready to give Hayler some freedom to ‘have a normal life again’.

Moving On After a Sex Addiction

A sex addiction that leads to an affair can be difficult for the spouse who has been betrayed. Not all sex addicts will have an affair but those who do may find that it destroys their relationship. Getting a marriage back on track after an affair is very difficult and it takes a very strong person to begin to trust again.

However, sex addiction, as with any other addiction, is an illness and needs to be treated as such. For a long time, a sex addiction has been the subject of jokes, but it has now been recognised as an illness and beating it requires treatment.

Treating a Sex Addiction

A sex addiction is defined by uncontrolled sexual activity. Some sex addicts will engage in sexual activity with their partner but others will engage in activities such as masturbation, chat lines, visiting prostitutes, or affairs with others. A sex addict cannot control the urge to engage in sexual behaviour and this can cause problems with existing relationships.

Treating a sex addiction is similar to treating other addictions. The root of the problem needs to be identified and addressed. Many sex addicts will suffer with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem and it is these issues that need to be treated in order to address the sex addiction

Finding out the reason for the low self-esteem and low self-worth is important. By doing this, the counsellor can begin to help the addict to recognise the cause of their behaviour and he or she can then learn how to deal with it.

Help for Sex Addiction

Addiction Helpline can provide advice and support to those suffering with a sex addiction. Our experts are fully trained in all addictions and they will advise you on where to get the help you need. We will explain the various treatment options available and can put you in touch with the people who can get you through this tough period in your life. Call us today for free, independent, confidential advice.

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