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Plans for Lindsay Lohan to Become a Motivational Speaker

The attorney of the American actress Lindsay Lohan is trying to make a deal with the prosecution in her latest legal troubles. The defence wants the prosecution to work with them in an attempt to fix Lindsay. This is a very unusual request for a defence team to make, but they are suggesting that charges should be dropped so that Lindsay can receive intensive psychotherapy, and that she will later be able to give something back by becoming a motivational speaker. She will be able to talk to kids (and anyone else) about her troubles in the hope that it would help them avoid following in her steps.

Lindsay Lohan’s latest legal problems are a result of being caught driving recklessly. The situation was made much worse by the fact that she was on probation at the time for theft of a necklace from a jewellery shop. Lohan could end up facing jail time for her failure to behave while on probation, and some are saying that this attempt to make a deal with the prosecution is a desperate attempt to avoid this. Apparently, the judge in the case is very annoyed because it is an obvious attempt to influence the court to be lenient on her.

Lindsay Lohan’s Addiction Problems

It is difficult to tell how much addiction has played in Lindsay Lohan’s recent troubles, but it is certainly something that has gotten her into trouble in the past. She was a child star who fell into alcohol and drug use at an early age. According to Lindsay, she did this to help her cope with the stress of being a celebrity, but it was pretty obvious to outsiders that alcohol and drugs was making her life worse. She began appearing in magazines and newspapers for her exploits while intoxicated – unflattering photos of her unconscious following a night partying too hard.

It was obvious to everyone that Lindsay was out of control, so it was no real surprise that she ended up getting help for her addiction in 2006. She began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but she seemed unable to stay sober for long. In 2007, she entered rehab, but she relapsed almost as soon as she returned home. Later that year she crashed her car while drunk – she was also found to have cocaine in her car. She returned to rehab, and only ended up spending one day in jail for possession of the cocaine. She was sentenced to community service. Lindsay’s father made a statement to a newspaper that he is worried that Lindsay will end up killing herself. Last year she appeared on the US Today show where she claims that she has fully committed to sober living.

Will Lindsay Make a Good Role Model?

Many people feel that this offer by Lindsay’s legal defence team is a cynical move to get her out of trouble. This may be the case, but if she can overcome her past, it will make her a good role model. It would almost certainly be helpful to have somebody like Lindsay sharing her experiences with young people and anyone else who is falling into legal troubles because of addiction. So many celebrities out there promote substance abuse by making it look glamorous, so it would be helpful to have somebody of her fame to promote the dangers of this type of behaviour. It is obvious that Lindsay has an important story to tell and her previous interviews where she has discussed her addiction problems shows that she is an effective speaker. If Lindsay really could clean up her act and become a positive role model, it would repay the community for her past wrongdoings.

Of course, in order for Lindsay Lohan to be effective as a role model she really will have to clean up her act. The difficulty is that her credibility is not very high at the moment, and trust has to be earned. There are not going to be many people who will pay much attention to motivational speeches given by Lindsay if her own life continues to be a mess. In order for her to become a good role model, she will have to earn that title – this is not an honour that her legal defence team can just grant her. Hopefully, this latest court case will act as a turning point for Lindsay Lohan, but it will be completely up to her to move her life in the right direction.

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