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Paul Gascoigne May Appear on Reality Show to Help Him Quit Alcohol

Paul Gascoigne wants to appear on the TV reality show, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. He apparently believes that committing to this type of project will help him to stay off alcohol. There are few who doubt that his appearance on the show would give a huge boost to the ratings, but there are also concerns that this could be a very bad move. Spending time in the jungle may mean that he will be away from alcohol, but it can be very difficult to break away from this type of addiction without adequate support. If Paul begins to self-destruct while taking part in the show, it would further harm his reputation, and it might put his mental and physical health in real danger.

The Continuing Woes of Paul Gascoigne

Friends and family of Paul Gascoigne have become increasingly concerned about his welfare in recent months. In another post recently we mentioned how there has been a noticeable decline in his appearance – last month he appeared at a charity event at which he was noticeably shaking. There are growing concerns that he is going to join the list of celebrities who have been unable to break away from this behaviour – the wife of George Best expressed her fears that Paul may be following in her late husband’s footsteps.

Paul Gascoigne May Be Making a Comeback

Apparently, Paul has woken up to his situation, and he stopped drinking again last month. Of course, he is still in the very early stages of recovery, and his friends and family are likely to have seen him reach this stage many times in the past. Paul was offered a place on the, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here show a while back, but he turned it down because he was still drinking at the time. He says that he never feels like doing anything when he is in the middle of a bender. Now that he is sober, Paul feels that he is ready to take on this type of commitment. He also apparently believes that spending time like this in the jungle will keep him away from temptation. He says that he will have no problem eating insects or facing the other challenges that are usually associated with this type of show.

It is great to hear that Paul Gascoigne has managed to stop drinking again, but the continued concerns about his welfare are understandable. Breaking away from addiction can be a huge challenge, and it can take many months, even years, before the individual becomes strong enough to take on any major challenges. In Alcoholics Anonymous, they suggest that people do not make any major changes to their life within the first year of recovery. Paul obviously feels a lot better after giving up alcohol for a month, but if he takes on challenges that he is not ready for, it will put his sobriety at risk. He is also believed to be in talks to host his own TV show, so it does sound that he might be taking a lot on his plate.

Paul Gascoigne has been famous for all the wrong reasons in recent years but hopefully he is now turning a corner. When people like him manage to escape addiction, it can mean that they become an inspiration for many more individuals struggling with addiction. Paul has obviously lost a great deal due to this condition, but so long as he manages to remain sober, he will almost certainly be able to reclaim much of what has been lost.

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