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Paul Gascoigne Continues to Deteriorate Due to Addiction

Loved ones of Paul Gascoigne can only look on in desperation as his condition continues to deteriorate. He had been attending an addiction clinic in Bournemouth but last Wednesday he went on another bender. According to a story in Daily Mail, it ended with Gazza threatening to kill himself by jumping off a pier. Apparently, he had been thrown out of a casino just before this and he made a telephone call to his family in which he sounded very distressed. There are increasing fears that unless Paul is able to give up alcohol soon, he may reach a stage where he is beyond help.

Paul Gascoigne Hitting His Lowest Rock Bottom Yet

Friends and family of Paul Gascoigne say that he is physically and mentally in the worst shape that he has ever been. This is saying a lot because he has hit some very low rock bottoms in the past. It is often said that hitting rock bottom is the first step in starting recovery, but the problem is that many alcoholics fall so low that it is no longer possible for them to make a comeback. Some are claiming that Paul is now beyond any help that can be offered from other people and the only way he can escape is to develop the determination to quit himself. It is not just about him saying that he is ready to quit – he has to be willing to do whatever it takes to make this a reality.

Paul Gascoigne is Not a Hopeless Case

The only solace for loved ones and admirers of Gazza is that there are many examples of alcoholics who had reached a point of hopelessness only to then escape addiction. Paul is in a very lonely place right now because nobody else can help him, but if he develops the right motivation, the resources are going to be there to help him break away from addiction.

One of the problems facing Paul Gascoigne now is that his self-efficacy is likely to be very low. This is his own self-belief in his ability to break away from addiction. He has been struggling to quit for a long time now and each time he fails to stop, it will be chipping away at his self-efficacy. It can also mean that he becomes very cynical about recovery and he may be tempted to just give up and assume himself a hopeless case. This is all part of the denial of addiction and the only hope for him is that he will be able to see through these lies.

Where is Paul Gascoigne Now?

Nobody has seen Paul Gascoigne since last week, but he is believed to be in his flat in Bournemouth. It is hard to tell what could be going through his mind. It does sound that he has hit a particularly low point in his life, but he still has the ability to salvage something wonderful. Hopefully, he will decide to return to rehab and he will be able to resume his recovery with a new level of determination. Paul needs to keep in mind that the only real failure in life is when we quit trying.

Paul Gascoigne is providing the perfect demonstration of how hard it can be to break away from addiction. His story of addiction is not unique – it is just the fact that he is a celebrity that makes it so morbidly fascinating for the general public. There are many people around today who were once exactly where Paul is now but were able to escape. Hopefully he will be soon able to do the same.

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