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Nicky Clarke Discusses His Addiction to Heroin

An article this week in the Daily Mail revealed the addiction problems of Nicky Clarke. This 55-year old is the most famous hairdresser in the world, having cut hair for people like Princess Diana. He also has his own chain of expensive hair salons, and regularly appears on TV (including Celebrity Scissorhands and Celebrity Come Dine With Me). He is a very talented guy who usually appears positive and full of energy; it hasn’t always been easy for him though.

Nicky Clarke and Heroin Addiction

In the interview with the Daily Mail, Nicky Clarke admitted that his period of heroin addiction was something he still deeply regrets. It was difficult for him to enter rehab because it felt so embarrassing to be so open about this problem. His time using heroin only lasted about a year, but he quickly fell into addiction.

Nicky Clarke began experimenting with heroin during the eighties. He was heavily involved in the New Romantic scene and was not only the hairdresser to many of the top stars of the time (people like Boy George) but also a friend. He became carried away with all the excesses of show business, and was introduced to the world of drugs. He was lucky to escape this crazy scene, as many of his friends from the time did not make it.

Nicky says it was an intervention from his wife that forced him to get help for his addiction problems. She not only threatened to kick him out, she also said she would report him to the police. The ultimatum worked. He entered rehab and he has not had any problems with addiction since.

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone

Nicky Clarke is a powerful example of how anyone can fall into addiction. He was a very driven and successful young man, which allowed him to make a name for himself in the world of hairdressing. It also meant that he was able to hang out with celebrities, which ultimately led to temptation and, subsequently, heroin use.

It is true that some people are more predisposed to addiction problems than others are. Some individuals have a genetic inheritance that makes it more likely that they will become addicted if they try alcohol or drugs. There are also plenty of people dealing with emotional problems or mental health issues that put them more at risk. It is important to keep in mind that many individuals fall into addiction even though they do not belong to a high-risk group. It really is something that can happen to anyone.

Nicky Clarke is a Good Example of Recovery

This is the first time that Nicky Clarke has spoken about his addiction problems in public. It all happened a long time ago so maybe he feels the time is right to open up about his experiences with heroin. He didn’t mention his motivation for providing this revelation, but it is definitely going to help others to hear of his experiences. He not only shows how anyone can develop an addiction problem, but also demonstrates that it is possible to walk away from that life and never go back. It is obvious that Nicky Clarke does not feel there is anything missing from his life because he no longer uses heroin – his life is so much better now than it ever was with the drug.

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