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Matthew Perry Wants to Help People Escape Addiction

Matthew Perry is best known for playing the character Chandler Bing in the hit TV show Friends. He has enjoyed great success in his career, but like many other celebrities, he fell into the trap of addiction. Perry almost lost everything to alcohol and opiate addiction, but he has managed to put that life behind him. He has developed a deep love for life in recovery, and he now wants to share this joy with other people. Matthew Perry has found meaning in life, and he is eager to help other people do the same.

Addiction Problems of Matthew Perry

Mathew Perry’s addiction problems first made headlines back in 1997 when he needed to enter rehab for a Vicodin addiction. He was unable to break away from addiction after this first attempt at sobriety, and his condition deteriorated further. He began losing weight and he developed pancreatitis. In 2001, Perry returned to rehab, and this time he was able to make a firm commitment to sobriety. He saw his battle with alcohol and drugs as a life and death encounter, and this forced him to take things seriously.

Matthew Perry Ruined His Chances of Becoming a Politician

In a recent interview, Mathew Perry says that he once dreamed of becoming a politician. At the height of his popularity, he probably would have had no problem being elected. He now believes that his record of being in and out of rehab has ruined any chance he has of making this dream a reality. He is still keen to commit to public service though, and this is why he wants to devote his time to helping people break away from addiction problems.

Matthew Perry has recently travelled to Washington where he gave his support for a new programme that will lead to special courts for people with substance abuse problems. During his visit to Washington, he addressed the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science. Perry is a great example of how people can turn their life around with the right type of help, and his celebrity status means that many people will take his opinions seriously.

Perry believes that drug courts are one of the most effective tools out there to help people break away from addiction. The aim of this programme is to turn people into productive citizens rather than punishing them from drug related offences. It is now obvious that the war on drugs in the US has been a failed experiment, and it is now time for a different approach. These drug courts definitely seem like a step in the right direction, and there have already been many people who have benefited from this approach.

Matthew Perry is a Great Example of the Power of Recovery

Many celebrities have ended up dying before they got a chance to overcome their addiction problems. There are other stars who just seem to be caught up in the revolving door syndrome where they are proclaiming their new freedom from addiction from the rooftops after their latest stay in rehab only to soon relapse. Matthew Perry is proof that people can walk away from addiction for good and begin to do something productive with their lives. He is a fine example of the power of recovery, and it is great to see him working so hard to help other people to escape the misery of addiction.

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