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Lindsay Lohan Plans to Open Her Own Rehab Centre

According to reports in the gossip columns in the US, Lindsay Lohan is now planning to open up her own rehab centre. She has sampled a number of these facilities as a client in recent years (she has stayed in six of them), which has seemingly impressed her enough that she was to take things to the next level. Opening here own facility does sound like a great idea, but she has to prove that she can stay on the straight and narrow herself first.

Is Lindsay Lohan the Right Person to Be Opening an Addiction Rehab?

Lindsay Lohan is not the first celebrity to consider the idea of opening up his or her own addiction centre. Starting up this type of facility involves a huge commitment if it is to be done right, but there have been famous people who managed to make this work. A great example for Lindsay Lohan to follow is Betty Ford.

Betty Ford was the first lady of the US during the seventies, wife of the president Gerald Ford. She battled with alcoholism around the time of her husband’s presidency, showing great courage by talking about these struggles in public. Betty Ford was a great humanitarian, opening up rehab centres to help people break away from addiction; these facilities are now among the best known and most successful in the world.

Lindsay Lohan has been struggling in life for the last few years and has been getting plenty of media attention for all the wrong reasons. Some of the press have accused her of being a drama queen, but there is doubt that she has been struggling because of her addiction problems. If she can break free of addiction and build a new life, there is no reason why she cannot help others. If she has the resources to open up her own rehab, this would be one way of doing this.

The fact that Lindsay has spent time as a client in rehab is going to give her great insight into how to create a client-friendly facility. She has seen things from the other side, so she most probably already has plenty of idea how these facilities can improve. It would be wonderful if she were able to create something unique because we could do with some new approaches to recovery. The reality is not one approach to addiction treatment works for everyone, so the more options available the better.

Should Lindsay Lohan Open Her On Rehab Now?

It does look now as if Lindsay Lohan is sincere in her efforts to change her life. It is also a great sign of her recovery that she feels driven to help other people; this is almost certain to strengthen her own sobriety. If there were any real concerns about her opening a rehab canter, it would be mostly to do with timing. She has only been sober for a relatively short time, so taking on a huge responsibility like a rehab could prove too much for her.

If this latest gossip is correct, it sounds as if Lindsay is trying to get other celebrities involved in her project. She would need to choose wisely, but it could greatly increase the likelihood of success if she were able to get the right people on-board. It may be that Lindsay wants this to be a program that is designed to cater to celebrities, which is probably the most logical place for her to start.

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