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Lara Stone Recovering from Alcoholism Following Rehab

Lara StoneLara Stone is one of the top-earning models in the world; she is also a recovery alcoholic. In 2009, she entered rehab as she felt her life spiralling out of control. Since giving up alcohol, she got married, had a baby, and her career is going from strength to strength. She was ranked as number one in a list of the top 50 models in the world by

Alcohol Problems of Lara Stone

Lara suffered greatly due to alcohol abuse, but she admitted that the biggest concern was that it made her so aggressive. The alcohol meant she was not facing the underlying issues driving the anger, meaning that she kept lashing out at other people. The fact that she was starting to become famous meant that many individuals were willing to put up with her temper outbursts, but it reached a point where she realised that something serious was wrong. Lara decided that she could not go on living like that and this is what encouraged her to get help. The fact that so many positive things have happened to her by taking this step is evidence that she made the right decision.

Alcohol is a Terrible Coping Mechanism

Lara is certainly not the first person to use alcohol as a coping mechanism in order to avoid dealing with underlying issues – this is the reason most people fall into the addiction trap. In the beginning, it can feel as if the drinking is making life easier. This is because it makes the person numb to their emotions. The problem is that the underlying issue is still there, festering away, and it can start to make its presence felt in new and horrible ways. Anger outbursts while drinking are one way that these problems continue manifesting.

Alcohol abuse is often referred to as a form of self-medication. This is because that by drinking, the person is trying to deal with problems that might be better handled with professional help. The real goal of an inpatient rehab programme is not just to get the person to stop the addictive behaviour, but to also dig down to the underlying problem and help the individual to develop effective coping strategies. The fact that the issue is actually being dealt with usually means that symptoms such as anger outbursts, anxiety, and depression often disappear.

Lara Stone is a Great Role Model

There are plenty of examples of celebrities who have done significant damage to their life before getting the help they needed; there has also been an unacceptably high number of stars who died before managing to recover. Lara Stone seems to have avoided a low rock bottom, meaning that she has been able to get back on track quickly after giving up alcohol. The fact that she has been grateful for this chance to rebuild her life means that she has been able to make the most of the opportunity.

Lara Stone is a great example for anyone who is struggling with an addiction problem. She is proof that there is no need to lose everything in order to be ready for sobriety. The fact that Lara was able to give up alcohol at age 25 is likely to inspire young people who wonder about how they can survive without drinking. It appears that Lara’s life is even more glamorous now than it ever was in the past, proving that it is possible to live life to the fullest without the need of inebriation.

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