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Is Lindsay Lohan Addicted to the Drama?

The fact that Lindsay Lohan continues to make the headlines for all the wrong reasons has led many to speculate that she might be addicted to the drama as much as to alcohol or drugs. It is understandable why people might jump to this conclusion, but it is probably not a fair one to reach. Nobody can see inside the mind of Lindsay Lohan, but we do know what addiction can do to people. Once individuals become hooked, they tend to behave in much the same way as Lindsay Lohan has been behaving here. It might not be so much that she is addicted to the drama, but that her life is just continuing to deteriorate because of her behaviour.

Addicted to Drama

An article by Ambi Sitham (celebrity lawyer) in the Huffington Post last week laid out the case that Lindsay is addicted to drama. The evidence for this is the fact that Lindsay has never made any real attempt to hide her problems, and she sometimes seems to go out of her way to be noticed while inebriated. She is not the type of person who gets drunk in private but seems to prefer to get drunk while the whole world is watching here. Sitham has suggested that the fact that Lohan seems to have grown up in a chaotic household has led to her developing the notion that this type of chaos is normal. This is why she is not attempting to hide her addiction problems – she believes that it is normal for her to have this attention on her private life, and at some level she may even enjoy the attention.

Downward Spiral of Addiction

The fact that Lindsay Lohan seems to be self-destructing so publically must make things harder for her family and friends, but it seems wrong to suggest that she is being so public about her problems out of any type of addiction to drama. The reality is that the downward spiral of addiction causes people to lose control, so that they lose the ability to make good decisions and they become more willing to act impulsively. It is doubtful that Lindsay Lohan would be acting out like this on the public stage if it were not for the fact that she has fallen under the spell of addiction. It is hard to imagine here getting into so many legal problems if she was sober. No, the drama in her life is a result of the addiction, and it is unlikely to be due to any addiction to drama.

Addiction Can Be Hard To Understand

It can be very difficult for people who have never been addicted to alcohol or drugs to understand why people will behave as they do when addicted. It looks to other people as if the addicted individual is being wilful, and that they are choosing to allow their life to fall apart. This causes other people to become angry with the substance abuser, and they may even decide to wash their hands of this person. The reality is though, that so long as this individual continues to use alcohol or drugs they cannot do anything to prevent their life from being a mess. They will be dealing with a condition that interferes with their ability to think logically, and they can be in so much denial that they believe that the addictive substances are the only good thing in their life. It can be almost impossible for other people to break through this wall of denial – the individual has to reach a stage where they are willing to see the reality for themselves.

The only way that Lindsay Lohan can escape the media circus surrounding her life is to end her addiction. She does keep making attempts to do this, but it looks as if she is struggling to commit fully to recovery. This type of behaviour is not unusual, and it can take many attempts before people are able to break away from addiction for good. If Lindsay Lohan fails to break away from this life, the drama will only increase, and the addiction will eventually kill her.

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