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Importance of Support Services for Addiction

Drug and alcohol addicts in Harrogate will now benefit from a new service, which will deliver recovery support and specialised treatments. North Yorkshire Horizons was set up by the County Council and aims to help addicts to commit to a recovery programme. Anyone who believes that they have an addiction can sign up for treatment with the service.

Decline in Addiction

The recent ‘Growing Up in North Yorkshire’ survey has shown that alcohol and drug use is declining among the young and that it is middle aged people who are more likely to suffer with alcohol addiction.

A spokesperson for the service has stated that, no matter what a person’s background, North Yorkshire Horizons is there to help. He said that every day people were taking the necessary steps towards recovery and added, “We aim to make the service as accessible as possible so that people can engage with the available support in ways that best meet their individual needs and circumstances.”

Committing to Recovery

The service helps addicts to take those initial steps towards recovery but is also there to help support family and friends of those suffering with addiction. North Yorkshire Horizons knows that once addicts commit to recovery, they are taking their first tentative steps towards a healthy, happy, and rewarding life, and, by providing support within the community, the group can help to make this a reality.

Reducing Harm Caused by Addiction

By helping more people to begin their recovery journey, North Yorkshire Horizons will help to minimise harm caused by drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction often causes social and health harm so by helping more people lead a sober life, the number of alcohol and drug related illnesses and injuries should decrease.

Dr Lincoln Sargeant, the Director of Public Health at North Yorkshire County Council said, “The service is very much focused on helping and supporting people to recover from substance misuse and dependence across the county.”

This was echoed by Councillor Don Mackenzie who said that North Yorkshire Horizons is providing the best treatment and help available to those suffering with alcohol and drug addictions. The service is available to anyone over the age of eighteen who has a dependency on alcohol or drugs and who wants to get help.

Beginning a Recovery Programme

Addiction is an illness and requires treatment. The problem for many addicts is that they may feel as though recovery is going to be too hard and that they just do not have the strength to get through it. They may have heard horror stories of withdrawal symptoms and may be scared to commit to a recovery programme. However, with the right treatment and support, recovery is possible. Those suffering with addiction and alcohol problems just need to take that first step towards recovery; there are many rehabilitation centres ready to help them do this.

The very first step in the recovery process is admitting that there is a problem and that a change is required. Once an addict does this, he or she will have taken a huge step towards sobriety. Denial is a huge part of addiction and many addicts will fool themselves by burying their heads in the sand. However, some will begin to realise that the life they are living is harming not only themselves but also their family and others around them. The point at which an addict realises that change is necessary is often described as their ‘lowest point’ or their ‘rock bottom’. Rock bottom is different for everyone and is not always marked by a ‘near death’ experience. It can simply be the time when an addict realises that they cannot go on living the way they have been and need to make a change.

Dealing with Change

It is difficult to change; for addicts, change can be especially difficult. Addicts may need to change a number of life habits to be able to fully commit to a recovery programme. This could mean changing the people they usually spend time with, changing the way that they spend their free time, or changing the way that they cope with stresses in their lives.

Asking for Help

Once an addict has decided that he or she wants to get better, it will be time to seek help. There are many places that addicts and their families can go for help, Addiction Helpline being one of these. We have a team of expert counsellors and advisors who are trained to offer advice on the various treatments available for all types of addiction. We can help you find the right rehabilitation centre from which you can begin your journey and get the treatment you need. We will support you and your family through this entire process and will ensure that you are comfortable with your choice.

Make the Commitment

Once you have chosen the most suitable rehabilitation programme for your requirements it is important that you make a conscious effort to stick to the programme. You have come this far, so stick with it and you could be living a life of sobriety before you know it.

It is important that you are willing to make the recommended changes and to listen to the advice given by the various therapists, counsellors, and advisors. It will be tough but it will be worth it.

Sticking with the Programme

There are many lifestyle changes that a recovering addict will have to make but one of the most important changes is to break the connection with the people who supported the addiction. Those in recovery need to stay away from temptation and one of the best ways to do this is to surround themselves with other sober people. Group therapy can be a positive way to encourage those in recovery to stay sober.

Recovering addicts will also need to change the way that they deal with stress. Many addicts will drink alcohol or take drugs when they feel stressed. It is important to break these habits and to engage in new activities instead. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and walking is a fantastic form of exercise. There are many other hobbies such as photography, dancing, or swimming that will also help to take the mind off cravings and they can be used to deal with stressful situations.

Avoiding triggers and temptations is vital for the success of a recovery programme. Recovering addicts need to identify the things that trigger their addiction and then avoid them at all costs. If alcohol is a problem, then staying away from the pub for a while might be a good idea. If drugs are the issue then it might be wise to avoid clubs or areas that drug use is prominent.

Learn to Enjoy Sobriety

Once a recovering addict gets past the initial stages of recovery and begins to realise the negative effect that drugs or alcohol has on his or her live and the lives of those around them, they can begin to appreciate their sobriety. It is vital that they continue to enjoy their sober life and work hard to avoid a relapse. Support of family, friends, and groups can help to achieve this.

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