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How to Get the Most Out of Online Recovery Resources

These days there are some excellent recovery resources online for anyone who is looking for help overcoming their addiction problems. These resources include things like addiction websites, recovery blogs, addiction and recovery videos, podcasts, chat rooms, online recovery forums, recovery apps, and online meetings. It is probably not a good idea to completely replace real life recovery help with these online options, but they can certainly be an excellent resource.

How to Get the Most Out of Addiction and Recovery Websites

Addiction and recovery websites will usually involve written articles or content such as videos and audio. The main purpose with this type of site is to provide you with information. When using this type of resource, it is important that you be able to judge its credibility. Remember that anyone can claim anything online and many websites provide inaccurate or even false information. When it comes to any addiction advice, it is probably best to stick with the credible sources.

How to Get the Most Out of Recovery Blogs

The great thing about blogs is that you get to hear about the personal experiences of other people. Below are a few tips for how you can get the most out of this type of content.

  • Remember that whatever is written will just be the opinion of that person.
  • Remember that this person will be entitled to their opinion so long as they are not giving advice that might be considered dangerous.
  • In order to get the most out of a blog, it is a great idea to leave comments – this way you become part of the conversation.
  • It is usually fine to leave comments saying that you disagree with something the blogger has said. In fact, this can spark a lively discussion, but it is important to disagree in a polite manner.
  • It can be good to share these blog posts with other people to get their opinion and input.
  • The best way to get involved with the world of recovery blogs is to create your own.
  • It can be easy to visit an interesting recovery blog but then forget about it – in order to prevent this from happening you can sign up for an RSS feed to receive regular updates.

How to Get the Most Out of Addiction and Recovery Videos

The number of recovery related videos available these days is simply astounding. There are tens of thousands on YouTube alone. Many of these videos are similar to blogs (called vlogs) where people talk about their experiences with recovery. There are also other videos where experts provide the information. Below are a few ideas for how you can get the most out of this type of content.

  • If you see a recovery video you like you may want to see if that provider has similar videos – just click on their name.
  • On YouTube, you can subscribe to a person’s channel and that way you will not miss any of their future videos.
  • You can leave comments under the video on places like YouTube and this can be a great way to engage with the person in the video.
  • It is easy to create your own recovery videos and upload them to a site such as YouTube – these days most computers and mobile devices have an in-built camera and this is all that you really need.
  • If you see any videos that are particularly interesting, you can use the ‘watch later’ button to save them to watch again.

How to Get the Most Out of Addiction and Recovery Podcasts

The addiction and recovery podcasts are another great resource and these are easy to find using platforms such as iTunes. In order to get the most out of these audio series, it is good to leave comments. If you have any questions, you should usually also be able to email the person who has created the podcast – most of these people will be delighted to hear from somebody who has listened to the podcast. Just like YouTube videos and blogs, if you like a podcast you can subscribe to it so that you get all future instalments.

How to Get the Most Out of Online Recovery Forums

The great thing about online recovery forums is that you can really get a chance to engage with other people. These venues are typically populated with people from all walks of life – those who are still struggling with addiction and those who have been sober for many years. There are some important things to consider so that you can get the most out of this type of resource, such as:

  • always try to be polite on these forums – remember that you are dealing with real people on the other end of the computer
  • keep in mind that these venues can attract trolls, so it is best to ignore those individuals who only seem to be looking for an argument
  • try to avoid telling other people about the ‘right way’ for getting sober – the only ‘right way’ is the one that works for the individual
  • if you feel yourself getting angry, take a break from the forum until you calm down
  • always keep in mind that the other person might be trying to mislead you or that they might have an agenda that is not obvious.

How to Get the Most out of Chat Rooms

Chat rooms work in a similar way to online forums, the only difference being that the communication happens in real time. It is recommended that you try to keep your messages relatively short so that the conversation can flow. Of course, it is also important that you remain polite when engaging in these chat rooms. Remember to read the terms of service before you join in so that you are able to stick to the rules.

How to Get the Most Out of Online Meetings

Online recovery meetings are an excellent resource for people who cannot get to a live meeting or who just want some additional support. The wonders of modern technology mean that these online encounters feel more and more like a live meeting – it is not hard to imagine that within a few years we will be able to sit in a virtual room and share. In order to get the most out of the online meeting, it is probably best to combine it with live meetings. Modern technology is fantastic but human contact can be important as well. 

How to Get the Most Out of Recovery Apps

There are now many recovery software applications available for smart phones and tablet devices. Many of these apps are designed to allow you to engage with content online. For example, you can now find apps that are linked to recovery apps, meaning that you can engage with these resources while on the move. There are plenty of free apps to choose from, and it is well worth checking these out. You can also check out your favourite online resources to see if they offer a software application so that you can enjoy their resources on your mobile devices.

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