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The internet can be a great help to people who are dealing with addiction problems. This resource provides recovery content in many different formats, and it is nearly all free. It is probably not a good idea for people to rely solely on the internet for their recovery, but it is certainly something that can be a great help.

Types of Addiction Help Available Online

The types of addiction help that people will find online includes:

  • Expert web articles dealing with addiction topics
  • Reputable addiction websites
  • Addiction and recovery blogs
  • YouTube videos as well as other video hosting websites
  • Addiction and recovery podcasts
  • Recovery web forums
  • Recovery chat rooms
  • Online recovery meetings
  • Free addiction recovery eBooks
  • Scientific research into addiction

Benefits of Addiction Help Online

The availability of addiction help online is beneficial because:

  • Most of this content is available free. Before the internet, people would have to spend money on this type of material, but this is no longer necessary.
  • One of the greatest things about the internet is that it just provides access to so much information. There is now millions of different resources available online dealing with addiction problems, and new stuff is being added every day of the week. This means that the information is going to be there no matter what the person is looking for.
  • The internet has made it possible for lots of addiction voices to be heard. It is now known that there is no one path of addiction recovery that works for everyone, but the availability of many options means that there will be something that will work for everyone.
  • It makes it easy for people to access expert and reliable information about addiction. This would include things like research papers.
  • Blogs are a great resource because these are often provided by people who have been dealing with their own addiction problems. This means that the content is based on personal experience about what works and what does not.
  • The fact that the internet provides information in many different formats means that there is content to suit every taste. Some people prefer to watch videos or listen to audio, and they have this option when they go online.
  • The internet never closes. This means that that the individual will be able to find the information they need at any time of the day or night. So long as the person has an internet connection, they will always be able to gain access to the information they need.
  • One of the best online resources in the web forums. This is where people can go and engage with real people and get the help and support they need. The fact that there can be so many members of these forums means that almost any question can be answered. These web forums also provide an easy means for people who are experienced in recovery to offer some advice to people who are still struggling.
  • Some people live in remote locations or find it difficult to leave their homes (for example, people dealing with mobility problems). The online recovery meetings make it possible for these people to feel part of a community and get the support they need.
  • The internet is a great way for people who are dealing with addiction to get their voice heard. They can start their own blog and describe their struggles – this will not only help them, but it can also be a great help for other people in a similar position.
  • Many people online are willing to give away their recovery books free of charge.

The Dangers of Addiction Help Online

Overall, addiction recovery material online is a very positive thing, but there are some dangers associated with this resource including:

  • The reality is that anyone can say anything he or she wants online, and there is a great deal of misinformation out there; some of this may even be dangerous. There are many people posting misleading material so that they can scam vulnerable individuals out of their money. They can do this by promising miracle cures for addiction or other outrageous claims. There are also people posing unreliable information because they do not know any better.
  • The internet can become another type of addiction. The individual may turn to this resource as a means to escape their problems – just as they do with alcohol or drugs.
  • Face-to-face human contact is very important, and it can be a mistake for people to replace this with just the internet.
  • The fact that there are so many opinions online means that there is no problem finding resources that will back up any crackpot idea. This can include things like resources that claim to help alcoholics or other drug addicts use these substances safely. This type of information can keep people trapped in addiction because it provides them with justifications.
  • The online recovery forums are usually moderated reasonably well, but there can be people who are rude or willing to spread misinformation. Those individuals who approach these forums for the first time can be put off by any rudeness.
  • There is so much information available online, and so many conflicting opinions, that it can lead to confusion.

How to Make Use of Online Resources

Here are a few suggestions for how people can get the most out of internet resources while avoiding the dangers:

  • It is important to always consider the reliability of any information that is found online. Is it being provided by a trustworthy source? Does the information come with references so that it can be fact checked? It is also important to consider if the person providing the information has an agenda – are they trying to sell something. With online resources, it is vital to weigh up the evidence supporting an assertion.
  • There are many conflicting opinions to be found online. This is actually a good thing, so long as we remember that they are just opinions.
  • It is strongly recommended that people try to use offline resources as well as online ones because human contact is important. For example, online meetings are a great compliment to real life recovery meetings, but they are not ideal as a substitute for them.
  • If people begin to spend all their time online, they run the risk of developing an internet addiction. When people are trying to break away from addiction, they will be at high risk of addiction substitution, so they will need to be careful.
  • If using online forums, it is important to be respectful and remember that you are dealing with other real people. The anonymity of the web means that people can behave in ways that they would never do with real people. This is a problem because feelings really do get hurt by online flame wars.
  • When looking for reliable information it is best to stick to the more trustworthy websites that are provided by professional groups. Blogs and most other websites are better for opinions rather than hard facts – although these resources can be highly valuable all the same.

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