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Eastender’s storyline tackles painkiller drug addiction

One of the BBC’s biggest shows has introduced a storyline highlighting the dangers of painkiller drug abuse featuring one of the show’s biggest stars, Sharon Rickman.

Sharon’s character , played by Letitia Dean returned to the soap last month with her young son and viewers have been left wondering about her erratic behaviour and personality change with questions being asked about her mental health and what she was doing during her character’s time off screen.

After weeks of speculation and at the show’s usual climax, Sharon is seen with a number of large pill bottles which she is desperate to keep hidden from her friends and staff at the nightclub she runs. Viewers had to wait until the next episode to find out what exactly Sharon was addicted to and how she was going to deal with her painkiller addiction.

Like many people , Sharon felt that she was alone but finally found the help she needed at a local addicts anonymous group where she could be completely honest about her drug addiction and learn about the damage painkiller addiction can do to her body.

Like any addiction, Pain Killer addiction can be treated in a number of ways and for people lucky enough to have access to it, rehab is the ideal option and the fastest way to get immediate help with drug addiction.

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