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Davina McCall Was Broke and Addicted Before Becoming Famous

Davina McCall is one of the most well known celebrities on UK television. She is probably most famous for presenting the hit show Big Brother, but she is also known for appearing in Got to Dance, and The Million Pound Drop Live. Davina has also been used in the advertising campaigns of Swarfega and Garnier. By most people’s standards, she would be considered very successful, but it wasn’t always this way. In her late teens, Davina became addicted to alcohol, heroin, and cocaine. For a few years, it looked as if she was caught in a downward spiral but somehow she managed to pull herself out of this.

The Addiction Problems of Davina McCall

Davina showed signs of being talented from an early age. She joined a band at school, but she was soon confident enough to start singing solo. As well as expressing her talent though, she also began experiment with alcohol and drugs, and it didn’t take long before she was hooked. It may have been that Davina was predisposed to this type of problem, as her biological mother was an alcoholic. The fact that her mother was absent during her childhood may also have been a contributing factor.

Davina almost destroyed her career before it started. By the time she hit her twenties, she was completely broke and she had to rely on handouts from her family. It would have been easy for her to fall further into addiction at this stage but somehow she managed to develop the determination to pull herself out of this life. She admits that she loved the effects of drugs like heroin, but she was able to see where that life was taking her.

Giving up drugs did not mean that Davina McCall’s life automatically became perfect. It was a real struggle for her in the beginning. When she first became sober, she needed to sleep on a camp bed in her father’s cupboard. She became almost completely dependent on her family for money. Even when she began to earn money, it took her a bit of time to get ahead with her finances because she owed that much due to her past discrepancies.

The New Life of Davina McCall

Davina McCall has been free from alcohol and drugs for 20 years. She also gave up cigarettes and sugar, and is now committed to a much healthier way of living. Many people who know her today would find it hard to imagine that she once struggled with addiction problems. Davina is determined not to forget that side of her life though because she knows that if she forgot about those mistakes it would put her at risk of repeating them.

When it comes to discussing addiction with her children, Davina has been very open. In fact, she received a great deal of media flak in 2010 because of the way she dealt with this subject. Apparently, she told her kids that they should not try heroin because it was too nice, and this would mean that they would be likely to become hooked. Some in the recovery community did not agree with how Davina presented alcohol or drugs to her children, but she felt it was better to provide the truth as she saw it. The one thing that most people can agree on is that Davina McCall will be a positive role model to her children, showing how good life can be without these substances.

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