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Danny Dyer’s Family Worried About the Star’s Alcohol Abuse and Possible Sex Addiction

Life under the spotlight can be difficult to handle; the increased pressure of their every move being scrutinised can be hard for some people to take. There are those who thrive on all the attention, but others recoil from it and turn to substances such as drugs and alcohol in a bid to cope. While most individuals think that those who have fame and wealth have everything, this is not always the case. Drug and alcohol abuse can be common among celebrities, and some may even end up with devastating addictions that they will desperately try to hide in order to protect their careers.

Sex Addiction

Danny Dyer has had problems with drug and alcohol abuse in the past, but now family members fear he may be heading towards a sex addiction, and are increasingly worried about the Eastenders star. Danny, who plays show favourite Mick Carter, has been given extended leave from the BBC soap after bosses became concerned about his drinking and erratic behaviour.

He is now in South Africa recovering from the pressures of starring in the soap and his partying lifestyle. A source who spoke to The Sun said, “A number of people close to Danny, including members of his family, close friends and people here, realised he was on the wrong track sexually. Obviously, he has battled issues with drink and drugs – but they don’t want him to be heading down the path towards sex addiction. There has been incident after incident involving other women, and it’s impacting his life and could cause damage to his career in the future if he doesn’t sort it out.”

Cheating Scandal

Dyer has recently been the subject of a cheating scandal after it was revealed he had allegedly sent pictures of his penis to a fan who now believes she has been ‘led on’. The pictures were apparently forwarded to this person just weeks before his wedding to long-term lover and mother of his children Joanne Mas.

The fan claims that Dyer sent her messages telling her to ‘bend over and show me that bottle’ (which is cockney rhyming slang for showing her bottom). In the messages, he also said ‘Love them beautiful Lills, though’ (Lills is rhyming slang for breasts).

Media reports have also claimed that Dyer and an Eastenders co-star have had a backstage bust-up prior to Dyer’s break from the soap. Dyer has made no comment so far on his abrupt departure.


In January 2017, the star was reported to have been led out of the National Television Awards by security due to his behaviour while under the influence of alcohol, and this new cheating scandal will no doubt leave him with even more problems. He apparently sent the photo of his penis nine weeks before marrying Ms Mas, and a friend of the recipient fan claimed she had been left heartbroken.

The friend went on: “She’s heartbroken. She genuinely thought something might happen with him.”

Dyer has been guilty of cheating in the past but had claimed those days were behind him. In 2015, he said, “I don’t want to go there again. I have cheated in the past, and I suffered the consequences quite badly. Jo’s always been the girl for me. Those things happened a long time ago and what we’ve got together is much more important than that.”

Why Fame Can Lead to Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse are often linked to a life of fame. In many cases, the individual may have been abusing these substances before becoming famous. Once catapulted into the spotlight, their drug or alcohol abuse may get worse.

It is also claimed that those who do achieve stardom may be prone to addictive behaviour because the characteristics found in the celebrity are often similar to those found in the addictive personality. The two may be intrinsically linked.

Many celebs feel that the pressures faced in their line of work mean that they deserve some relief, with many using this as an excuse to abuse chemical substances. They are also more likely to have unlimited funds that can be used to purchase alcohol or recreational drugs.

Another reason drug and alcohol abuse is common among the rich and famous is that many of these individuals feel they can get away with more than the average person. Those receiving the star treatment might believe that normal rules of life do not apply to them.

Overcoming Addiction

While drug and alcohol abuse is common among those in the public eye, they are not the only people to struggle with these issues. If you are struggling because of drugs or alcohol, get in touch with us here at today. We work with a number of excellent clinics where you can overcome your problems in comfortable surroundings. Call today for more information on how we can help you.

Source: Danny Dyer’s Family Fear Sex Addiction (Daily Mail)


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