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Is Brad Pitt Helping Shia Labeouf Stay Away from Alcohol?

Shia LabeoufThere have been reports in the media recently claiming that Shia Labeouf is keen to break free of alcoholism because he does not want to disappoint Brad Pitt – the two are currently working together on a film called Fury. The source of this story are newspapers such as the Daily Mail, so there is the chance that it is not an accurate description of Shia Labeouf’s motives for wanting to get sober.

The Alcohol Problems of Shia Labeouf

Shia Labeouf is a US actor and director who is probably most well known for staring in the Disney channel TV show Even Stevens. He has also appeared in a number of films including Distrubia, Lawless, and Nymphomania – he is currently filming Fury and this is movie is due for release at the end of the year. Shia has had legal problems in the past due to his temper – in 2005, he crashed his car into a neighbour’s car after he lost his temper. He has also faces charges of trespassing and unlawful smoking and drunk driving. He suffered serious injuries in 2008 when he crashed his car while under the influence of alcohol.

There has been growing concerns about the alcohol problems of Labeouf, with the behaviour now seeming to be interfering with his career. Apparently, he has already started receiving outpatient treatment for his addiction problems and is committed to going to rehab. This new determination to sort out of his problems is because of something that happened last month when he became abusive in public and ended up being arrested. The 28 year old star keeps on getting into trouble as a result of his drinking, but it now appears as if he is now waking up to this fact.

Can Shia Labeouf Stay Sober for Other People?

If Shia Labeouf has said that he wants to stay sober in order to avoid disappointing Brad Pitt, it is likely that he is sincere in what he says. The problem is that this might not be a strong enough reason for him to stay away from alcohol. This is because he will be only doing it to keep out of trouble and not as a means to improve his life. Of course, there are plenty of examples of people who began the process of change in response to the pressure of others but later went on to develop a suitable passion for recovery.

The drawback with quitting alcohol for others is that this usually only works in the short-term. As soon as the person decides they are going to be able to get away with it again, it’s back to business as usual. It can take a huge amount of motivation to break free of an addiction, meaning that the person needs to be fully committed to the process. If there is any ambivalence, the person is usually only looking for an excuse to relapse and they are unlikely to have much problem finding such an excuse.

It does seem that Shia Labeouf is doing more than just making promises to clean up his act. The fact that he appears to be actually receiving help for his addiction suggests that he is serious. He is a very talented individual, so if he gets the help he needs now then he will not need to suffer any further negative effects because of alcohol abuse. It is great that he has people like Brad Pitt there to support and encourage him, and it does not appear that his addiction has damaged his career too much yet.

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