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Bo Bruce Seeks Help in Rehab

In 2012, Bo Bruce became a household name in the UK after finishing runner-up in The Voice. Now just fourteen months later it has come to light that she has needed to enter rehab to deal with some personal issues. This is not the first time she has needed to get help from an inpatient rehabilitation program, but she denies that this time it is related to alcohol or drugs.

The Ups and Downs of Being a Pop Star

Bo Bruce has experienced ups and downs in life since The Voice final. Her debut album Before I Sleep was released back in May and managed to reach a very respectable number 10 in the charts. Soon after that highpoint, she lost her mum to cancer. Bo is apparently struggling to come to terms with this loss, and it appears to be this inability to cope that has convinced her to return to rehab. It sounds like Bo has learned from her past mistakes with substance abuse and has decided to seek out treatment to help get her back on track in life.

As mentioned, this is not the first time that Bo Bruce has entered rehab. The 28-year-old star accidently overdosed as a teenager, which introduced her to her first rehab. She attended two facilities, The Priory in the UK and another rehab in the US. It seems that she was able to regain control over her life, but this recent battle with bereavement has encouraged her to seek help in another inpatient program. This is a very sensible move; going through rehab allowed her to get her life sorted in the past and it can help her do the same now.

Why Do Sober People Enter Rehab?

It is not unusual for sober people to enter rehab in order to get some help. Of course, one reason why this happens is that the person may have some type of behavioural addiction such as a food disorder, exercise addiction, or work addiction. People may also choose to enter this type of programme because they feel their recovery needs a boost or because they never entered rehab at the beginning of their recovery.

One benefit of attending rehab is that it provides individuals with the tools they need in order to build a great life. Some do manage to break away from addiction without this type of help, but the lack of the necessary skills can mean that they struggle to find happiness in recovery. These individuals may decide to check into a rehab even though they are physically sober. They are not going there to help them stop drinking or using drugs, but to develop the skills needed to build the life they want to live. In reality, this is the real benefit of this type of programme for anyone who chooses to go down this route.

Another common reason why people will go to rehab even though they are still sober is that they feel their recovery needs a boost. This seems to be the case with Bo Bruce. The fact that she is struggling now is enough to convince her that she needs help to stay on track. It could be that by doing this she is being proactive – maybe if she had continued on the path she is on now she would end up returning to the hell of addiction. This makes a great deal of sense. It is much easier to deal with something before it becomes an issue. Even if people are not struggling in recovery, it can still be a good idea to return to rehab every so often to give their motivation a bit of a boost.

Hopefully Bo Bruce will get what she needs from rehab. She has a great deal of talent, and by getting her problems sorted now, she will be in a better position to share that talent.

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