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Addiction Destroys the Marriage of Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has once again lost control over his alcohol and drug use, and this looks to have cost him his marriage with Sharon Osbourne. In the past, Ozzy has claimed that he would have died years ago if it was not for his wife, so the news that he may be about to lose this support is worrying. The former front man of Black Sabbath did seem to be cleaning up his act, but he has recently admitted on Facebook that he has been back in the midst of addiction for the last 18 months and he has made life hell for everyone around him. It seems that Sharon Osbourne has finally had enough and is leaving him.

Ozzy Osbourne and Addiction

Most people were not aware of how serious Ozzy’s addiction problems where until he appeared in the hit reality show ‘The Obournes’ in the 2000s. In this show, he often appeared to be inebriated, and it was obvious that he had suffered some mental impairment due to his excesses. He admits to heavy alcohol and drug use over a period of four decades, and many people expressed amazement at the fact that he is still alive. The fact of his survival is so miraculous that scientists have even studied his genome in the hope of finding clues to his longevity. In addiction circles, people with similar constitutions to Ozzy are fairly common – they are referred to as ‘hardy survivors.’

The fact that Ozzy has not died from his decades of addiction does not mean that he has had it easy. It is obvious that alcohol and drug abuse has caused many problems in his life, and he seems to have suffered a great deal because of it. He is a very talented musician, but we will never know how good he could have been if he had not turned to alcohol or drugs. Addiction always involves a downward spiral – some people will descend more slowly than others will, but it always involves a great deal of suffering.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Return to Full Blown Addiction

It sounds like Ozzy has really hit a low over the last few months as a result of his return to full-blown addiction. He even accused his wife of trying to kill him, and he has reportedly become very paranoid. At one point, he went a full six days without any sleep, and during this time, he made life hell for everyone around him. He has been having very intense hallucinations and part of this is the belief that people are actively trying to kill him. He also stopped washing himself for days on end, and he refused to change his clothes. Apparently, Ozzy cannot remember half of the stuff he has done recently, but he has enough insight to know that he has been out of control.

The Future of Ozzy Osbourne

It now seems that Ozzy has reached a new low in his addiction. He may be considered a medical marvel for surviving so long as a heavy drug user, but it seems obvious now that the tide is moving against him. It seems vital that Ozzy be able to break away from his addiction problems so that he will be able to enjoy the rest of his life. If he is unable to break away from his addiction, his future looks very bleak indeed.

Reports say that Ozzy is now desperate to get Sharon back into his life – he is constantly phoning her. She seems determined to end the relationship but only time will tell if there can be a reconciliation. The one thing for sure is that Ozzy needs to sort out his problems. He cannot depend on winning his wife back, but he does have the ability to take charge of his life and move things in a better direction.

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