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Katie Price Blames Sex Addiction for Husband’s Infidelity

Katie-Price-WeddingKatie Price has spoken out again about her husband’s sex addiction and how she is trying to move on, despite the fact that she will never forget nor will she forgive his infidelity. However, she is directing most of her anger at her former friend Jane Poutney who apparently had a ten-month affair with her husband, Kieran Hayler. Katie has taken to Twitter to blast her former pal and it is clear for all to see that the betrayal is something she is finding it difficult to get past.

While Katie was pregnant with Kieran’s child, he apparently had an affair with Poutney, with the model placing the blame firmly at her friend’s door. She has cited sex addiction as the reason for her husband’s betrayal but cannot forgive her friend for the infidelity.

Katie was devastated by the news that her husband had cheated on her, but this was obviously made much worse by the fact that he had cheated with someone she trusted. She then found out that he had also slept with another of her friends, Chrissy Thomas. She has told of how 2014 was a ‘hellish year’ and that she is trying to put it behind her. She said she has come out the other side a ‘stronger and more determined woman’ and that she is sticking by her husband because she loves him. She also said that she is sure he will not cheat again due to the intense therapy he underwent.

How a Sex Addiction Can Affect a Loved One

Not everyone with a sex addiction will cheat on his or her partner but, if he or she does, it can have devastating consequences for the whole family. Katie has decided to stick by her husband but admitted that she cannot forget and will not forgive. This will affect the relationship going forward as the trust is all but gone.

Some people can get past their partner’s infidelity while, for others, it haunts them for the rest of their lives. They will find that they are constantly wondering who their partner is talking to and what they are doing. It consumes them and they are constantly on edge pondering whether their partner is having another affair. It takes a very strong person to get past an affair.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction has long been a subject of comedy on TV shows or in movies but it is a real mental health condition in which an individual suffers with an uncontrollable urge to carry out various sexual acts. This condition can have a devastating effect on relationships and on families. People suffering with a sex addiction will often use sex to deal with any stress they are feeling. In fact, despite what many people think, a sex addiction is not even about sex as such. It is not just that people suffering with a sex addiction want to have loads of sex. It is actually that they have underlying problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, and even shame – and it is these underlying problems will drive their sexual behaviour.

Treatment for a Sex Addiction

Thankfully, a sex addiction is something that can be treated. At Addiction Helpline, we can help you find the right treatment options for your condition. Our counsellors are experienced in all types of addiction and can help you and your family get the help you need. We know how an addiction can affect the individual as well as their families and we will do everything to ensure you get the treatment that will help you recover. Call us today for free, independent advice.

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