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Steve Tyler Admits that Addiction Cost Him a Great Deal

Steve Tyler is best known as the front man of Aerosmith. The band has been active since 1970 and has become one of the most successful acts of all time. Their hits include ‘Love in an Elevator’ and ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’. Steve Tyler has tasted plenty of success in his career, but like many other celebrities, he has battled against addiction. In a recent interview on The Dr. Oz Show in the US, he admitted that his substance abuse problems have cost him a great deal.

Steve Tyler and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle

Aerosmith were at the height of their fame during the seventies and eighties. It wasn’t only their music that made them popular but also their ability to embrace the life of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll completely. The band even listed cocaine as part of their budget requirements when they went touring. The whole stereotype of rock stars wrecking their hotel rooms and throwing TVs out the window became everyday life for the members of Aerosmith.

By 1979, Steve Tyler and most of the rest of the band were completely off the rails. They fell into the downward spiral that all addicts eventually experience, causing Aerosmith to implode. It was only after Steve agreed to enter a drug rehab during the early eighties that the band was once again able to work as an effective unit. He cleaned up his act, and the band was once again able to reclaim their place as one of the greatest live acts on the planet.

Steve Tyler’s problems with addiction did not end completely in the eighties, though. He never again used alcohol or drugs, but he later became addicted to prescription medication, leading him to enter the Betty Ford Clinic in 2009.

Steve Tyler Discusses the Cost of Addiction

Steve Tyler has no trouble remembering how much his addiction cost him. He lost his family, his friends, and for a long-time, his self-respect. He could have so easily wound up dead. The fact that he has been able to stay free from alcohol and illegal drugs for over two decades demonstrates that he is a changed person. His willingness to get help for his problems with prescription medication is commendable. By breaking free of his addiction he has managed to build a great life – many other rock stars have not been so lucky.

Addiction Problems in Recovery

It came as a surprise to many fans to hear that Steve Tyler had once again developed addiction problems despite being such poster-boy for the possibilities of recovery. His story is not unusual at all. The reality is that once people have been addicted to any substance, they have to be constantly vigilant to prevent them from slipping into a new addiction.

Sometimes people in recovery will need to use strong prescription medication under the instructions of a doctor. This can be something they really need in order to help them manage pain. The problem is that anyone who is addicted will be at risk of developing an addiction to this new substance if he or she uses it long enough. It is not as if they set out to develop a dependency on these drugs, it is just one of the risks of having a history of addiction. This is why it is always important to be honest with a doctor about any previous problems with alcohol or drugs – in many cases the benefits of taking the drug are going to outweigh the risk.

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