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Get Help for Your Substance Abuse Problems in York

It is common for people who are dealing with substance abuse problem to feel at least some reluctance about getting help. It can be hard for people to admit that they are unable to solve their own problems, and the individual may worry that by accepting this help they will be losing some of their autonomy (their own personal freedom). These concerns are understandable, but they are also a bit unfounded. The reality is that by getting the help they need the individual will actually be empowering themselves. It will mean that they are then better able to regain control of their life. The reality is that so long as the individual remains addicted they will be powerless – even though the nature of addiction makes it seem as if the individual is making choices. Do not allow the denial of addiction to keep you away from the help you need. Call us right now on 0800 140 4824 to find out more about your addiction recovery options in York.

Why Do You Need Help to End an Addiction?

There are some good examples of people who seem to have been able to break away from addiction problems with little or no help. There is no doubting that such people exist, so why is it necessary for you to get help to end your addiction. After all, you probably do not view yourself as being one of the serious cases that deserve that kind of attention. There are some many good reasons for why you do need addiction treatment such as:

  • · There are always examples of people doing amazing things without any assistance. There are even people who have been able to climb Mount Everest without needing to take any oxygen with them. If these people are able to achieve this then why does anyone waste their time with heavy cylinders of oxygen? The reality is that the majority of people who try to climb this mountain without oxygen will fail because they have made a difficult job even harder. The same is true of addiction recovery – why would you want to make things harder than they need to be?
  • · Giving up alcohol or drugs is in many ways the easy part. Most substance abusers will have been able to stop in the past for a few days, weeks, or months (possibly even years). The problem is not stopping but staying stopped and by getting addiction treatment, the individual is more likely to achieve lasting recovery.
  • · Just because the individual becomes physically sober does not necessarily mean that their life is going to improve that much. The problem is that the reasons for why the individual fell into substance abuse in the first place are likely to be still there. This means that they may end up turning to new maladaptive behaviours or becoming a “dry drunk.” It is the goal of recovery to provide the individual with the tools they need to build a new and better life, so they are not held prisoner by the problems of their past.
  • · The reality is that most substance abusers will have tried many times to quit their addiction or at least control their behaviour. If they failed to do this in the past, this may be a sign that they need to consider a different approach now. Addiction recovery treatment may provide them with the help they need.

Addiction Help in York

When you call us here, we will be able to evaluate your situation and make some suggestions for where you can go for help in York. There are some quality recovery options available in your area, but we can also suggest things further afield if this is going to help you. Do not waste any more of your life to addiction. Call us right now, or just text the word “help” to 66777.

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