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More Than One Path Away From Addiction

If you live in Sheffield and have previously tried to break away from addiction but failed, it may be because you did not get the support and resources you needed for this. There is more than one path away from addiction, and the trick can be for you to find the path that works for you. Of course, no path will prove successful if you are not fully motivated to embrace sober living, but once the power of your motivation is harnessed with the most suitable programme, amazing things should start to happen. If you are in Sheffield and are ready to take your next step towards this new and better way of living, you can contact us right away here on 0800 140 4824.

No Hopeless Cases

Those who are trapped in addiction can fluctuate between believing that they do not really believe that they have a problem, to being convinced that they are a hopeless case. Both of these modes of thinking occur due to the process of addiction. There is a great deal of denial involved in this type of behaviour because if there wasn’t it would be doubtful that the individual would continue with it. The individual has a physical and psychological need to continue with the behaviour, and so they will try to justify this with all types of excuses and illogical thoughts. This explains how the affected person can have their life falling apart around them, but they can still feel convinced that they do not have a problem with alcohol or drugs. They are more likely to believe that these substances are the thing that is helping them to cope.

The individual is likely to have times when the reality of their situation is impossible to ignore. At these times they can move to another type of denial – they can feel convinced that they are such a hopeless case that they will never be able to break away from addiction. This thinking is supported by the fact that the individual will have low self-esteem and self-efficacy because of addiction. It is a trap and unless the individual is able to build up the motivation to quit, they can remain stuck like this for years. The reality is that there are no hopeless cases in addiction, and as soon as the individual takes a leap of faith into recovery, they can find this out for themselves.

Importance of Strong Motivation

In order to break away from addiction it is vital that the individual has strong motivation to do this. This is because the substance abuse will be exerting a pull on them, and they will need an equally strong force in order to be able to break free. Unfortunately, the individual caught in addiction will usually have low self-efficacy, so they will be doubtful about their own ability to overcome their problems. If the person does not believe that they will be able to achieve this goal, it will make it unlikely for them to be able to do this. This is why the individual will usually need plenty of support when trying to break away from addiction. This will increase their self-efficacy and provide them with the motivation they need to break free. By asking for help to end their problems, the individual will be empowering himself or herself, so that they can take charge of their own life.

Find Addiction Help in Sheffield

In order to break away from addiction successfully, you are likely to need some type of addiction help. We will be able to help you consider your options in Sheffield, so that you can then make an informed choice. Once we have a better understanding of your situation, we will be able to make some suggestions, but the final decision is always going to be up to you. Do not waste any more time – call us right now, or text the word “help” to 66777 and wait for us to call you back.

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