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There is a Way out of Addiction in Edinburgh

Once people have become addicted to alcohol or drugs in Edinburgh, it will mean that they are dealing with a life threatening condition. Some people have described it as a slow form of suicide, but the difference is that nobody ever chooses to end up this way. Over time, the process of addiction this behaviour steals everything of value from the person’s life, and it causes great suffering for other people. There is a way out of addiction, but the individual has to be willing to take a chance on this life. If you have decided that you have already lost enough to alcohol or drugs, you can call us right now, or just text the word “help” to 66777. We will be able to help you find a path away from this downwards spiral.

How to Develop the Motivation to Quit Addiction

The fact that addiction causes such destruction in the person’s life would seem to imply that they should have no problem breaking away from the behaviour. The reality is that even when the person is aware of what alcohol or drugs are doing to them they can still decide to continue with the addiction. The reasons for why the individual will be willing to do this will include:

  • · The individual is physically and psychologically addicted to these substances, and this means that there will be a strong inner motivation for them to keep on doing it. Cravings can be extremely powerful, and they can be difficult for the person to resist.
  • · The process of addiction actually saps the person of their willpower and inner strength when it comes to ending the addiction. This is because it reduces their self-efficacy – their own belief in their ability to end the addiction. If the individual does not believe that they are going to be able to achieve a goal, it means that they are almost doomed to failure because they will not be able to put in sufficient effort to succeed. Every time that the individual fails to control their drinking or drug use it reduces their self-efficacy that little bit further.
  • · Another impact of addiction is that it reduces the person’s self-esteem. This means that they can begin to believe that the life of the addict is the best they can hope for. They may even view the pain of addiction as a type of punishment that they have earned.

In order to break away from addiction, the individual will need to increase their motivation. This can be achieved by:

  • · Spending time with people who are dealing with their addictions can have a hugely positive impact on the individual. It can motivate them to see their peers achieving success in recovery, and they will start to believe that if others can do it then so can they.
  • · An addiction therapist will be able to use motivational interviewing to encourage the individual to develop the determination to quit.
  • · By entering a treatment programme, the individual will be staying in a therapeutic and nurturing environment. The effect of such an environment is that it greatly increases the person’s own motivation.

Ready to Quit Addiction Now in Edinburgh

The best time for you to escape your addiction problems is right now. There are plenty of good resources available to help you do this in the Edinburgh area. By combining your motivation with the right type of treatment plan, you will be well on your way to success. We are ready to work with you in order to find the best way forward. Call us now on 0800 140 4824 to find out more about your options. A new life really does await you, but it is up to you to take the first step. You will not be obligated to do anything, but it will help you to at least know about your options.

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