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How to End Addiction Problems in Devon

When people in the Devon area are caught in the pain of addiction, it can feel as if there is no way out. The problem is that the process of addiction affects the person’s self-esteem and self-efficacy (their belief in their own ability to do something). It means that the individual becomes powerless and hopeless, and this is what keeps them stuck in this behaviour even when it becomes obvious how much the substance abuse is costing them. One of the important aims of almost all addiction treatment is to help the individual increase their self-esteem and self-efficacy. By asking for help, the individual will actually be empowering himself or herself, so that they will be able to take their life forward in a positive direction. It is for this reason that addiction treatment resources can be so important. If you would like to find out about the treatment options available in Devon, you can call us right now on 0800 140 4824.

How Addiction Treatment Works

When most people are asked to describe addiction treatment they will likely mention that it is there to help people stop abusing alcohol or drugs. This is true, but it only describes the tip of the iceberg in regards to what these treatments can do for the individual. If the aim is to get the person back to where they were before the addiction, it is unlikely to be very successful. This is because most people will have fallen into substance abuse because they were uncomfortable with their life, and taking them back to that state is just not going to work. The person will either relapse or fall into new maladaptive behaviours. The real goal of addiction treatment then will include things like the following:

  • · Providing the individual with the tools they need in order to be able to deal with life.
  • · Helping the person create a new life that is going to be far more satisfying than anything they have ever experienced before. The goal is for the person to create the type of life that they will never want to risk losing because of alcohol or drugs.
  • · The individual is not only going to learn about how to live without alcohol and drugs but to also be a successful person. They will actually have an advantage over many people who never fell in addiction, but also never got the opportunity to discover these keys to success.
  • · It is often stated that the purpose of something like rehab is to provide the individual with a strong foundation for their recovery. This means that anything that they do later will be supported by this strong base. If the individual does not have a strong foundation for their recovery, it can mean that their future life will be shaky.
  • · Another goal of this type of programme is to allow the individual to get down to the root of their problems. Once the roots that were driving the addiction are dealt with, it will be much easier for the person to move forward with their life. Their underlying issues will not be constantly pulling them back.
  • · Addiction treatment provides the individual with the chance to become part of the recovery community. This is important because in order to recovery they will need to break away from the drinking and drug using community.

Addiction Help in Devon

We are aware of all the addiction treatment resources that will be available to you in Devon. We will also be able to suggest options elsewhere in the UK (or even internationally) if this is appropriate. By contacting us, you will have the chance to chat with somebody about your situation and to hear about possible solutions. You will not need to sign up for anything, but you will be given the help you need to move forward in recovery. Phone us now, or just text “help” to 66777.

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