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County Londonderry

Help is Available in Londonderry for People Dealing with Addiction

The good news for anyone who is ready to break away from substance abuse in the County Londonderry area is that there is help available for those who want it. Breaking away from addiction is not such an easy thing to do, but with the right type of help and support, it is certainly something that the individual will be able to accomplish. Our team is aware of the addiction treatment options available in County Londonderry, and we will be glad to discuss this with you. Call us right away, or just text the word “help” to 66777. This is one call that you will be likely be glad you made.

Not Ready for Recovery?

The reasons why people will often delay getting help for their addiction problems is that they do not feel ready to change. It is because of this that the person can remain trapped in the misery of addiction, and they may even cross the line to where a full recovery will no longer be possible – for example, the individual may develop alcohol dementia (wet brain syndrome). The truth is that the individual may never feel ready to stop unless they make themselves feel this way. This means initially reaching out and getting some type of addiction help. It is a leap of faith, but the rewards of a new life in recovery make it something that is going to be well worth doing.

Addiction and Hopeless Cases

It is common for people who are trapped in addiction to feel a bit hopeless, and they may have even given up the idea that they will be ever able to enjoy a better life. The reality is that there are no real hopeless cases. Even if the person has done irreparable damage to their body and mind, they will be able to make some type of recovery – something that will be far better than what they currently have.

It is easy to understand why people become hopeless in addiction. It is a symptom of the progression of this condition. The reason it occurs is that the individual experiences a decrease to their self-efficacy over time – this is their own belief in their ability to stop. Every time that the individual tries to control or stop the substance abuse but fails, it has the effect of reducing their self-efficacy. Eventually the self-efficacy for giving up the addiction becomes so low that the individual reaches a stage of hopelessness. This is a terrible state to be in because if the person does not believe that they will be able to stop, it will make it very unlikely for them to be able to stop. The good news is that their self-efficacy can be increased with the help of addiction treatment. This can be done through motivational interviewing and spending time with peers who are also breaking away from addiction (the individual will get the idea here that if they can do it then so can I).

There can also be people who feel that the life of addiction is all that they deserve. This occurs because the process of addiction robs the person of their self worth and self esteem. As soon as the individual enters recovery, they will find that they do not deserve to suffer the misery of addiction – nobody deserves this.

Get Addiction Help Now in County Londonderry

You need to get help right now in order to break away from addiction. Our team is waiting for your call, and we will provide you with options available in County Londonderry or elsewhere if that is appropriate. Do not waste any more of your life on addiction – call us right now on 0800 140 4824. The power to live a new and better life is in your hands, and getting in contact with us can be one of the early steps in achieving your goal.

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