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It is Possible to Escape Addiction Problems in Bradford

The reasons why people in Bradford continue with substance abuse, long after the negative effects are impossible to ignore, is that the individual feels trapped. It is the nature of addiction to rob the person of their self-esteem and their belief in their own abilities (self-efficacy). As the individual falls lower and lower into their addiction, they will be building a prison for themselves. This is not something that they will be doing deliberately, but it will be something they have to do in order to survive in addiction. The individual has this deep physical and psychological need to keep using alcohol or drugs, and this forces them to imprison themselves. The good news is that it will be possible for the individual to break away from this position of powerlessness, so they can go on to live a much more satisfying life. Our team will be able to discuss options for this escape available in Bradford – so call us right now on 0800 140 4824.

Good Reasons to Quit Your Addiction

Most of us will be well aware of the dangers of substance abuse, yet we will continue with this behaviour. There are a number of reasons for why we are able to do this:

  • · It is usual for people to feel like a special case when it comes to negative effects of these types of behaviour. This is because we have a false sense of security, and a tendency to believe that bad things just happen to other people. This type of thinking is sometimes referred to as terminal uniqueness because it can easily get people killed.
  • · The evidence seems to suggest that fear of negative consequences only promotes change in the short term. The problem is that we forget about these fears, and then it is just easy to slip back into bad behaviours. This is why it is more likely that people will remain sober because of the benefits of this life and not the dangers of the old one.
  • · It is usual for people who are caught up in addiction to be also caught up in denial. The individual is not wilfully ignoring reality but is caught up in delusions created by the process of addiction. These delusions will be reinforced by other substance abusers who will believe the exact same things.

Fear is not a good motivator for getting people to quit addiction, but the benefits of choosing this new life will include:

  • · By getting sober, the individual will have the opportunity to turn their life around completely. It does not matter how far they have fallen because of their addiction, they can still get a second chance in life. There are plenty of inspiring stories of those people who managed to break away from addiction to go on to become successful.
  • · Recovery is not about getting the individual back to where they were before falling into addiction. This would not be a very satisfactory outcome as the person will be back at square one, and the things that drove them into addiction in first place are likely to be still there. The real goal of recovery is to bring the individual to a new way of living that is better than anything they have known previously.
  • · One of the goals for people in recover is to achieve serenity. This is a type of inner peace and contentment that is beyond anything the individual will have experienced with alcohol or drugs. This is the reward for sober living.

· The individual will be able to make up for some of the hurt they caused to other people. They will be able to enjoy meaningful relationships in recovery.

These are just some of the benefits that people will enjoy when they get sober. You can call us right away, or text “help” to 66777 to find out more about how recovery could benefit your life.

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