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Lauren Alaina Sings About Growing Up With an Alcoholic Father

Lauren AlainaLauren Alaina has just released a song called Same Day, Different Bottle where she sings about her experiences of growing up with an alcoholic father. This nineteen-year-old country singer shot to fame in 2011 when she became the runner-up on the tenth series of American Idol. She released her debut album Wildflower in the same year, which has sold fairly well in the US. She is currently working on her second album and Same Day, Different Bottle will be a track on this new album.

Lauren Alaina Describes Growing Up with an Alcoholic Father

Lauren Alaina has always loved her dad, but she admits that it was not an easy life at home because of his alcoholism. Her father was a high functioning alcoholic; he wasn’t a fall-down drunk and he managed to keep things together most of the time. Lauren kept her father’s struggles a secret and even some of her friends did not know how tough it could sometimes be for her at home. It is still something she does not feel completely comfortable talking about, but she understands that it helps her and other people to share this type of experience.

Lauren’s dad has recently completed a rehab programme, and she is very proud of the fact that he is taking serious action to get his life back together. In the beginning it was hard for her to accept that he was really going to change, but now she has no doubt that he is going to be able to make sobriety work. She is excited about the fact that he can now look forward to a brighter future, and it is likely to bring them even closer together, as well.

Growing Up with an Alcoholic Parent is Tough

It is great to hear people like Lauren Alaina discuss and sing about the difficulties of growing up in an alcoholic home. It tends to be the person that is struggling with the addiction that gets most of the attention in this type of situation, but this is really a family disease; it is often the case the children suffer the most because they are trapped, having no real idea about what is going on.

Children who grow up in an alcoholic family often feel a great deal of shame about their situation. They may work hard to hide the situation back home, and in a lot of cases the child ends up taking care of the parent – their roles are reversed, putting a terrible strain on a young person. Growing up in an alcoholic family can mean having to put up with a great deal of physical and mental abuse, but the child may not be to speak to anyone about the situation because of the shame involved.

Those who grow up in an alcoholic home can be at high risk of developing mental health problems as well as developing their own addiction problems. This is because growing up in this type of household can mean this type of behaviour begins to appear normal to the child. Luckily, in the case of Lauren Alaina it appears as if she has come out of the experience as a well-adjusted and happy young adult.

Lauren Alaina’s Song is Likely to Inspire People Struggling with an Alcoholic Parent

There are too many songs glorifying alcohol abuse and not enough of them describing the struggles of growing up around alcoholism. So far, Lauren has only allowed a select few to hear this track, but the reports are that it is very moving because she really puts her heart into it.  Hopefully, this song is going to be a huge hit, highlighting the realities of growing up in an alcoholic household.

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