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I need help for someone I care about who is affected by addiction

If someone you know is being affected by addiction, you may want to help them, but don’t know what to do, or how to go about it. You might keep putting it off, wondering if you would be doing the “right thing,” or hoping that the problem might just go away, or get better by its self. Sadly, this rarely happens, and if someone you care about if being affected by addiction then you should seek help, straight away.

You may have tried talking to the person you care about about their addiction problems. You’ll know this is fraught with difficulties and most likely they will deny they have a problem. Addicts always have an excuse, will become defensive, and may even become hostile to anyone questioning their habit. It can result in rifts in friendships as the addict may even try to avoid friends with “concerns,” as they tried to hide their ever increasing addiction. Addiction changes people’s personalities-and someone who had previously had a sunny open disposition may become moody, secretive and withdrawn. Addicts often isolate themselves away from family and friends as the addiction takes hold. The addict’s behaviour may become unacceptable to those close to them-having to deal with the mood swings, changes in personality and erratic behaviour that often accompanies addiction. They may have lied, stolen from or hurt their family members in order to maintain their addiction. Problems with, for example, drugs and alcohol are gambling can have a considerable strain on finances and an addict may seek any means possible to get money to fund their obsession.

It’s incredibly difficult to watch someone you love or care about suffer from any disease, and addiction is no different. It seems still the a lot of people think addiction is just a weakness in character or something the people just need to snap out of-if only it was that easy! Addiction is a real disease. It’s a progressive disease, and that means that, in the traditional sense it can’t be cured. But the good news is, it can be treated-and by arresting the symptoms and learning to manage compulsive behaviours with top class rehab care.

If someone you know is being affected by addiction, then it really is best to try and seek help as soon as possible. Addiction has a wide range of damaging effects, not just for the addict and their own health and well-being, for their families and friends and everyone close to them. Addiction loses people their jobs, their homes and their self-respect. In some cases, it can even lose them their lives.

If someone you care about is being affected by addiction, then call us today-we’re here to help.

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