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Private Rehab for Alcohol Addiction in Gateshead

Last Updated: June 1st, 2015

There are many different kinds of addictions, from alcohol to drugs like cannabis and cocaine, to prescription medication and gambling.

Our alcohol rehabilitation centres offer advice and counselling to the residents of Gateshead and surrounding Tyne and Wear area. Call 0808 163 9632 for immediate access.

Addiction Helpline is at the centre of alcohol rehab. UK nonprofit organisations such as ours provide the people of Gateshead 24 HR access to qualified counsellors, at no cost. They can tell you about the resources available at our local addiction treatment centres.

Lying on the bank of the River Tyne opposite Newcastle upon Tyne, the large town of Gateshead is home to 120,046 people and 0.23%% of the populace of England. It has seen the locals face the same challenges as other Tyne and Wear folk, including problems with alcoholism.

If you live in or nearby Gateshead, and battling addiction, you are not alone. If you are feeling low and it seems like nobody cares, Addiction Helpline certainly does. There is so much we can do to help. If you would like to know more about detoxification or withdrawal, call our alcohol and drug rehab clinics in your area.

With 98,012 Gateshead townspeople of legal drinking age out of it's total populace of 120,046, UK government numbers seem to imply that for Gateshead:

  • 6,620 Gateshead men are habitual drinkers
  • 4,420 female Gateshead townspeople are habitual drinkers
  • 10,604 Gateshead adults are very frequent drinkers
  • With 19,754 Gateshead townspeople in the town of pensionable age and over, 2,229 men in Gateshead aged 65 and over are most likely to drink alcohol often with 1,409 female Gateshead townspeople of the same age also drinking frequently .
  • 3,556 Gateshead townspeople of pensionable age drunk alcohol on 5 days in the previous seven days ; a higher amount than any other demographic
  • 593 Gateshead townspeople of pensionable age that could be abusing alcohol
  • 2,288 school pupils in Gateshead may have consumed alcohol in the past 7 days
  • 667 11-15 yr old Gateshead townspeople in the town drink weekly
  • 38 eleven year olds in Gateshead think it is ok to be drunk weekly.
  • 673 15 year old Gateshead townspeople think it is ok to be drunk once a week
  • 1,524 sixteen to twenty four men-folk in Gateshead may be consuming over double the recommended alcohol intake guidelines.
  • 1,295 16-24 year olds could also be abusing alcohol
  • 3,813 16-24 year old Gateshead townspeople have drunk very heavily at least once in the last 7 days.


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Alcohol Rehab in Gateshead

If you live in Gateshead and need to enter rehab, phone our alcohol treatment centres for immediate advice. Email our alcohol and drug rehab clinics in private, using the contact form on this page. Our support line is open to all, including family members, friends and workmates who are worried that alcohol addiction is affecting someone close to them.

Calls to our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres are strictly confidential. We will not ever share your private details with anyone.

AH can help you through alcohol and drug rehab. UK networks like ours have the qualified staff to deal with any addiction issue.

Addiction Helpline alcohol treatment services include:

  • Alcohol Rehab: fast access to a rehabilitation clinic in or near Gateshead ( in under twenty four hours )
  • 121 Counselling: At home counselling service in Gateshead
  • Tyne and Wear Home Detox: At home outpatient drug based alcohol treatment plans
  • Tyne and Wear Alcohol Guidance: Guidance on Gateshead based addiction services
  • Addiction Help Line can help Gateshead townspeople in cutting through Tyne and Wear local health board rules and regulations and get you speedy expert help.
  • Tyne and Wear Residential Detox: Residential inpatient alcohol detox plan in Gateshead

Make today the day you save yourself or someone you worry about. You are only one quick telephone call away from success.

Contact our alcohol rehab centres on 0808 16 39 632 to speak to one of our support team, right now.

I have a problem with alcohol and would like some help

I have a problem with alcohol and would like some help

If you know that your drinking is out of control, and would like some help to cut down or stop drinking then you have come to the right place.

Many people find that they become addicted to alcohol without even really realising it. Drinking can be an easy habit to slip into and what started off as an occasional drink has turned into a desperate need for alcohol. They may not fit the traditional stereotype of an alcoholic and can continue to hold down jobs, run homes and maintained the front of a perfectly normal lifestyle. Alcoholism is more commonplace than a lot of people think. Alcohol addiction is a crippling disease which is indiscriminate in choosing its victims-people of all ages, genders and nationalities have problems with their drinking and a considerable amount of them will keep it hidden for a long time.

Your drinking habits

Try keeping a “drink diary”, a record of your drinking. By keeping note of how much you drank and when, who you were with and what you were doing, you’ll probably be able to see a pattern emerging. Drinking diaries are often used in rehab as a valuable tool to help identify triggers and situations that could potentially cause someone who is recovering from alcohol addiction to drink again. Managing behaviours that lead to drinking is a key survival skill for those in recovery, and effective alcohol rehab programs can equip you with these essentials life skills.

Changing patterns

Changing your habits and routines to activities that don’t involve alcohol is recommended when trying to cut down or stop drinking. Try new activities or develop different hobbies, it will cut down the amount of time available to you to actually be able to drink. Meeting new people who enjoyed different  interests away from ones that are centred round alcohol will help too. By giving yourself time out, you’ll be able to help yourself.

Talk about it

Looking at the reasons why you want to stop drinking can help boost your determination to cut down or stop drinking, but until the issues behind the addiction are addressed and resolved, then long term recovery is less likely. Giving up alcohol is one thing, but staying clean is another entirely. The road to sobriety is a rocky one, and someone who has a problem with alcohol may relapse sevral times before they manage to stay off the booze for good. Counselling and therapy are crucial to success in any rehab program, and by delving into the roots of an addiction problem, underlying issues can be addressed.

A helping hand

If you have a problem and would like some help then don’t delay, give our qualified counsellors a call. You’ll receive caring, discreet and non judgemental advice and to help you beat your problems with alcohol. Our qualified, knowledgeable counsellors are on hand 24 hours a day to give you the help you need to break free from addiction.


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