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Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction Destroys People

If drug addiction led people to happiness, it would be unreasonable to try to dissuade these people from the behaviour. This is not the case though. When the person first begins using these substances, it can seem to be benefiting them, but as they fall deeper into addiction, the negatives begin to far outweigh the positives. By that time, the individual will be so caught up in denial that they can be unable to see the reality of their situation. Drug addiction drags the person into a downwards spiral and unless they are able to escape this decent it will eventually kill them.

The Effects of Drug Addiction

It would not be possible to list all of the negative effects of drug addiction. This is a type of behaviour that just keeps on taking away from the individual. Some of the most common drug addiction effects will include:

  • These substances are toxic on the body, and this means that they damage the person’s physical and mental health. The body will try to adapt as best it can but ultimately it is a losing battle.

  • Some people will overdose on these substances and this can kill them right away. Alcohol poisoning and drug overdose can happen to people even though it is only their first time using these substances.

  • One of the hardest things to deal with for people addicted to these substances is the decline in their mental health. At the times the individual may feel afraid and on the edge of madness. If they are unable to stop the behaviour they may cross this line, and there is no guarantee that they will ever be able to return.

  • Feeding a drug habit can be very expensive and in order to do this the person will often be driven to commit crimes. This means that they will behave unethically and probably start developing legal problems.

  • It is usual for drug abusers to become less effective as employees. They may have to change jobs regularly because of their unreliability. Eventually the person may reach a stage where they become unemployable, and this means plenty of financial misery for them and their family. Some substance abusers will be high functioning, and this means that they are hide the extent of their problems from employers, but this ability to stay in control will decline over time.

  • Over the course of the addictive behaviour, the individual is likely to be the source of pain for friends and family. It will usually be young children who suffer the most. Even if the substance abuser is not physically or emotionally abusive, they can still cause a great deal of harm to their family. At the very least, they will be diverting family financial resources away from where it could be better spent. It is common for those who fall into addiction to become estranged from their family, and there can be so much damage done that these relationships become unsalvageable.

  • The addiction not only robs the individual of the respect of their loved ones but also their own self-respect. This means that even when the individual is able to recognise their situation they may feel unable to escape – their low self-worth means that they now feel like they deserve this miserable existence.

  • By remaining trapped in addiction, the individual will be missing out on many of the good things in life. They will also be wasting their own potential. The individual may hold onto lies, such as the idea that sober life is boring, but the reality is that they could be living a much better life.

Above are just some of the effects of drug addiction – it is by no means an exhaustive list.

Hitting Rock Bottom

It is often claimed that people need to hit rock bottom before they will be able to break away from addiction for good. This is often mistaken to mean that the person has to lose everything before they will be able to quit their addiction. The individual may be waiting to hit this magical rock bottom, so that they can give themselves permission to quit. This is a very dangerous game, and there is no need for the person to wait one more day before ending this behaviour. All that rock bottom really means is that the individual has reached a stage where they are ready to quit the behaviour.  It means that they have decided they have had enough, and have decided to get help. If you have decided that you are fed up of feeling sick and tired, it means that you are at your rock bottom. It does not matter if you have lost relatively little because of your addiction – this is as low as you need to go.

Let Us Help You Deal with the Effects of Addiction for Good

There is only one way to escape the misery of drug addiction and this is to give up these substances completely. If you are ready to take this life-changing step, we will be able to assist you in this endeavour. Our team is highly skilled in addiction treatment planning and drug rehab placement. We will know what resources are available in your local area as well as elsewhere in the UK – we will even be able to arrange foreign drug or alcohol rehabs if that is what you want.

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