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Private Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab comes in a variety of ‘flavours’, depending on the organisation offering treatment and the types of services included. As an independent referral service, we typically recommended private rehab because it offers the greatest chances of long-term success.

Private alcohol rehab clinics have been helping alcoholics all over the UK for more than a decade. Most utilise the proven 12-step programme that not only breaks the physical addiction, but also deals with the mental and emotional issues as well. However, make no mistake; there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. What helps one alcoholic may be somewhat limiting to another.

Our mission is to stay abreast of what every private clinic in the UK is offering. We do that through constant research and evaluation. When an alcoholic or his/her loved one contacts us, we are fully prepared to walk the individual through the entire list of available options. We make finding help for alcohol addiction as easy as it can be.


Private versus Public

To understand why we recommend private alcohol rehab over public services, it is important to discuss how each type of organisation works. Those offering public, or free, services would include support groups, charities and the NHS.

The primary disadvantage of public services is the noticeable lack of resources. In other words, a charity or support group is limited in the types and quantity of services they provide simply because they do not have the financial resources that a private clinic has. What they offer is helpful, there’s no doubt, but it can never match the quality of a residential treatment programme at a private clinic.

As for the NHS, they have the responsibility to treat every illness or injury that might befall the average UK citizen. With so many things to worry about on such a grand scale, it would be impossible for the NHS to do alcohol rehab proper justice. The scope of their mission just makes it impossible.

The private alcohol rehab clinic has a decided advantage inasmuch as drug and alcohol rehab is all they do. All of their resources are focused on hiring and retaining the best staff, developing the best programmes, and providing the treatment and support necessary to help the addict permanently overcome. Furthermore, they are willing to provide that support for as long as it takes.

How Private Rehab Works

Private alcohol rehab can be broken down into two basic categories: outpatient programmes and residential programmes. An outpatient programme is based on the addict visiting a facility on a regular basis for several hours at a time. Outpatient programmes typically involve things like:

  • one-on-one counselling
  • group counselling
  • group support sessions
  • group recreational activities.

A residential programme is significantly more involved. You can probably tell by its name that it involves becoming a resident of the treatment facility throughout the duration of the programme. Residential treatment typically runs between 6 and 12 weeks.

Residential treatment includes all of the things offered by outpatient programmes, plus the added advantage of complete separation from those circumstances that enable the alcoholic to continue his/her addiction. This separation provides detox (when necessary) as well as an environment that forces the alcoholic to face his/her problems at their roots.

The value of separation through a residential programme cannot be understated. Without that separation it’s too easy for the alcoholic to continue drinking and his or her friends and relatives to continue enabling them.

Local or Distant Programmes

One of the questions we routinely get is whether it is better to seek a local residential programme or put some distance between the alcohol addict and his/her current surroundings. The answer to that really depends on individual circumstances. You have to consider things like:

  • concerns of immediate family
  • the need for family counselling
  • what current circumstances involve
  • what a distance environment might be like.

Some alcoholics choose a local programme because it enables them to remain close to their families. This is a great option if the family will be undergoing counselling, along with alcoholic, right at the residential facility. You obviously do not want family having to go a great distance for family counselling every week.

On the other hand, there are alcoholics who simply cannot overcome as long as they remain local. The circumstances of the local environment are just too familiar and enabling. For them, a private alcohol rehab clinic on the other side of the country might be a better option. The separation of distance might be what it takes for that individual to finally come to grips with his or her addiction.

This is another area in which our services become very valuable. We are able to assess your individual circumstances in relation to the programmes available around the country. We can help guide you to the private clinic most appropriate for you.

Do Not Neglect the Help

 We would be remiss if we closed without challenging you to get the alcohol rehab help you need as soon as possible. The help is out there if you are willing to take advantage of it. Neglecting that help is an open door to further misery as you continue in the prison of alcohol addiction.

Every day you ignore rehab you are:

  • further damaging your health
  • wasting your financial resources
  • damaging your personal relationships
  • causing your loved ones to suffer needlessly
  • reducing the likelihood of eventually achieving long-term sobriety.

 If you are not ready to seek help quite yet, what’s holding you back? What is it about alcohol dependence you love so much? If you are like most alcoholics, you really don’t enjoy the hangovers, the constant depression, the anxiety, and the unquenchable thirst for alcohol.


Getting Help for Someone Else

 Perhaps you are visiting our website because you know someone with an alcohol abuse or addiction problem. We would urge you not neglect getting help either. You may not be able to force your friend or loved one into a private rehab programme, but you can gather all the information so you are ready to go when that decision is made.

We are here to get you that information when you call. We can also advise you on conducting an intervention if you are willing to go that route. In either case, we can only help you when you get in touch with us. Our fully trained and compassionate staff are waiting to hear from you.

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