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At Addiction Helpline, we offer confidential expert help and advice for all kinds of addictions.

We are able to help you decide for yourself if you have a problem that requires professional treatment.  We are also able to offer helpful advice and support to families and friends of those suffering with a possible addiction. Addiction Helpline is completely free to call and the advice and support offered is also completely free.  We can advise on treatment options for many different addictions, including substance addictions such as alcohol addiction and drug abuse. We can also advise on treatments available for behavioural addictions such as food disorders, gambling, sex and shopping.

Trained Advisors & Support When You Need It

Our counsellors and advisors are trained to advise on all of the latest treatment methods including therapeutic drug and alcohol rehab and have an in depth knowledge of addiction and how it effects the individual as well as their family and loved ones.

Many that suffer from addiction can feel overwhelmed by a feeling of despair and hopelessness of ever overcoming their problem.  Let us reassure you that there is hope, and that there are many proven and successful methods of treating someone with an addiction.

Please remember, that whatever the addiction is that you are suffering from, we are here to help. You can expect us to keep confidence and offer you a non-judgemental and caring approach in helping you access the correct treatment pathway.

Maybe you have accessed this site as you wish to gain knowledge and understanding of a loved one’s addiction, or maybe you are seeking help and treatment advice for yourself.  Whatever the problem, if it is addiction-related, we are confident we can help.  There is no need to feel alone any longer in your problem.



Detoxification is an important part of addiction treatment, ensuring a comfortable and safe withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, often with the aid of specifically prescribed and monitored medications.  Before any psychosocial treatment can be of true benefit, it is important that any physical dependency is dealt with first.

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If it is a rehab facility you are looking for, then look no further. Finding the right drug or alcohol rehab is critical to getting the correct treatment and best long term results. We have access to and information on more rehabs than anyone else on the internet in the UK.

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Counselling may be an accessible treatment option for you or your loved one.  Community based counselling offers a solution by treating emotional problems and providing coping mechanisms and increased self-esteem.  It is invaluable in providing stabilisation and focus for any individual who has recently been through a treatment program. We offer free advice on the best outpatient and aftercare options available in the UK.

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Stop Suffering And Start The Process Of Recovery

For those suffering from an alcohol or drug dependency, there are many addiction treatments available including emergency help such as fast track entry into alcohol rehab and drug rehab..  There are also many free treatment options that we can guide you towards.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from addiction, you have come to the right place.  We understand the pressure society puts on individuals suffering from addiction to “sort themselves out” we also know that for many it is not that simple!  Addiction needs to be treated in both the physical sense and mental sense.  Starting with addressing the physical dependency, we can offer help and advice on treatments for a safe and comfortable detoxification (withdrawal).  This is essential to protect an individual’s health and well-being as any addict that uses a substance regularly and over a prolonged period of time is likely develop a tolerance.

Following the safe removal of the substance from the body, we can also advise on how to deal with any psychological dependency. There are many proven treatment methods available that mean you or your loved one need never return to active addiction again.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Options

If you feel ready to break away from addiction, there will be many options available to help you do this – wherever you live in the UK. The problem you are likely to have is deciding which of these options drug and alcohol rehab you should choose. The reality is that there is no one approach to addiction recovery that works for everyone. In order to have the best chance of success you will need to choose something appropriate to your needs. This is where we come in. We will be able to discuss your situation with you to determine the treatment options that are most likely to work for you. We will then be able to make suggestions based on what is available. Our high level of knowledge in this area means that you have the information you need to make an informed choice. Once you have come to your decision we will then be able to arrange everything for you.

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Addiction treatment resources are plentiful in the UK and it can be confusing and overwhelming determining which course of treatment is the correct one for you or a loved one. Our team has a great deal of expertise in creating individual addiction treatment plans, which are designed to cover every aspect of each individual’s addiction. We can advise on the many recovery pathways that are available to access in the UK as well as more specialist treatment resources available in other parts of the world.

By contacting us, you will receive free advice and guidance on addictions and the appropriate treatments available. From there you can make an informed and supported decision on how you or your loved one should proceed.

Addiction does not have to be a life sentence; we can help you break free. We are passionate about helping those suffering into and through the appropriate treatment channels.. Breaking free from addiction really can be as simple as picking up the phone and speaking to someone who can help

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Dealing with Addiction

Addiction is not something that you can or should ignore. There is no shame in suffering from an addiction as it has been proven to be an illness. Addiction can rarely be overcome without the aid of expert treatment and advice, and the sooner the better! Those who suffer from addiction are in the grips of a progressive and self-destructive illness. Over any given period of time the problem is likely to get worse rather than better. This means more suffering and heart break for you and your loved ones. For many who do not seek or accept treatment for their addiction the prognosis is bleak. Sadly many needlessly die as a result. You may keep saying to yourself that you have your addiction under control, yet those who care and love you have a very different opinion. Addiction resides in the sufferers mind in the form of disillusioned and irrational thinking, it is important for you to keep an open mind to what others are trying to tell you to give yourself the best possible chance of recovery. Addiction is an isolating and ravaging illness that affects all those whose lives it touches, yet we believe that there is a solution and that recovery is possible, no matter how bad things are or how impossible that may seem. We can help you to understand your illness and to accept an appropriate course of treatment, so that you can live a life you never thought was possible, free from addiction.

More Information

Everyone involved in this website, our telephone helpline as well as behind the scenes, is in recovery. We’ve all overcame addiction and work in the field, so we know what we’re talking about. We have in-depth knowledge of addiction but more importantly recovery. We know how to get well and how to help other people get well.

Collectively, we’ve spent over 80 years in this industry, and have built up a comprehensive knowledge of treatments, treatment providers, solutions for individuals and where to get recovery help. Not all addictions are the same and not all addicts are the same. We know what treatments work for individuals and tailor treatments to suit – and all of our advice is completely free to you.

Lots of people know about addiction but few know about recovery. We know how to get well, where to get well,  what rehabs and treatment centres offer treatments for which drugs and their associated therapies.

Often, addiction doesn’t come alone. It is often joined with other behavioural, psychological or traumas, meaning that the addiction is just one part of an individual’s make up.

We know how to treat addiction pertinent to the individual and the types of therapy that different people respond to. Not all therapies are the same and some people respond better to individual therapy than to group therapy for instance.

Many addicts left to their own devices will simply destroy themselves. Addiction is progressive and it is often necessary to intervene to help people on to the first step to getting well.

Intervention is a lifesaving procedure, which involves getting a loved one to accept help and go into rehab treatment.

We offer help, guidance and our experience to help you to help your loved one. Interventions are a powerful way of getting people to face up to the facts, realise they need external help to get well – all addicts are in denial to the extent of their addiction and often, even with the best of intentions – insist they can do it themselves.

Detoxing from alcohol and drugs is dangerous and should be undertaken with professional help. The process of withdrawing from the addictive substance if often so traumatic for the individual, that it is the fear of the feelings and thoughts that occur during detox and withdrawal that keeps the individual in active addiction.

The detox process, any drugs and medical intervention necessary, the duration of detox and where to undertake the detox, depend on the individual and for alcohol and many other addictive drugs, should be medically supervised. Talk to one of our advisors for more details or if you have any questions.

A drug or alcohol rehab clinic is the best solution available for immediate addiction help. Although rehabs differ in their approach – which we can help advise on – they usually provide detoxes, therapy and a nurturing environment, which makes a significant difference to one’s ability to break away from addiction.

Overcoming addiction is not something that should be taken lightly and giving an individual the best possible start in their journey towards a life free from alcohol or drugs, has to be rehab. There are rehabs all over the country, offering all types of therapies for all types of addictions. Making the right rehab choice is critical to the recovery journey.

Talk to us about which rehab is right for you or your loved one.

Counselling and continued aftercare post alcohol rehab are necessary in order to keep a life free from addiction.

On going therapy not only keeps one clean and sober but it improves quality of life, happiness and overall wellbeing. Therapists and the clients can develop a therapeutic relationship where the client will be positively influenced due to the bond and nature of therapy and the help and improvement such treatment brings.

Aftercare helps keep people motivated, increases a person’s self-esteem, work out reasons why they became addicted and overcome problems arising from the past. Ultimately, its goal is to bring about contentment, inner quiet and happiness.