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We Can Help You Find Addiction Treatment in West Yorkshire

Our team has a great deal of expertise when it comes to addiction treatment planning and rehab placements. We have local knowledge about the West Yorkshire area, and we will be able to connect those seeking recovery options with the most suitable resources. This is an exciting time in the field of addiction recovery because there are now so many options available that there is almost certainly something that will work for the person, no matter what their needs. Call us right now to find out about your options or simply text the word “help” to 66777 and just wait for us to call you back.

Resistance to Addiction Treatment

Despite the fact that there are now many good options for people who feel ready to break away from addiction, there can still be a good deal of resistance when it comes to getting treatment. Even after the individual feels that they are ready to change, they can still feel that they will be able to go it alone. The problem is that the person is likely to have already tried to quit in the past without help, and they will have been unable to sustain a lasting recovery – otherwise they would not be still trying to stop. If the person keeps doing the same thing, they are likely to keep on getting the same results, so it just makes sense that they should try a different approach.

There are a number of common reasons for why people will tend to feel resistant to addiction treatment including:

  • · The individual feels that their addiction problem is not serious enough to warrant any type of addiction treatment. The problem is that this is how must people caught in addiction feel – it is part of the denial. Even those who are close to losing everything because of their addiction can still feel that their addiction is not serious enough for treatment. Addiction is a life threatening condition, and this means that it is always serious enough.
  • · The person may have picked up some misconceptions about addiction treatment options like rehab. They may believe that they will be expected to enter some type of institution where they will be kept like a prisoner. These misconceptions occur during addiction as the individual attempts to justify their addiction, and the key to overcoming them is information. By finding out the reality of addiction treatment, the individual can become far less resistant.
  • · One of the most common reasons for why the individual will feel resistant about treatment is that they are still ambivalent about recovery. They do not want to commit to treatment because they are not really serious about giving up. By saying that they will sort things out themselves it will allow them to delay and just continue with what they are doing. The individual can feel resistant to recovery treatment because they are afraid that it might actually work.
  • · Some people can believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness. This is a dangerous misconception because asking for help can actually be the reverse of weakness because it means that the individual can be empowered. The most successful people in the world got to where they are by asking for help when they needed it. It is the people who refuse to ask for help who end up remaining stuck in life.

Break Out of Addiction in West Yorkshire

Call us right now to find out how you can break away from addition in West Yorkshire. We will also be able to discuss options in the UK, or even internationally, if that were what you would prefer. We have people waiting to take your call 24 hours of the day so call us now on 0800 140 4824. You will not be obliged to take any action just because you called, but it will help to know your options.

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