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Do You Need Addiction Help in West Glamorgan?

If you feel that your use of alcohol and drugs has spiralled out of control, this will be a sign that you may need some help in order to escape this behaviour. It is usually the case that by the time the individual is able to acknowledge the problem, they will have already suffered a great deal. It is vital that the person is able to stop this behaviour as soon as possible because the longer they remain addicted the more they will end up suffering. We are ready to help anyone in West Glamorgan who feels ready to break away from addiction. Call us now on 0800 140 4824 and begin your journey to a new and better way of living.

Do You Need to Hit Rock Bottom?

It is often claimed that those who fall into addiction will need to hit rock bottom before they will be able to break away from addiction. There can be a great deal of misunderstanding about what this really means, and some people may even use it as an excuse or justification to keep on drinking or using drugs. There is no objective place in the addiction downwards spiral known as rock bottom. If the individual continues with this behaviour, it will kill them; this will be their rock bottom, and there can be no recovery from that. All that the term rock bottom means is that the person has reached a stage where they are ready to end the addiction. They have decided that they have had enough, and they want to stop. It does not mean that the person has lost everything, and it is possible for the individual to decide that they have reached rock bottom at any time in the addiction process.

It is always going to be up to the person to bring the rock bottom to them because if they wait to hit a rock bottom it will mean a great deal of suffering. There is no advantage to falling lower into addiction, so the sooner the person stops the better it is going to be for them. It makes sense that the individual would want to stop now because no matter where they are on the downward trajectory of addiction they will have already suffered enough.

Are You a Hopeless Case?

It is common for people who have fallen low in addiction to believe that they are a hopeless case. The reality is that there is no such a thing as a hopeless case – there are only people who are not willing to give recovery a fair go. If you decide to take a chance on recovery, you will be able to achieve lasting recovery. There is no point in trying to kid you though; it is going to take a good deal of determination and commitment. You will also need to be willing to make use of the available resources. The reality is that this is something that you can achieve so long as you want it enough. If you are only lukewarm about the idea of recovery, this will make things much harder, but you may become more motivated as you progress along the path.

Help for Addiction Now in West Glamorgan

If you are ready to end your addiction now there will be resources available in West Glamorgan to help you do this. Our team has a good deal of local knowledge about what is available, so we will be able to help you work through your options. Many of us will have had our own experiences with overcoming addiction, so we will have a good idea of what you are facing. Call us right now, or you can just test the word “help” to 66777 and we will call you right back. We will not try to talk you into doing anything you don’t want to do, but it will help you to have some options.

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