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Who Needs Addiction Treatment in Southampton?

One of the main reasons for why it can be so difficult to help people in Southampton with addiction problems is that most of us will be convinced that our problems are not serious enough to warrant such help. Even when we reach a stage where we are prepared to admit that alcohol or drugs is having a negative impact on our life, we can still hold onto the idea that we will be able to sort things out for ourselves – just not now. This type of thinking has meant that people have ended up enduring a great deal of unnecessary suffering. In too many cases, it meant that the person died still convinced that their addiction problems were not that serious. It is vital that you understand that this addiction is your most pressing concern in life, and that if you do not get help you could easily lose everything. You have already lost enough – call us now on 0800 140 4824 to find out about your addiction recovery options in Southampton.

The Dangers of Delaying Addiction Recovery

It is often said that addiction is a disease that tells you that you don’t have it. It is also a condition that deludes you into believing that you have all the time in the world to get help. If people who fell into addiction were not caught up in so much denial, it is unlikely that any of them would be able to continue with this behaviour. The physical and psychological dependence leads the person to think irrationally, and to ignore the reality of their situation. This is not something that they will be consciously doing – it is just the nature of addiction. It is therefore vital that the person is able to break through this fog of denial. They must see that they not only need to end the substance abuse, but that they need to do this now. If they delay getting help for this problem, they are taking an unacceptable risk because:

  • · Addiction is often described as a downward spiral. This refers to the fact that things tend to get worse over time. The individual may have good days and bad days but overall things will be getting worse for them. This means that the longer they remain addicted, the more they will end up suffering.
  • · The individual will be delaying the time that they begin putting their life back on track. This means that they will be delaying their own happiness.
  • · There is no guarantee that the person will be able to stop later if they cannot stop now. In fact, it may be less likely that they will be able to stop because of the nature of addiction. Some people will mistake ideas about hitting rock bottom as meaning that they need to keep on with the substance abuse until they feel able to stop. This is an extremely dangerous misunderstanding. The reason people hit rock bottom is that they decide they’ve had enough – this can happen at any time during the addiction process, but the person has to make it happen. If the individual waits to hit some magical rock bottom, they are likely to end up dying as a result.
  • · The longer the person remains addicted the more they are going to hurt other people. The individual is not responsible for ending up with an addiction problem, but they are responsible for remaining that way.

Now is the Time to End Addiction in Southampton

There is no better time for you to end your addiction problems than right now. We will be able to tell you about recovery resources available in the Southampton area – or elsewhere in the UK or even internationally if you would prefer. Call us now, or just text the word “help” to 66777. You do not need to commit to anything, but it will help to know your recovery options if you should decide to quit.

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