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The Way Out of Addiction in Shropshire

It can be difficult for people who are trapped in addiction in the Shropshire area to accept the truth that there is a way out for them. The reason for why it can be so difficult for the individual to accept this is that the process of addiction robs them of their hope and confidence. The person can even start to believe that they somehow deserve the suffering involved in this behaviour, and that the alcohol or drugs are their only real friend. It is a terribly sad state of affairs, but this person can discover the reality of their situation and come to the understanding that there is a way out of addiction. It is the goal of our team here to help the individual turn their aspirations for recovery into a reality. When you call us on 0800 140 4824 we can tell you about the different paths that will take you safely away from addiction in Shropshire.

The Truth about Addiction

The reason why people are able to remain trapped in addiction is that they ignore the truth of their situation. This is not something that they are doing wilfully – it is just that the process of addiction drags the person into a state of denial. The fact is that if the person really knew what was going on in their life, they would stop this self-destructive behaviour and choose a better life. The reasons for why they do not do this will include:

  • · The individual is likely to surround themselves with other substance users, and as a group, they will create a subculture that promotes addiction. This means that the person can view what they are doing as normal, and they will have friends there who will add confidence to this claim by agreeing with it.
  • · Addiction means that the individual gets caught up in cognitive dissonance. This occurs because the reality of their situation flies in direct opposition to their need to keep taking the alcohol or drugs. The individual resolves the psychological discomfort of these two conflicting ideas by using denial. They can subconsciously decide that they are not in danger from this behaviour, and that it is actually helping them to cope with life.
  • · The person caught up in addiction will often have many misconceptions about reality that reinforce their behaviour. For example, they may feel convinced that people who do not use alcohol or drugs are boring and unhappy.
  • · The process of addiction causes the person’s self-esteem to plummet. This means that they can begin to believe that they deserve the suffering in their life, and that they cannot hope for any better.
  • · The addicted individual will tend to be cynical and untrusting of anyone who tries to get in the way of their addiction. This means that they can refuse to accept anything that these people have to say.
  • · The process of addiction also damages the individual’s self-efficacy – this is the belief in his or her own ability to change. If the person believes that they will be unable to overcome their addiction problems, then this will make it almost impossible for them to do this.

The truth about addiction is that it is a downward spiral that will destroy the individual unless they are able to escape it. Once the individual becomes ready to break away from this behaviour, they can then go on to live a new and far more satisfying way of life.

Recovery Resources in Shropshire

When people become willing to break away from the denial of addiction, we will be able to help them. Our team is knowledgeable about all the recovery resources in Shropshire as well as elsewhere in the UK and beyond. We will almost certainly be able to help you so contact us now, or just text the word “help” to 66777.

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