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Are You Looking for a Way Out of Addiction in Rutland?

When people in the Rutland area are trapped inside the world of addiction, it can feel as if their options are very limited. When the person started using alcohol or drugs, they may have felt that they were expanding their universe, but the reality is that over time this behaviour robs the person of options. The irony is that the addictive thought processes that support this behaviour will tell the individual that it is the life of sober person that is limited and boring. If you are already able to see beyond the denial of addiction and you live in Rutland, we will be able to help you. Call us right away or you can simply text the word “help” to 66777.

How to Help Somebody Dealing with Addiction Problems in Rutland

If you have a loved one or friend who is caught up in addiction, you may be looking for ways to help them. The reality is that there will only be a limited amount that you will be able to do until the person becomes ready to quit. While the individual is trapped in the denial of addiction, the best you can do would include:

  • · Leave some addiction recovery material where the individual will be able to see it. It is important that you do this subtlety because when people are caught up in denial they can react badly to being confronted with their problems.
  • · Even those people who are caught deeply in denial will have times when they are more open to the idea of recovery. This can happen when they have a bad hangover, or after they have done something particularly bad and feel full of remorse. At such times, it may be helpful to approach the person directly with possible solutions to their problem. It is vital that such a conversations is done lightly while avoiding firing accusations at the person – this will just put them on the defensive.
  • · A good option that has worked with many people caught in the denial of addiction is an intervention. This is where all the loved ones of the individual come together to confront them with their behaviour, and it may involve an ultimatum. This can be a powerful way to help people face their addiction problems but it must be done the right way. This usually means getting help from a professional – you can call us and we will be able to offer advice in this regard.
  • · Allow the individual to suffer the consequences of addiction. It is common for people who fall into addiction to be surrounded by loved ones who enable this behaviour. The friends and relatives here are trying to help but by protecting the person from the full consequences of their behaviour, they may be encouraging the denial. It is important that the person caught up in addiction understands the negative impact of their actions.

How to Escape Addiction

Once the individual becomes ready to break away from addiction there will be a great deal that can be done to help them. There are plenty of good resources available for this in the Rutland area, and we will be happy to discuss these options with you. It is important that the individual is willing to make use of some of these resources, as it will increase the likelihood that they will be able to break away from addiction.

Call us now if you want to find out about addiction treatment for yourself or for a loved one. There is no need to commit to anything just because you have called us, but we will be able to use our knowledge in this area to provide some concrete suggestions. A member of our team will be available 24 hours of the day, so you can call at any time. Phone us right now on 0800 140 4824 to hear about how we can help.

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