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We Can Help You Escape Addiction Problems in Ripon

The members of our team understand what it is like to be trapped in addiction. Many of us have needed to deal with our own dependency on alcohol or drugs. We know that it isn’t easy to break away from this type of life, but we also know that it is definitely possible. In our experience there is no such a thing as a hopeless case – there are just people who have yet to find a recovery path that works for them. When you call us on 0800 140 4824 we will be able to help you find your way out of addiction. Do not waste any more of your life to this problem – call us now to find out about your recovery options in Ripon.

Why People Fail to Recover from Addiction

We don’t believe in hopeless cases, but we have found that there are some common reasons for why people can end up stuck in addiction for years and years. These people did not need to endure so much suffering, but the most common reasons for why they did would include:

  • · The individual had misconceptions regarding recovery such as it is too hard or boring. These wrong ideas about sober living usually occur due to cognitive dissonance – the person is trying to rationalise their own choices so they believe in things that are just not true.
  • · The person may believe that they have plenty of time to end the addiction. They may claim that they will stop the behaviour when it gets too much, but the sad reality is that it might never get too much and they will die before they become ready to stop. This excuses makes about as much sense as a person who is hitting their own head with a hammer and saying that they will stop it when it becomes too painful.
  • · It is common for people to wrongly believe that they have to lose everything before they will be ready to break away from addiction. This is a complete misunderstanding of what it means to hit rock bottom. Falling low into addiction does not make it easier to quit, or make recovery any easier – it just means that the person has suffered more. It is therefore vital that the person understands that recovery is always going to be in their hands, and it is up to them to decide when they have had enough. It is this deciding that enough is enough that is the rock bottom, and it can happen any time the person chooses.
  • · It is sad, but many people are completely unaware that there are recovery solutions out there that could work for them.
  • · Of course, the most common reason for why people remain trapped in addiction is that they are in denial about the problem. The individual will have all kinds of excuses for why their life is a mess, and they may feel convinced that alcohol or drugs is the only thing keeping them sane.
  • · By the time the individual is able to see through the denial to the reality of their situation, they will usually have low self-esteem and low self-efficacy. This means that they do not feel capable of escaping their problems, and they may even be convinced that a life in addiction is the best they can hope for in life.

Let Us Help You Escape Addiction in Ripon

When you call us from the Ripon area, we will be able to listen to your situation and make some suggestions based on this. There are many options to choose from, and you will want to pick the ones that are most likely to work for you. We will not try to talk you into doing anything you do not feel ready or willing to do. Call us right away or just send a text to 66777 with the word “help.”

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