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What to Do If Substance Abuse Is Making Your Life Miserable?

It is doubtful that anyone who once enjoyed alcohol or drugs would give these substances up unless they had good reason to. The reality is that those who fall into substance abuse will usually persist with this behaviour for a long time after it stops being fun. It can take a great deal of pain and misery before the person becomes ready to stop, and some individuals never reach this point. If you have concluded that substance abuse is making your life miserable, then this is usually a sign that you need to quit this behaviour completely. There are many options available to help you do this, and we will be able to make some suggestions in regards to what is available in the Powys area when you call us on 0800 140 4824.

The Dangers of Delaying Addiction Treatment

Even when people have reached a stage where they are able to acknowledge that alcohol or drugs is making their life miserable, they can still delay getting treatment. The individual will usually have all types of justifications for this such as:

  • · There problems are not serious enough to warrant any type of addiction treatment.
  • · The individual feels sure that they will be able to sort out things without any help from anyone else.
  • · The person can believe that they need to wait until they reach rock bottom in order to recover.
  • · The individual does not believe that they have the ability to quit the behaviour.
  • · They believe that they are a special case.
  • · They believe that the life of addiction is all that they deserve.
  • · They cannot imagine how they will be able to cope without alcohol or drugs.
  • · They believe that sober living is somehow inadequate.

The above justifications are weak when we consider that:

  • · The individual is usually unable to determine the seriousness of their problems adequately. They fail to see that addiction involves a downward spiral, and if they fail to escape it will eventually kill them – it does not get much more serious than this.
  • · When people realise that their drinking and drug use is out of control they will usually try to stop on their own. For most people this means that they are caught in a cycle of quitting and relapsing. In order to break away from addiction for good the person will often need some type of addiction treatment.
  • · It is a mistake to view rock bottom as meaning that the individual has to lose everything in order to get better. The rock bottom is where the person decides it is. Many people will choose a high rock bottom, which means they will have needed to lose very little in order for them to stop the downward spiral.
  • · Everyone has the ability to quit addiction, but he or she may need some help in the beginning.
  • · Terminal uniqueness is a feature of addiction. There is no human that is immune from the devastating impact of this type of behaviour. If the individual persists with the addiction, it is likely to kill them.
  • · Nobody deserves to endure the suffering of addiction. The reason for why people may think this way is that the process of being addicted has damaged their self-esteem.
  • · It is possible for anyone to learn how to cope without alcohol or drugs – in fact, they are far more likely to find that they are able to cope much better without them.
  • · Sober living is more satisfying than anything the person has experienced before.

There is no good reason to delay getting addiction help. Call us right now, or just text the word “help” to 66777.

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