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Are You Dealing with an Addiction Problem?

The word “addiction” can be associated with such negative images that people feel very reluctant to admit that they have this type of problem. The stereotype of an “addict” is somebody who is at the lowest rung in society, and there is a great deal of stigma associated with it. This means that even those individuals who are really struggling because of alcohol or drug abuse can feel reluctant to get help. They may use the fact that they do not fit in with the usual stereotype for this behaviour as evidence that they do not have a problem. This means that they continue to suffer because of the substance abuse and their life continues to deteriorate.

If you are unsure about addiction, you can call us here, or just text the word “help” to 66777. We will be able to tell you about addiction recovery options in the Portsmouth area.

Substance Abusers Who Do Not Fit the Stereotype

The stereotype of people who are caught up in addiction will tend to include images like the following. This type of person will be expected to be:

  • · Doing badly in life. They may move from job to job or they may be unemployable and living on social security payments.
  • · The individual will have let go of their appearance and will have poor hygiene habits. It is usually obvious by the way they dress that they are caught up in addiction.
  • · They will have turned to crime in order to support their habit. They will probably buy their drugs from criminals in back alleys.
  • · They will live in abandoned buildings or smelly bedsits.
  • · They will not be respected in their local community.
  • · They will be estranged from their family.
  • · They are likely to be aggressive and abusive.
  • · The drugs that the person takes will be illegal and bought on the black market.

The reality is that only a tiny minority of people who abuse alcohol or drugs will fit the stereotypical image above. There reality is that the individual can have a serious addiction problem and:

  • · Be considered successful in life. The individual may have a great job and a good income. Their career may be taking them higher all the time and they may be highly respected by bosses, clients, and work colleagues.
  • · They may only wear the best clothes and have impeccable personal hygiene habits.
  • · The individual may never have broken any laws in order to remain addicted. They might only ever drink the finest wines and spirits. If they do buy drugs, it might be from a work colleague.
  • · They may live in a large house in a respectable neighbourhood.
  • · They may be a hero in their local community. Many may even view this individual as a positive role model.
  • · They may be loved by their family and friends, and be considered good at taking care of their family and social responsibilities. These loved ones might not even be aware that the person is struggling with addiction.
  • · The individual may be able to keep their act together in public, so that they are always viewed positively.
  • · The individual may only use drugs that have been prescribed to them by a doctor. The problem is that they are no longer using this medication as intended, and they may be manipulating medical professionals to keep them supplied.

The reality of addiction can be far different from the stereotype, and this is something that can negatively affect people no matter who they are.

Addiction Recovery in Portsmouth

There are plenty of quality addiction recovery resources available in the Portsmouth area. Call us now on 0800 140 4824 to find out more about what these options are, and how they will suit your needs. Our goal is to help you find those options that will make it most likely for you to end your addiction problems.

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