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How to Get Help for Addiction Problems in Lothian

It can be very difficult for people who are caught up in addiction in the Lothian to reach out for the help they need. The individual may find it hard to believe that they really can escape this suffering that has such a strong hold on their life. The person may also be in two minds about their recovery. They may fear that all they can look forward to is a life of wanting to drink or use drugs but not being able to. The reality is that sober living is a satisfying way of life that is better than anything the person will have experienced before. Once they have become established in recovery, they will hardly ever think about alcohol or drugs, and they will never feel like they are missing out on anything. It can be hard for the person to believe this while still trapped in addiction, so getting sober does involve a leap of faith.

If you feel ready to end your addiction problems you can call us here on 0800 140 4824. We will be able to suggest some addiction recovery options that are available in the Lothian area.

The Truth about Recovery

In order to sustain the addiction, the individual has to believe in many things that are simply not true. It can be hard for the person to remain addicted when they believe that things would be better if they were sober. When humans have two beliefs that are in opposition to each other, it leads to an uncomfortable mental conflict known as cognitive dissonance. The most common way to end this cognitive dissonance is to believe in things that are not true. In the case of the individual who is dealing with addiction, they can develop some cognitive dissonance in regards to recovery. They can hold misconceptions such as:

  • · Life in recovery would be boring
  • · Sober people are unhappy
  • · Addiction makes people more creative, so by becoming sober the person would lose their creativity.
  • · People in recovery spend all of their time missing alcohol or drugs.
  • · Life in recovery is like a prison sentence with no hope of parole.
  • · Getting sober is really hard and not worth the effort.
  • · Those who try to break away from addiction always end up relapsing anyway.
  • · Recovery means having to become a “goodie two shoes” and a religious fanatic.
  • The reality of recovery is much different from the expectations:
  • · Most people in recovery do not have the time to be bored – they are more likely to complain that there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things they want to do.
  • · What people are likely to find in recovery is a level of happiness that they did not even know existed.
  • · The individual is likely to become more creative when they become sober.
  • · Once the individual is established in recovery, they will rarely think about alcohol or drugs. When they do think about these substances, it will not be with a sense that they are currently being deprived.
  • · It is addiction that is the real prison. By getting sober, the individual becomes free.
  • · Once the individual becomes established in recovery, it will mean that staying sober becomes easy – it becomes like a habit.
  • · There is no need for people who become sober to ever relapse.
  • · In order to break away from addiction the individual will need to keep making positive changes to their life, but they will not be expected to become any type of saint. The goal is always progress and not perfection.

If you live in the Lothian area and feel that you are ready to face the reality of recovery, you can call us right away and let us help you. There is a solution that will work for you. Call now or simply text the word “help” to 66777.

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