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Where to Look for Addiction Recovery Options in Leicestershire

There is no such a thing as hopeless cases in addiction, and if you are ready to quit we will be able to help no matter what your level of addiction. There are some good recovery resources available in the Leicestershire area, and when you contact us, we will be able to go over some of your options with you. Even if you do not feel quite ready to quit yet, you are likely to find that discussing your situation with us will be a help. We will not try to force you to do anything, but it will be helpful for you to at least know about your recovery options. Call us right away, or just text the word “help” to 66777.

Quit Addiction Now

Nobody can make you quit alcohol or drugs, but we do strongly advise that this is something that you should do as soon as possible – preferably right away. There are some good reasons for why you will want to quit your addiction now including:

  • · Every day that you remain trapped in addiction is a lost one. The sooner you are able to break away from this behaviour the sooner you can begin enjoying a better way of life.
  • · You will be taking a huge risk by continuing the substance abuse. This is a serious business, and it can lead to things like drug overdose. You need to quit now because there is no guarantee that you will have this choice tomorrow.
  • · The process of addiction means that you become caught up in a downwards spiral. This means that generally speaking things are going to deteriorate over time. The longer you remain addicted the more you will suffer, and it also means that those who love you will suffer along with you.
  • · The longer you remain addicted the harder it can be for you to stop. This is because the process of addiction will reduce your self-efficacy – this is the belief that you have in your own ability to quit. If you do not believe that you are able to quit, this will make it very difficult for you to achieve this goal. It is important that you stop now before your self-efficacy falls any lower.

It is recommended that you quit your addiction right now, but there some exceptions to this advice:

  • · If you are at risk of developing severe withdrawal symptoms (for example, delirium tremens), it will be dangerous for you to quit without help. This means that you need to arrange an admission to a detox as soon as possible and not stop until you are under the care of the medical team in this facility.
  • · If you intend to enter rehab, you may decide to keep drinking or using until the day of your admission, as you will then be entering detox. It is important to keep in mind that some rehabs will not admit you if they believe that you have been drinking or using drugs that day – you will need to check this out first. It is important that you do not use “going to rehab” as an excuse to keep on using alcohol or drugs, and that you arrange your admission for as soon as possible.

We Will Help You End Addiction Problems in Leicestershire

There are a number of different paths available to people in Leicestershire who have decided that they are ready to quit. Choosing the most appropriate path can make a difference to your overall chances of success. The most important thing is always going to be your determination, but the right treatment programme will put your determination to the best use. We will be able to listen to your situation and needs and suggest something appropriate so call us now on 0800 140 4824 to see how we can help.

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