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The Need for Addiction Treatment in Hereford

We have probably all heard stories of people who once had a drink or drug problem but were later able to solve this without any real help. Such individuals do exist, and it can be tempting to think that if they can do it why can’t everyone else? Why is there a need for addiction treatment at all? Surely it’s just a case of people using their willpower and taking responsibility for their life. The reality is that addiction is just not as simple as all that, and there are some very good reasons for why people may need help in order to break away from addiction. If you live in Hereford and would like to find out more about why you, or your loved one, might need help to end their addiction problems you can call us here on 0800 140 4824.

Why People Need Help to End Addiction

There are people who are able to quit addiction without much help. There are also individuals who are able to smoke cigarettes all their lives and never get cancer – this does not mean that we are all safe to do the same. The reality is that giving up addiction is not something that works for everyone because:

  • · Many of those who are able to walk away from problem drinking or drug use did so before they were physically and psychologically dependent. They may have been doing a great deal of harm to their body and causing problems for their loved ones, but they were able to stop before they became addicted. This means that it was much easier for them to quit.
  • · Just because an individual is able to stop drinking or using drugs, it does not always mean that their life will be much better. The person could become a dry drunk. This means that even though they are physically sober they still behave in many ways as if they are still in the midst of addiction. This means that the individual will not be enjoying the benefits of sobriety. In order to avoid becoming a dry drunk it will often be necessary for the individual to have a programme for sober living, and this means getting help.
  • · Most substance abusers will be able to go days, months, or even longer without using alcohol or drugs but eventually they will return to this behaviour. The problem is not so much in stopping but in staying stopped indefinitely. If the individual is caught in a cycle of stopping and starting the addiction, they will still be doing a great deal of damage. They need to stop and stay stopped, and this is what addiction recovery is all about.
  • · The individual has probably already tried to stop their addiction without help in the past. If this has not worked for them before, it may not work for them in the future either. Perhaps a very different approach is needed, and this would involve getting some help. As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous – if you keep on doing the same things you will keep on getting the same results.
  • · The goal of addiction treatment is not just to help the person become sober, but to allow them to create a great life. The type of life that they will be willing to fight for and not risk by taking alcohol or drugs. The aim of recovery is not to bring the person back to where they were before become addicted, but to take them to somewhere completely new.

Addiction Recovery Resources in Hereford

There are plenty of good addiction recovery resources in Hereford, and we will be able to help you find the ones that are most appropriate to your needs. Text us now with the word “help” to 66777 or just use our free telephone number. We are waiting to help you.

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