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Where to Go for Addiction Treatment in Gwent?

The fact that you have become ready to take action to end your addiction problems means that you could be on the way to a new and better way of living. The treatment options available to help people overcome addiction are not destined to take the person back to how things were before they began abusing these substances. That would not be a satisfactory outcome because there will have been reasons for why the person fell into addiction in the first place. The real goal of this treatment is to take the person to a new way of living, one where they will never again feel the need to hide behind alcohol or drugs. Call us now on 0800 140 4824 to find out more about how you can escape addiction in Gwent.

Why Do People Need Addiction Treatment?

It is doubtful that there have been many people who began using alcohol or drugs with the intention of becoming addicted. There is certainly none who would have chosen this path if they had known the pain that was waiting for them. The reason for why people end up caught in addiction is simple – in the beginning alcohol or drugs seems to be benefiting their lives. Over time the individual begins taking more and more of these substances, and this causes increasing problems in their life. The process of addiction can be so subtle, though, that the individual is oblivious to the fact that they have become caught up in a downward spiral. Even when it is undeniable that the addiction is destroying the person’s life, they can still hold onto the hope that the good times will return – but of course, they never do.

The person who is caught up in addiction will usually be dealing with a great deal of denial. This is part of the addiction process, and it is doubtful that anyone would ever fall into this behaviour with a great deal of irrational thinking. It may be plainly obvious to everyone around the person that addiction is destroying their life, but they can be completely oblivious to this. The individual will have all types of justifications and excuses for why their life is a mess, and they may be fully convinced that it is only alcohol or drugs that allow them to cope with things.

No matter how firmly the person is caught up in denial, there will be times when they are unable to deny the reality of their situation. If the person is given help to stop at these times, there is a good chance that they will be able to break away from addiction forever. This is why addiction treatment is so important. These times of clarity may only last for a short period, and it is too easy for the individual to slip back into denial. By getting help, the individual buys himself or herself some time, and it will give them the chance to develop enough motivation to escape the substance abuse.

The other reason for why people need addiction treatment is that they will usually be lacking the skills to make a success of sober living. There is no point in the person returning to how things were before they were addicted because this will cause them to relapse or turn to new maladaptive behaviours. The goal of addiction treatment will be to give the individual the tools they need to move things in a new direction, and give them the time and space they need to begin rebuilding their life. With a recovery option like rehab, the individual will be supported and protected as they do this.

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There are some good addiction treatment options available to people in Gwent who are serious about breaking away from addiction. To find out more just call us or text the word “help” to 66777 – we will call you back right away.

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