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How to Find Addiction Recovery Resources in Gloucestershire

Once you reach a stage where you are ready to break away from your substance abuse problems, it is vital that you take action fast. The risk is that if you delay you could lose the motivation to quit. There are some high quality recovery resources available in the Gloucestershire area, and these will help you put your motivation to quit into action. Our team has a good understanding of what is available in your area, so please call us now on 0800 140 4824 for advice on your next step into recovery. This really can be an opportunity for you to escape the misery of addiction and to find a new life that is more satisfying than anything that you have known before.

Good Reasons to Break Away from Addiction

The reason for why people fall into addiction in the first place is that it can initially feel that alcohol or drugs are benefiting their life in some way. The individual can feel like they have found a way to escape their problems, and the feelings of intoxication are very enjoyable. If things remained the same as they do at the beginning of the substance abuse, it would be understandable for people to never want to give this up. The reality is, though, that within a relatively short period of time the cons of using these substances begin to outweigh the pros. Eventually the person reaches a stage where there are no benefits at all, but they can still remain stuck in addiction because they believe that the good days will one day return – they never do. There are some very good reasons for why people should end this behaviour including:

  • · Addiction involves a downward spiral. This means that the longer the individual remains addicted the more they will end up losing. It also means that if the person is unable to break away from this behaviour in time it will eventually kill them. This is a very serious business, and by ending the addiction now, the person will be saving him or herself from future pain and suffering.
  • · The longer the person remains addicted the more they are going to hurt other people. When people are caught in addiction they may be able to ignore the pain they are causing to love ones, but it is just unfair for them to continue like this.
  • · If the person continues with the addiction, they will reach a stage where a full recovery will no longer be possible. This can occur when they develop conditions such as alcoholic liver disease or alcoholic dementia (wet brain). Even after the individual has developed these conditions, they can still stop and live a better life, but it will mean that they will be forever scarred by the addiction. It is much better to quit the behaviour before this line has been crossed.
  • · The longer the individual remains trapped in addiction the more of their life will be wasted. By delaying their recovery, the person will just be delaying the day that they find happiness.
  • · It is usually the case that the thing that the person was looking for when they fell into substance abuse will be there to be found in recovery. The individual is not getting sober to go back to how things were before they fell into addiction, but to live a new and better life where they will feel no need to turn to these substances.

These are just some of the general good reasons for why you will want to break away from addiction. We will be able to describe how your personal situation will improve by walking away from addiction. When you call us you will be under no obligation to do anything, but it will be a help to know your options. Call us now, or just text the word “help” to 66777 to find out the resources available in the Gloucestershire area.

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